Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Frame and Fortune - Tuesday Morning Cooking

I wear glasses, putting them on mostly for close up work or when I'm really tired.  The glasses do tend to wander away, and it seems I'm forever cleaning all the smudges off of them.  I'm not sure how it happens, I clean them until they're pristine and 15 minutes later, they're totally smudged.

Picture a night in the kitchen while preparing dinner.

Partner in Grime:  I think I know how your glasses get so smudged.
Partner in Grime:  I just found them lens side down in the butter.

That might explain it.

So get out your glasses for a weekday morning recipe, sure to keep everyone close by.
French Toast with Bacon and Maple Bourbon Butter
There would be pictures of the bacon, but it seems to have disappeared.


  1. Oh how I envy those who can forego spectacles at times. I need them almost all the time. Really, if it's not bathing or sleeping, I'm wearing the "gogs". And I am amused by the (fictional?) optometrist who said, "These are to be in one of only two places. On your face, or in their case." And I don't encase them for bathing or sleeping... I have some smudges, but mainly it's DUST that is a plague.

  2. For some reason that first image reminds me of the second and third images looking at a smokers lungs...

  3. That is odd, my ID is shown as "Unknown" I used ta be known :) still kinda hungry lookin at those french toast slices...

  4. Having had you at my home for breakfast, I know where the bacon went....

  5. yeah, we have dogs for my WIfe's glasses smudges. Bacon? Yeah bacon has a way of disappearing very quickly; even faster with three or four dogs sharing our breakfast.


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