Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Barkley On Dr. Who - Final Update on the Canon SX150

This will be my last update on the new camera,  The Canon Power Shop SX150 IS.  But  I wanted to share a few more taken tonight after a long day, unedited.  The light was fading and it was cloudy.  I did both outdoors and indoor evening light settings (with only a regular lamp inside) for those of you who said they might consider getting one. I'm seriously impressed with the clarity in low light for a budget minded camera.

Jedi Pocket Knifes, handy at home OR the office.
My key chain (not a travel safe one, that is a switchblade)
"Desk" decor.

And now, for our daily Barkley update.

I'm sure I have a number of folks here who watch Dr. Who.  If you've never seen the series, or the episode "Blink" go watch it!

There's not much that actually scares me, real life has many more fatal little surprises than TV, but this episode totally drew me in, and gave me  some serious goosebumps. It's the episode (1 of 3 total) with the "weeping angels".

The weeping angels look, to the unaware, like any of the statue angels you see in cemeteries, English gardens, parks.  But they are actually quantum locked humanoids, who, when observed by any other creature (including other  weeping angels) turn to stone, rendering them resistant to harm.  Even looking at one another can do it, so they often hide their faces in their hands, hence the weeping appearance. But if you look away, even blink they are on you faster than you can imagine. They if you see them again, they stop, only mere feet away from you, then. . oh, please. . . try not and blink again.

One minute.

A peaceful angel.

Close your eyes for a second?

They are very very old and deadly assassins.  If they don't kill you by snapping your neck (not particularly quickly), with a touch, you go back in time to die perhaps hundreds of years ago, with full memory of what you left here, never to see again.  They then feed on the potential energy that was your time here, not finished.

So for my Dr. Who fans and my Barkley fans. I'll end this post with Barkley's imitation of a weeping angel  (scroll down slowly).

Don't blink. Don't even blink.
 Blink and you're dead.
Don't look away,
don't turn your head,
 and don't blink. . . . Good luck"
-  The Doctor
You blinked!