Sunday, November 18, 2012

What's In Your Satchel * - A Weekend Meme

* Ladies or "Tactical Man"
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I posted my squirrel bag a couple years ago, the violin tuner and Vick's Vap-o-Rub raising an eyebrow or two. Whatever bag I take, I usually  keep my truck keys, cell phone, a small flashlight and a little money clip in my coat or jacket pocket, just in case.
In the little handbag  -  a battered Jameson wallet from Ireland and some other ID, a knife and some tools,  flash drive, BAG and shooty things, sunscreen, Badger Balm and a tube of pink lipstick from Two Faced cosmetics called "Marcia Marcia Marcia", emergency Butterfinger bar and of course the Unapproved Stamp, useful for many things such as Speed Dating (hey, what's that on your forehead?)

What's in Your Satchel?


Monkeywrangler said...

Maxped folding wallet, Spyderco PM2, handkerchief, cellphone, Eagletac D25c Mini light.

Keys-- w/car remote, P38 can opener, Olight i1 EOS light, Sliver Gripper tweezers, custom Lamdalight keyfinder.

Carmex tube, and a shooty thing too.


Robert Fowler said...

I don't have a bag. I carry everything I need in my pockets.
Small Buck stockman knife, Zippo lighter (with USMC emblem), keys, checkbook, card case, wallet. then a pancake holster for my 1911 and a single mag pouch.

Why in the world do you have outside calipers?

Rev. Paul said...

Work keys, cell phone charger, LED flashlight, back up pistol & spare magazine, pen & pencil, small mirror, fingernail clipper.

Umbrella, address book, food tablets, assorted spare USB cables for multiple devices.

Cond0011 said...

So... umm... aside from the 'Unapproved' stamp, whats the Calipers for? :)

So whats in my Satchel? Nothing! I have a 7 mintue walk to work. Yay me!

Okay, I'll stop now...

Old NFO said...

MUT, pistol, mags, Streamlight, wheel book, pen, Kershaw folder, little Victronix, spare key.

Stephen said...

I carry an Octa Versipack from Maxpedition all day, every day. I just emptied it and it contained: XDM 3.8 45 Compact. Two extra mags. Buck model 110 knife. Smith's knife sharpener. Compact LED flashlight. My wallet. 800 mg of ibuprofen. A set of small nylon, one time handcuffs. (gifted to me by a Nevada State Trooper) Fingernail clippers. Four toothpicks. An Idaho deer tag. (required to accompany the venison on the trip home) A flash drive I forgot about. And a hundred dollar bill concealed deep in an inner pocket. And a small bic lighter.

It's spooky when you start adding it up.

Murphy's Law said...

Wallet, work ID, S&W Mod. 642 and reload, cell phone, off-brand folding knife, Surefire light, pen, keys. Never leave home without all of these things.

Bob said...

I'm curious about those old skeleton keys, myself.

Brighid said...

plain wallet, wild red lip balm, smallroll dental floss, swiss army knife,lighter, cell phone, curved needle,handiwipes,goggles, hemostat,a ball bearing, and a small stone...
OMG please tell me what the calipers in your bag are for...

Brigid said...

Bob - they belong to a friends 100 plus year old home he bought. We're trying to figure out what all they open. I just threw those in there wondering if someone would notice. Good eye!

Cond0010 - :-)

Bridgid - Barkley bought them, complaining that the bones I was bringing home from the butcher didn't meet the BBS (Barkley Bone Standard)

Rev Paul - as usual I forgot, pen and hairbrush.

Stephen - Dad always impressed on me to carry a $50 (now $100) in a clip or tucked in the wallet for emergency. When I go home, he always makes sure I have it as he gave me my first first one.

Once Free Man said...

Were you a voluntary phrenologist for voters with obvious signs of masochistic statism?

Those calipers are bit small for much else.

ZerCool said...

I just played this game myself. It really doesn't change much amongst the gunbloggers... all the things a civilized person needs.

Roscoe said...

Laptop, accessories, HP calculator, and ungraded undergrad lab assignments.

I try not to procrastinate the grading, I swear.

armedlaughing said...

As with Robert Fowler, I don't carry a bag.
Loose fit (e.g. old man) Wranglers, containing cellular telephone, keys, speed strip(s),keys, wallet, S&W electroless nickel 442 revolver, baggie with daily meds.
I look like I'm wearing Depends (filled).
I do generally wear a long-sleeve overshirt (to keep the skin cancer gremlins away)over a colored t-shirt (as additional concealment for the crap in my pockets, or in case it's cool enough to carry the 5" 1911) And, of course, spare magazine on my belt if so doing.
Can't be too careful!

armedlaughing said...

I forgot the Ken Onion Blur knife!


Skip said...

Two sets of keys for the truck to let it run locked (heat/air), Spyderco, wallet, quarters for the paper, four or five five dollar bills for tips, CZ P-07 in a Fugly IWB, one spare mag, cigs, Zippo, money clip, 'droid, reading glasses.
A wonder my pants don't fall off.
(Have carried the same hundred dollar bill for years).

hodgeman said...

Let's bag but in pockets.
Leatherman Micra used as a key fob.
Spyderco Stainless Delica or Benchmade folder
various IDs used at work
exotic fire starter
sometimes a Glock 19 or a SP101...feeling froggy perhaps a Colt Commander.

In my jeep I keep a backpack with some bigger/better/assorted gear for impromptu hunting occasions and sundry roadside anomalies.

BePrepared said...

Oh let's see... Carmex, lighter, "Lord of the Keys" key ring, Maglite XL, Leatherman Supertool, G21 mag, BB, CKRT pocket folder, CKRT M16 folder, TelTec P3AT, G30, wallet and pager.

And people wonder why my jeans weigh 17 lbs...

RabidAlien said...

Heh. Guess I'm a packrat, too.

I usually have a Jansport backpack, which contains:

lunch, two books, notepad, pen, electrical tape, small jeweler's screwdriver set, small ratcheting socket drive with various bits, Excedrin (or local Target equivalent), Advil, 80Gb portable hard drive, two USB drives (each with its own specific purpose), small peanut jar full of trail mix, phone charger, mini Mag light with 3-LED adapter added on, and CD wallet with various troubleshooting/Linux environment disks.

In my cargo pockets, I've got a Gerber clip-on knife, keys, two more thumb drives (again, multiple purposes...gotta love working in IT), small flashlight, spare change, Gerber multi-tool in over-used belt pouch.

Working on getting CHL's so I can add handgun and mags to that list. Currently they reside in my glove box.

Mac from Michigan said...

Uh, well ok:

Super special card thingy to open locked doors, work ID, Heather Glocklear with 2 spare mags, 8x22 binocs, Motorola prep w/2 spare batteries (GD Motorola battery life sucks...), ASP handcuffs, large black tie wrap, two metal survey nails (?), somewhat abused Canon G10 that still takes great images.

Ed said...

No Pez?

Piggin strings, waterproof match container/w matches, magnesium fire starter - Western Oregon, elk cow call, audubon bird call....

Happy Thanksgiving!