Tuesday, November 13, 2012

If Guns Were Cars - The Mindset of Gun Free Cities

It's  a town where the majority are law abiding, wanting only to work hard and protect their families.

The speed limit  in town is 40 mph.

Unlicensed drivers, greatly exceeding the speed limit, regularly roar though the town, plowing through red lights, killing pedestrians who simply wished to go about their business unharmed.

The city's lawmakers discuss, with great outcry, the number of "innocents" killed in such traffic accidents.

They have a solution to keep the city streets safe so people can be out and about in the day, into the evening, without fear.

They lower the speed limit to 30 mph.

And take the licenses from everyone, forcing  the law abiding  drivers into becoming  pedestrians.

As more continue to die on the streets from unlicensed  reckless drivers, there is a hue and outcry from the city leaders, saying " that didn't work, people are dying - . . .

 We need to lower the speed limit even more!"

To me, keeping guns out of the hands of  law abiding citizens while the criminals regularly use them at will, knowing no one can legally fight back, makes about as much sense.