Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A Geeky Christmas

We are both admitted geeks/nerds.  I'm primary a scientist by way of education and my husband is an engineer.  So this Christmas - it seems we both tuned to our inner geek to select Christmas presents for one another.  There were a couple practical items - a vest for him, and a kitchen appliance I had asked for but most everything else was simply fun.

I knewPartner in Grime was making a couple of items, as I heard lots of activity from the basement shop and was told I couldn't go down there.
 He made me a tactical stocking!   With a Tactical Trunk Monkey patch and a bottle opener shaped like an ammunition round 
If you don't know what Trunk Monkey is - Google it.  It was a series of hilarious advertisements on TV for an auto dealer back from where I grew up that went viral.

 And dog shaped tool keychain.  Cool!
 In it was some bath goodies, candy and a little book for my briefcase.

 For the wandering Scotch lover, an antique travel kt
Also on the antique list. a Vintage Chicago Made Big Beam lamp from the 50's with a new paracord strap for hands-free "Abby to the yard at night" use.

 Uh, oh, Air Holes, this usually isn't good.
 Is Otto a mouse?
He is, but one my husband programmed to auto-click every couple of minutes so my computer doesn't go to sleep if I'm on a long conference call!
Laser firearm training device. This explains the clicking sound.  He made the backdrop from scratch as the little laser trainer firearm only came with a little can to blast and it has a sound system so you can hear a steel plate "clink" if you hit the target.
 A new hat for Partner.   I actually braved downtown Chicago for this. 
 And Dr. Who Dalek glasses for his nightcap.

Antique Train cake molds and a Christmas tree mold from True Sam and his wife (my inlaws).

And a Darth Vader Mr. Potato Head.  Every adult should have one.
 A game of exploding kittens.  A card game for people that are into explosions. . . .and kittens. We got the Not Safe for Work Addition.  From the creator of "the Oatmeal" we were laughing our heads off playing this silly game.
His T-shirt didn't arrive on time . (Tracking shows it's stuck in a time warp at the shipper's Chicag distribution center).  But I got a new one!
 And for days I'm REALLY bored.
 A more challenging way to play dominoes.  If you hear a little explosion, it's not a kitten, it's my brain.

You know on the original Star Trek, Ensign Ricky, the guy in the red shirt, never made it back from the landing party alive.  The red shirts were famous for being phasered or struck down by an alien.

I got my own star Trek red landing party shirt, complete with burn marks and scratches.   

 Some accessories for my husband's hat and vest collection.

And everyone man needs beer and pretzel socks.

 A croissant neck pillow, for those long business class flights to Paris.
 I couldn't resist Repair Bear!  A sign for the shop.
 An antique steam engine print.  This is going to Hobby Lobby to get framed for the wall.
 Large bath towel, with both light side and dark side.

 Dr. Who Dalek handkerchief.
Engineer Excuse Dice.  Add Training  Project Late.  Fire Fighting. Estimates ignored. Bad Communication.  Feature Creep. Poor Requirements. Cost Overruns. Missing Features.  Too Many Bugs. Project Late. Work Halted. Behind Schedule.  Change Priorities.  Extra Resources.  More Funds. Go Agile. More Synergy.  Just roll and select your excuse!

Here's hoping you had a wonderful Christmas!  

Thursday, December 21, 2017

A Little Retro Christmas

Yes, 3 bucks at a yard sale in a small village.  
And they threw in the color wheel.
I think I need to decorate the place up a bit for Christmas before it gets dark and Partner is home.
There--a little 60's Christmas cheer in a 1916 Mission Bungalow.