Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Camera Adventures

A few months ago my good camera went Tango Uniform, with several good years of service.  That left me with a point and shoot Samsung.  It wasn't a super cheap camera probably $250 bucks, but it's picture quality (except for direct midday sunlight, no clouds, hold your mouth just right and say a pray to St. Aperture, the Patron Saint of bad photographers) was something to be desired. I still had a few good photos saved for the blog but it wasn't looking good.

I was catching up with a  shooty friend on the phone and asked what he used as his pictures were excellent. A Canon SX150.  They're priced right as well.   But airfares back and forth to the West to help out, have hit my savings  and I'm helping my family out with other things, so I really couldn't justify a new one.  Mine worked, it was just well. . .crap.

I got home today and there it was a box with a new SX150, from my friend, one of the IND blog supporters and an all around great guy.  Thank you Keads.

So, with no further ado, no reading the instructions, no messing with the settings, just getting the lamps and light and curtains just where I want around my little crash pad for the perspective I wanted (and NO photoshop). . . it's photo time.

My favorite journal and one of my favorite firearms.

The snow is almost melted.

Always prepared.

Home run baseball I caught from the stands at a game in Missouri.

I'll let you all guess.

Now for the Barkley shots.

 I'm famous on the Internet,
you'll have to speak to my agent.
Come on Barkley, let me take a new picture, I'll make you an avatar. . .

I love long walks, fires, ladies
shoes, bacon, humping the couch
cushion when you're not looking
and going commando.I occassionally
 have bone breath but you won't find
anyone more loyal and loving. 


  1. Seems to work fine. And Barkley's looking better than ever. :)

  2. Excellent!

    I've been toting a Canon SX130IS around for a few years now, and have found roughly the same thing: excellent images without retouching. And it fits just perfectly in the side pocket of my man-purse.

  3. Very nice! If I can take good pictures with mine I wait with bated breath to see what you can do with it!

    Barkley never looked better!

  4. LOL, love Barkley's new avatar. He is famous - he should have pawtographs for sale.

    Love the clarity on the new camera. It doesn't miss any details. It can keep up with the great photographer's eye behind it.

  5. Dear sweet lady, you'd make art with a Brownie.

  6. Nice, and good folks help out others... :-)

  7. It's not the camera alone.
    You have a fine sense of composition.

  8. Rev. Paul - despite a little gray, Barkley is looking quite dapper, turning 10 years old in July.

    ZerCool - the $250 Samsung was a big disappointment. This is a delight.

    Keads - thank you again. My best to your Dad as well.

    Suerte - thank you!

    naturegirl - I didn't start taking pictures until 4 years ago, still a beginner, but I love seeing something and immediately knowing that I want a photo of it, certain things just jump out at me.

    Stephen - you sweet man, thank you. The whole photography/writing this is still new, previously I had my music, and that was it. It's nice to branch out. (just don't ask me to sing, cats will gather on the porch).

    Old NFO - I'm reminded daily what good friends I have. Thank you all for your care and concern.

  9. Very nice. Sir Barkley looks well.

  10. Tango Uniform , I like that; it's politically correct.

  11. You manage to capture the magic of places that I've known all my life. I really can not wait to see what you do with this new tool.

  12. I need a new camera. My only digital is a hand-me-down from several years ago. I may have to put this one on my wish list.

  13. The new point-and-shoot cameras have gotten amazingly good.

    Not quite as good as my D800, but very good nonetheless.

  14. Hmm...I have a couple little Canon point n shoot cameras that do surprisingly well. May have to look up that SX150.

    Barkley is looking quite the distinguished gentleman! My middle dog, Cody recently turned 10 also. I should see about doing a blog-bit on ol' Cody...he too is a handsome beast!


  15. Tango Uniform....hehehehe a blast from my past. You can always tell a person who has served when you hear that phrase, not many civilians use it :)

  16. Congratulations on your new camera. You have gone from Tango Uniform to Sierra Hotel.

  17. Awesome! Looking forward to all the new photos.

  18. Hmm. I'm in the market to replace my Panasonic point & squirt. (It turns itself on periodically and drains the batteries) This might be a good candidate.

  19. I have an SX10 IS from that Canon line -- five years old and still going strong.

    If Canon still designs them to use AA batteries, get a couple of sets of Eneloop NiMH rechargeables and a La Crosse charger from Amazon.

    In addition to being the hip, "green" alternative to disposable batteries, the Eneloops give more shots before replacement is necessary in my experience.

    The charger recommendation is due to the LaCrosse's ability to "refresh" NiMH and NiCads, extending the useful life of the batteries.

  20. Excellent photos, excellent subjects and an excellent photographer/writer! Top notch all around!(Love that Barkley!)


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