Saturday, July 7, 2018

Independence Day - Small Town Views

As you know from my previous post, I chickened out and left the city so I didn't have to listen to fireworks for 3 solid days. Fireworks are illegal in Chicago, just as guns used to be, not that it means anyone during the bans stopped using them illegally and constantly.
I was invited to visit my good friend, poet and published author Katie Andraski.  Katie is a retired professor and is married and has lots of animals around on their small farm in Northwest Illinois.
The chickens had to check out the new ride in the yard.
This horse is known in it's country of origin as the "Norwegian Tractor".  A Fjord horse they have been used for farming for generations. They just get spoiled and go for rides with the carriage here now though.
One of the chickens and I had a showdown.  I thought the bird was going to chase me but then it noticed the red hair and backed down.  Smart bird - I have a frying pan.
This is an old corn crib. It's not in use as the surrounding land is farmed by others, but it's a neat structure.
So it was REALLY quiet, just the birds in the trees for noise.
My cozy room upstairs.  The old house hs been totally restored and has central a.c. so I was quite comfy.
The view out my window.
One of two rescue cats in the house.
 OK, I had to do some  "artsy fartsy" photos.

Built Fjord Tough!
The Chicken House
Lots of shade to keep cool in the evening.
I wish we had traffic jams like this in Chicago.
A view from the Porch.
A porch swing and some Peach Iced tea, a nice way to spend the afternoon.
Birdie - one of two Aussie shepherds in the house.
And his little sister who was a rescue dog.
Time for the small town parade.  The anthem was sung.
The Veterans were honored.
I didn't get photos due to taking cover in the hot sun for a few minutes but there were also floats from local churches and even the local gun store.  NOT something you'd see in a parade in the city.
There were a ton of fire trucks old and new!
The high school band!
Cool 66 Mustang (I think) with a grandmother who was "citizen of the year".
The parade Queen and her court.  Grandpa was a Lion and was Secretary of his Branch for many years.
I loved the Shriner jets!
They were racing them around as well cherographed as the Blue Angels!
For my friend Andrea - a little young Boxer.
The next door neighbor's farm.
And the view from the backyard.
God is good, and America is our home, for which I am glad.

I'm' always happy to be home but it was a very enjoyable, restorative trip.


  1. No shots of Abbie? You didnt leave her at home with all those scary fireworks did you? We need more Abbie :D

    1. Abby would have been a lot more upset if I took her to a strange home with strange animals and then left her alone there for several hours to do local activities than home with her Dad doing some noisy home renovations. Having been dumped, leaving her in a strange place is very upsetting to her.

  2. Beautiful photos, and much appreciated as well. God bless small towns!

  3. What a wonderful place! Looks a lot like the small town in Illinois (Morris) my Mom was from and we used to visit frequently.

    We had a neighborhood bike parade, hung out at the neighborhood pool with The Kids and grandbaby, and then had pizza.

    And for the first time in 30something years, I wasn't worried about stray rounds coming through the roof on Independence Day. VERY few fireworks here other than the show the city puts on, and the few that were fired nearby were set off during the city's show.

    Sounds like you made good use of the time to decompress.

  4. Doesn't get any better than that. One question- Had the Aussies rewired the house? Or 'fixed' the AC??? :-D

  5. How is Abby with fireworks? I know she doesn't like thunder. Indy hates thunder but fireworks are even worse for him. He got calming treats, frankincense oil, a thundershirt, and was still shaking in terror. I had to resort to turning up Lord of the Rings on the TV to drown out the sounds of the fireworks.

    1. Abby does much better than Barkley with fireworks and tolerates it better than thunder but it took us 4 years to get where she's comfortable with the noise. We did a DIY thundershirt the first couple of years. She'll go to the closet but doesn't shake or tremble. The Frankincense usually does the trick.

  6. ahh yes I can see that point :) Thought "Dad" was out of town for mistake :)

    1. He got some noisy house projects done, that he's put off so not to disturb my writing. I left him plenty of food so the two of them had a good time.

  7. Looks like a quiet, peaceful place to live....


    1. After Dad is gone and we don't have the in-home 24 hour health care expense ($15,000 a month) we're looking at 10-20 acres up North to put up a little cabin for weekends and bugout.

  8. It's been over sixty years since I spent time on my Uncle's farm in Indiana. Your pictures brought back so many good memories. Thank you for that gift.

  9. Greetings Brigid, I just now went through the blogs I follow and could not help but smile at the photo of the Lions Club float. I was a Lion and happen to be the club president when the Lions International convention was held in Phoenix,AZ. I went reprsenting our club and met other Lions from around the world. What a enlightning and worthwhile experience.


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