Friday, January 11, 2019

Canine Snack Attack

It was a busy week.  Though I'm furloughed from my job, I'm doing some volunteer work and beta reading two books by other author friends so I didn't have a lot of time at home for chores. I did get the bedroom tidied up from the first laundry explosion after my husband came home from a trip with lots of dirty clothes, setting down a fresh set of earplugs on the nightstand next to our bed.  It's from all the years in hotels as a pilot - I can't sleep without earplugs even if our neighborhood is quiet as a mouse.

 BEEP!  The clothes drier is done! Off to the basement!

When I came back, one of them was missing

Uh, huh, I think I found it.
Yup, looks like Abby Lab snagged it and spit it out
It wasn't a Cheeto!


  1. lucky she spit it out - maybe it'e still usable...

    not likely after it completed the trip....

  2. HAH! We had little packets of those ear plugs everywhere on the two ships I worked on as they were very LOUD in certain areas. The Russians thought they were some some kind of candy or gum, and we'd find hundreds of the plugs rolling around on the decks. They rip open the package, pop them in their mouth, and give a couple of chews before they spit them out.

    Took a while to get the message across as to what they were actually for.

  3. Surprised she spit it out and dint chew it to pieces. :)

  4. Our previous dog Syrah the Mighty (a black lab) once consumed an entire pizza.

  5. Sigh... Inquisitive (and perpetually hungry) dogs...

  6. If it ain't cheesy, it no pleasy...good thing they don't make bacon-scented plugs, or we'd fight over who eats them first.

  7. Our 7month old (wow, growing fast) has not found those...yet on my bedstand.


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