Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Barkley On Dr. Who - Final Update on the Canon SX150

This will be my last update on the new camera,  The Canon Power Shop SX150 IS.  But  I wanted to share a few more taken tonight after a long day, unedited.  The light was fading and it was cloudy.  I did both outdoors and indoor evening light settings (with only a regular lamp inside) for those of you who said they might consider getting one. I'm seriously impressed with the clarity in low light for a budget minded camera.

Jedi Pocket Knifes, handy at home OR the office.
My key chain (not a travel safe one, that is a switchblade)
"Desk" decor.

And now, for our daily Barkley update.

I'm sure I have a number of folks here who watch Dr. Who.  If you've never seen the series, or the episode "Blink" go watch it!

There's not much that actually scares me, real life has many more fatal little surprises than TV, but this episode totally drew me in, and gave me  some serious goosebumps. It's the episode (1 of 3 total) with the "weeping angels".

The weeping angels look, to the unaware, like any of the statue angels you see in cemeteries, English gardens, parks.  But they are actually quantum locked humanoids, who, when observed by any other creature (including other  weeping angels) turn to stone, rendering them resistant to harm.  Even looking at one another can do it, so they often hide their faces in their hands, hence the weeping appearance. But if you look away, even blink they are on you faster than you can imagine. They if you see them again, they stop, only mere feet away from you, then. . oh, please. . . try not and blink again.

One minute.

A peaceful angel.

Close your eyes for a second?

They are very very old and deadly assassins.  If they don't kill you by snapping your neck (not particularly quickly), with a touch, you go back in time to die perhaps hundreds of years ago, with full memory of what you left here, never to see again.  They then feed on the potential energy that was your time here, not finished.

So for my Dr. Who fans and my Barkley fans. I'll end this post with Barkley's imitation of a weeping angel  (scroll down slowly).

Don't blink. Don't even blink.
 Blink and you're dead.
Don't look away,
don't turn your head,
 and don't blink. . . . Good luck"
-  The Doctor
You blinked!


  1. One of the Best. Episodes. Ever!

    I'm a complete Whovian nerd: got the levitating TARDIS on my desk, the complete set of all 11 Doctors in miniature, and both the 10th & 11th Doctors' sonic screwdrivers in my desk. Oh - and the sound effects keychain. And went to work last Halloween as the Doctor.

    This post "ticked all the boxes" for me. :)

  2. Your new picture taker thing is great. Pics are so crisp!
    ummm, I thought you said those cuffs were fur lined...
    Barkley you will never pass for scary... Your eyes give it away.

  3. While I don't doubt for a minute that Barkley can back up the teeth warning, he's still adorable even showing his "getcha face".....

    I think I'll avoid sculptures from now on.

    Keep up the good work with the new camera, the pix look great.

  4. Hehehe! I love the 2 Barkley pics! That second one is perfect!

  5. BTW, thanks for turning me on to the whole Firefly thing. Bought everything a couple months ago.

  6. Wow . . . . a weeping lab . . . . who would have thought!

  7. Thanks, all. And a big thanks to Roscoe and the Mrs. for taping the episode and mailing to me on CD so I could watch it some night in a hotel with creepy shadows. :-)

    Off to bed, little free time and much nut gathering this week.

  8. Brigid,
    So what do you do to get Barkley to "smile" like that?

    Blink was way back in season 3. You have a lot more Weeping Angel episodes in later seasons of Dr. Who to keep you on the edge of your seat. Won't spoil the fun for you by telling any more.

    We are impatiently waiting for the 2nd half of season 7 to be released on DVD and sold to the library in a neighboring city. Unfortunately, our city library is a bit snobbish about sci-fi tv shows, so we have to hop in the car and drive a little longer to go check them out.

  9. Great photos Brigid. There is something extra special about a Black lab with that touch of muzzle grey. I forget what a handsome boy Barkley is.

  10. Many years ago, Kim Du Toit, directed me to a new blog, it was just a new one, "Mauser and Muffins". But Kim recommended it, so I stayed with it. I liked it. I cooked up many or the food, it was all good. I liked Barley, good dog! Kim's website went into hibernation. That does happen. I am a disabled veteran, but with a Pilots license with the USAF.
    Did duty in Vietnam, TDY 1968, recon, until the Army took over.

    But still remember the days of the 1960's, the family's that had the siwimming pools, the hunt for pheasant, and rabbits.

    I could go on and on, I understand what you feel.


  11. Weeping angels are some of the best villains ever. I haven't looked at a statue the same way ever since.

    Barkley's got the act down cold...Good Barkley!

