Friday, March 29, 2013

Why do I need an AR15?

Why do I need such a firearm?

Because a double barreled shotgun fired into the air off the porch, Mr. Vice President, is not only illegal and unsafe, it leaves me totally vulnerable to the jacked up home invaders who have counted off the shots and know I now have to reload. Barkley can shed on command but that might be it as far as back up.

As far as your words on "firing a shot though the door", to defend your home?   Well,  I won't even comment on that lest there be a run at the sporting goods store on paper "door targets" by the legally clueless.

Why should I have the need for such a weapon?

Because I use it to  hone my skills.  I use it responsibly, to instill confidence and safe target acquisition whether with this firearm or other types I may use to defend, whether against one criminal, or the combined force of several, who know the laws I abide by, render me helpless, even as they disregard them.

Because I like to use a tool that does not hide, but strongly defends, the kind that  has already been used to protect this country and flag we uphold. I like to use a tool, that by its presence, its capability, decreases the probability that it will be necessary.

Because, of all the Constitutional rights our forefathers had the presence of mind to affirm with ink that flowed from the blood of those baptized in liberty, I support the one that ensures I'm not an unwilling and innocent victim.

I own an AR-15 because it's my Constitutional right to decide how I wish to exercise my Constitutional right.


  1. I certainly miss my FOUR:

    16" LW M4 clone
    20" Hvy Bbl
    26" free-floating target, w/bipod
    and scope
    9mm carbine

    Keep yours and yourself safe!

  2. Very well written as per usual. I can't fathom shotgun Joe's ignorance, nor the fact that nobody corrected him on the spot. Many people may not know better and figure someone in the position of VP would know what he was talking about. Shooting into the air was bad enough advice. Shooting through a door,WOW.

    Take care and have a nice Easter.

  3. Excellent thoughts, as always well-articulated. Best wishes for a blessed Easter to you and those you hold dear.

  4. That's why we need to protect ourselves - "they" are too stupid to do it for us.

  5. Here, at the ranch, there are many weapons. Collectors, we are. And amongst we, the closely related, there is much horsetrading, while knowing full well that ultimately, nuthin's goin' nowhere. But currently there is an AR vs. AK debate going on daily. Currently, I'm all in on the AR variants but, dang, that 74 was such a sweet shooter. :-) :-(

  6. Amen!! That should simply end the discussion for all time!!!!! :)

  7. He actually suggested doing this from the balcony. Ponder that a moment.

    Never mind wasting your two rounds, firing in the general direction of neighbors and other innocent bystanders, and making your position clear to the bad guys, with their unknown number and position. The very foundation of Mr. Biden's tower of bad advice is that you leave cover in favor of exposing yourself. Worst case, you end up trapped and surrounded in three dimensions.

    You *can* reload a double pretty fast with the right technique and some practice (coolness under fire always helps, no matter what your weapon). But that's the only part of his self-defense advice that, in my opinion, passes the laugh test.

    If you're going to go onto the balcony and announce your position to the bad guys, I suggest just yelling, "Wherefore art thou, Romeo?" -- it's more artistic, less wasteful of ammo, and safer for the downrange neighbors.

  8. EXCELLENT! You left out the part of Michelle referring to a revolver as an assault weapon, but the liberal media edited that part out.

  9. "Because" is a perfectly good reason all by itself.

  10. Well written, but you haven't made me want one. I carried it for too many years so I have memories and issues with the rifle - still, it never let me down and I had lots of ammunition provided by my employer.

    So, I will go with something a bit older and worn well, and will be happy in making the shot. Thanks.

    Of course I expect y'all to own one or more ARs. :)

  11. Plus, they're kinda pretty! :)

    I do wonder if people equate AR15s with that scene from Scarface with the shotgun. Or any movie, really, where you can spray a bazillion bullets without reloading, for minutes at a time, and have the precision of a blind turkey.

  12. Here lately, I thought the best reason was "well, everyone else is doing it..."

  13. "Shotgun Joe" has made a name for himself, that much is sure.

    Something I've not seen mentioned (in my readings thus far about "Shotgun Joe") is any mention about how is wife can shoot the gun and the SS comes running, literally. Exactly WHY are you telling your wife, VP Biden about how to use a shotgun with intruders, when they would have to get passed your SS detail?

    Seems a bit daft for a man with bodyguards to answer personal defense questions... then again, I'm a bit daft myself.

  14. Well I can because I must. The VP is an idiot. What is this Colt 6940 you speak of?!??!?

  15. 'B'...First I am glad to see you are still going strong with your Blog..

    As far as needing an AR...Its a comfort thing for me. I always slept better knowing it was by my side will serving.

    Now a days I have my own just 'in case'...I am very proficient with its use...can and will use it for self defence.

    Just remember how fast things can go for a sh*t. Look at New Orleans...where were the police...gone home to take care of there families.

    Lawlessness even in a civilized society starts very quickly and frankly one should be prepared for it.

    The criminals will be armed with AR's and you should be on the same footing to protect yourself and your family.

    Will I use my AR where a hand gun or shotgun is a more appropriate form of self I won't...but when I feel I need an AR I want the option to be available to me...


  16. RichD, I would suggest that no one corrected him on the spot because a) no one among the media present were gun owners and b) they are there to support a narrative, not to report facts.


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