Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Barkley Spills the Beans - A Bacon Classic for Old NFO

"Let me tell you where Mom has
 the family bean recipe written down. . ."

Barkley isn't "Duke" the talking dog and "Beautiful Bean Footage" is probably trademarked, but there were some good beans rustled up this weekend at the Range, captured with a little point and shoot camera and a couple of plates.  I was going to post Tuesday night, but  Old NFO wrote to say he was wanting the recipe when I told him about it and that's a man it's hard not to do something nice for.

Beans - Baked, Barbecued, Boston, Bottylicious, Burned.  Whatever you call your favorite version of beans, they have been a staple in homemakers recipe collections and church and community cookbooks everywhere for generations.

My step mom made this great baked bean recipe which included pineapple that ended up in her Lutheran Church cookbook.    Even folks that didn't like pineapple loved it.
As good as hers was, the page from the Lutheran Church book in which it resides, bent and worn, I wanted to try to improve on it. Hers had hamburger, I was hankering for something different.  How about smoked sausage and bacon.  But not just any bacon, caramelized bacon.

I also bumped up the "savory" and "heat" in hers to give it a bit more zing, using notes from a couple other bean recipes she collected over the years and adding a touch or two of my own. The end result was uniquely this kitchen, but very familiar.

Bacon! - Mom's Baked Beans Made Better

With  help chopping the veggies, it was in the oven in 10 minutes with the additional ease of canned beans. (If you have the time, prepared dried beans maka a great low sodium alternative.)

You start with  a base of Bush beans or pork and beans from which much of the liquid is drained (to be replaced by a lot of yummy things).

Add onion, green pepper, chopped garlic, some not so secret spices and condiments that I bet YOU have in your fridge, a little smoke, a little hot.  Throw in the sliced sausage and top with half a package of bacon.

On top of the bacon, brush a mixture of tomato sauce, molasses, honey and apple cider vinegar.  You want to use just enough to lightly coat the bacon so it doesn't dry out until the sugar and heat work their magic and it gets a dark and caramelized as it cooks for an hour and a half.

 Oh yeah.    

Serve it with some cornbread  or some crisp bacon waffles and you have an easy and economical dinner.

"OK, scratch me there and I'll tell you the combination to the gun safe."


  1. Oh my! That is so getting suggested for dinner tomorrow night!

  2. Yummy, you have made me hungry, again! This one I can actually, maybe make... thanks you!

  3. Golly I didn't know you could make baked beans sans pineapple!

    Your recipe is similar to the concoction I make for the boys at the monthly card game, substituting the little cocktail weenies for the smoked sausage component and using crumbled bacon, mainly.

    I'll give yours a whirl next poker nite. Thanks for the inspiration, ma'am.

  4. That might just find its way to our table this weekend.

  5. Brighid - it was super easy. If feeding the grand munchkins, you can reduce the red pepper to 1/4 tsp. but it's one everyone likes. Mom's was grand (with hamburger, soy and bottled barbecue sauce) but this was a nice take on it.

    Guests asked for leftovers, so that's always a good sign.

    Mike - StepMom was a Washington native so maybe that's it!

    Dave - I hope you enjoy!

    Rev. Paul - too complicated for a general post but tell Sam I made Earl Grey Tea flavored French Macaroon cookies and they were WONDERFUL. I can send her the recipe.

  6. Just the thing for a cold Winter's meal. Or any other time!

    PS - You're killin' me!



  7. Yeah Dave convinced me to make this for him...though I confess to having my doubts about the pineapple part! He even likes pineapple on his pizza....blech!

    (And I like fresh pineapple too!)


  8. obviously by your photos of Barkley, he is a loved dog.

    I want to recommend a really great book - it's a thriller, but for any reader who is a dog lover - this books is the greatest!!
    I highly recommend it to someone like yourself...

    "Suspect" by Robert Crais

  9. "...I'll tell ya the combination to the gun safe."
    But,you have to speak 'Barkley'.

    Rich in NC

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you :-) Gonna be dinner Saturday!

  11. Totally awesome, with a LOT of YUM!!

  12. Must add this to my bean recipes. We make a variation called Old Settlers Beans (for old settlers or folks that just want to smell like one) that gets good reviews.

  13. Well I made the recipe the other night as requested, and the kids and Dave liked it a lot. I thought it was tasty, but a bit sweet. I think I will find a way to use BBQ sauce next time...

  14. With that much bacon, my husband MIGHT eat that. He doesn't much like baked beans...but I might be able to get him to try that!


    If I promise him bacon waffles.

  15. YUM!

    Love some good baked beans. Betcha mine are as good. ;-)


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