  12. Yeah the Angel episodes were/are pretty awesome. I am jealous that you are permitted to have a switch blade knife....for some reason, I, an honest, never been to jail or done worse than getting a speeding ticket citizen am not permitted to own one :( My Government thinks I don't have the need. *sigh*

  13. Weeping angels are so very creepy. Barkley's impersonation is perfect.

  14. Priceless! Lady, you rock the camera and your subject matter every time. :) Appreciate the review(s) and as always, your wit. Good luck with the nut gathering, I'm doing the same.

  15. Barkley's more Vashta Nerada than Angel. He's the right color, and I'll bet he can clean a chicken leg faster than that swarm in The Library.

    (Watch the other episodes ... and don't forget about "Red Dwarf"!)

    There are later Angel episodes, but "Blink" is the most fun IMHO. It opens with a very sly reference to "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure", and the Angels are more kid-safe than they are in later stories (important at our house).

  16. I never thought I'd see a labrador look vicious.


  17. B:
    I liked your pictures with the new camera, So I ordered one. If it sucks it's your fault. (not really)

  18. Rev Paul - I always enjoy them after a long week, curled up on the couch to watch with a friend.

    TBG - Hope you're up this way again soon!

    Brighid - Thanks, I'm enjoying it. Barkley is a teddy bear, that's for sure.

    James - :-)

    naturegirl - there was one time he showed he could be fierce, I lived out in a more rural area, my back land yard area was fenced it was open behind it. Some kid in a hoodie, that hung out with the in and out of juvie punk down the road was smoking behind that fence. Normally Barkley would bark at the kids that cut through there and then accept pets, tail wagging. This time he just LIT out towards him, with full scale teeth. The kid reached out towards him over the fence and I said "DON'T", he'll bite you, you need to leave" (he technically was trespassing the open land was mine). He did but not before I saw his eyes, he was SERIOUSLY high on drugs. I really think Barkley would have bit him if he'd moved towards me. Never seen that before, never since.

    mikelaforge - glad you enjoy, I've got several friends who had never seen it hooked.

    Mrs. S. - Barkley's expression? Just say "Nancy Pelosi!"

    I was aware of three episodes but after your comment I checked and there is at least one more Angels take Manhattan or something to that effect. Thanks for the heads up!

    Six - he's a handsome boy. His Dad "Mike" was a National Grand Field Champion. Hard to think he's 10 this July. I'm glad Angus is on the mend, give him a pat for me.

    Pete's Buddy - a belated welcome Sir. I was pretty small in the 60's and the memories reflect that, but they are still very strong. Bless you for your service, and carrying on.

    docjim - Barkley is the 3rd lab I've owned over the years. He has, without a doubt, the most expressive face of any of them, almost like a person sometimes in his show of emotion.

    Roscoe - EJ and I watched the two part one a couple weekends ago, it was excellent, but Blink still, is my hands down favorite.

    Andie - thank you! Be safe out there!

    Jennifer - as soon as I saw the photo the angels popped into my head. I couldn't resist, even though I'd written a more serious post.

    immagikman - the switchblade law repeal was unanimous in the Indiana Senate. They basically said "why is a knife that is useful for citizens, and first responders illegal?"

    Murphy's Law - He is now doing his "hibernating bear" impression having just eaten a big bowl of dog chow and finding the one sun spot on the oriental run.

  19. That was great set-up!!

    For the record, I think the Weeping Angel's series may have been the very best of Dr. Who. It was the only Dr. Who that has actually scared me. Glad it made your flesh creep too - makes me feel like less of a wuss.

    Fair Winds

    Cap'n Jan

  20. Wahhhh?
    Not the Barkley I met. What did you say..."No Bacon For You"?

    Did he ever tangle with a blind?


  21. Mac - he's just hamming it up for a treat, still same old Barkley.

  22. Love the pics, great color, sharpness, and light balance. Many cameras don't get the exposure right when taking pictures of snow and earth/dark colors.
    Barkley, of course, is a fantastic subject/actor/friend/protector/dog.

  23. Blink had me on the edge of my seat! I was actually unimpressed by all the post-Blink weeping angel appearances in subsequent Dr Who seasons because of it. But then, nothing could match that first creepiness. But your pup is good to go for an audition to be on the show, given those pics. He could replace K-9!

  24. The follow up story to "Blink" has, among other things, the Angels doing a really cool/scar party trick with a cerebral cortex "borrowed" from a victim. However, you must know a little bit about the River Song history to really appreciate the episode.

  25. Really nice Dr Who reference and I like seeing Barkley 'smile'.
    Watched those episodes with my ten year old....suffice it to say that was a mistake I wont be repeating.
    Happy Easter to all.


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