Sunday, March 25, 2018

Fajitas! and a HOTR Recipe Index Update

Partner In Grime had been in Texas all week for his job but when I mentioned fajitas for dinner he said "sure!'  I figured he'd be tired of Tex-Mex, but after another two weeks in the UK  earlier this month where his only choice of dining was this horrific pub we quietly refer to as "The Grease and Weasel", he was game.

I didn't have the ingredients for an online recipe for the marinade (lime and cilantro) so I made my own up.  It was really good.

I have the recipe below but for those of you who haven't visited in a while I've updated the recipes on the upper right sidebar to add:

Bacon and Corn Spoonbread (time-taking to make and SO worth it)
Bacon Basil Pesto Muffins (makes great little breakfast sandwiches)
Beef Dip Sweet and Spicy (a house favorite)
Breakfast Casserole (Dad loves this)
Carne Asada Tacos
Cheesy Burrito Casserole
Chipotle Chili Stew (it has beans so I can't call it "chili" or risk pitchforks and flaming torches from my dear friends down in Texas, most of whom were at our wedding)
Cornmeal Pancakes
Crock Pot Green Chili Verde Pork Roast (ugly, but incredibly delicious)
Dad's Favorite Sausage Omelette
Eggs Benedict Southwest
French Toast Panini with Ham (or bacon, as in the picture)
Grilled Chicken with White Barbecue Sauce (a must try)
Ham and Cheese Biscuit (when your biscuit picture goes viral you're on to something)
Hangar Steak Goulash
Herdsman Chili (my recreation of the Broadripple BrewPub dish)
Honey Roasted Home Fries (Dad loves these with his eggs in the morning)
Hot Bacon Potato Salad
Italian Beef Sandwiches with Au Jus (a tweak involving beer and Italian seasoning on a recipe author Dorothy Grant gave me  - outstanding)
Maple Bacon Popcorn
Peppered Pork Tenderloin Pork and Beans (I'm sensing a repeating theme of pork here. . .)
Pizza with Alfredo Sauce (several of my reader's favorite pizza from the blog)
Smothered Enchiladas (super easy for weeknights)
Sriracha Hot Chicken Enchiladas (I made a date cry, which Partner in Grime, then just a reader, took note of).
Stroganoff Burgers on Sourdough Bread (Miss Congeniality for looks but super tasty).
Sweet and Spicy Bourbon Glazed Meatballs (addicting, I converted a Vegan with these).

They have all been posted before, they just never had a direct link. They are marked with a NEW! on the sidebar index to make them easy to find and click on and I've moved the Recipes up a bit so they are directly below the book information. And no, as someone invariably asks, I'd rather have 3 root canals than format, edit, and market a cookbook.  You just have to go to Half Priced Books to see how intensely oversaturated the cookbook market is. (Stepping down from soapbox).  Plus you have copyright issues if your recipe is just a slight adaption of someone else's which many of mine are.  Feel free to print and use any recipe on here for your personal use.
Crown Roast of SPAM  - A Home on the Range Specialty
(yes, those are "Slim Jims")

For now - the fajitas.  Cut up 1 to 1 and 1/2 pounds thin flank steak. If you can't find thin- cut, get regular steak and play "whack a mole" with it with a meat tenderizer between two pieces of waxed paper.  Put it in a gallon ziplock bag.


1/3 cup vegetable oil
1 Tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons chili powder
1 teaspoon ground cumin
2 Tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
2 Tablespoons Soy Sauce
2 teaspoons honey
1 teaspoon hot sauce (I used my favorite brand -
 - the Cowboy Crooner one which is pretty mild - they are a couple of musicians from Indiana that my best friend Midwest Chick knows. They make the BEST hot sauces, available at their store or online and if you like Ghost Peppers their Heavy Metal heat is awesome!
1 heaping teaspoon chopped minced garlic (the jarred kind)
1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper (more or less depending on how hot you like things)
Shake or squeeze the bag to mix up and thoroughly coat the meat. Place in fridge 4-10 hours (no more than that or the meat texture will degrade.

Prior to preparing thinly slice:

1 large sweet onion
1/2 of a large or one whole small yellow pepper - seeds and white bits removed
1/2 large or one small orange pepper - ditto
1/2 large or one small green pepper - ditto
To cook and assemble:

Put some rice on the stove or in a steamer (I love making it in a steamer).

Heat a couple of teaspoons of oil in a cast iron skillet on high.
Stir-fry the veggies until tender crisp - (about 15-18 minutes on high).
Remove with slotted spoon.

Drain off about 3 Tablespoons of the marinade from the ziplock bag, and place remaining sauce and steak in the skillet.  Cook on medium-high to high until the meat is cooked through (for me about 7 minutes on high).  Add veggies to mixture and heat through.

Serve with rice/beans, tortillas, salsa and sour cream or if you're watching carbs or wheat products serve over cauliflower "rice" (hot cooked cauliflower put in a food processor and pulsed with the metal blade until rice sized).


  1. Thank you. I love your recipes. I appreciate they’ve been curated too so I can have easy access. Cheers, from Australia.

    1. My godparents were Australian and my husband's company has a very large manufacturing plant there, he loves having to do trips there to check on things.

  2. Franny and Danny - thanks for stopping. I'm going to comb through the archives to see if I've missed any other ones.

  3. I have a small idea about publishing cookbooks! Several times in years past, I was asked by a cookbook author to submit recipes for outdoor cooking (camp dutch oven, freeze dried, etc.) As any good cook knows, you don't have to be precise in the amounts. She was constantly e-mailing/calling me with "exactly how much" of this or that! And if I had gotten a recipe out of another cookbook, she would say, "let's revise it a bit to avoid copyright laws." All I wanted to do was share my best recipes!

    1. I love writing, I hate the whole editing, formatting, reviewing, part of the book process. A cookbook removes the writing, and leaves just the part I hate, so no thanks! I do most of my cooking without measurements, going by "visual" so those don't get posted.

  4. That sounds yummy!! And I just finished eating breakfast! Will have to try it out. Thanks :)

    1. It was better than I expected, and it was REALLY good the next day as leftovers after the flavors blended a bit.

  5. Replies
    1. I know it won't likely fit on your gravestone in hopefully MANY years in the future, but I'd like to add "the only man on the planet brave enough to make Brigid's 72 layer cream cheese biscuits!"

  6. So glad you’re back. I read your blog almost daily for years and your absence was missed. Also missed the recipes!

  7. I will be trying this one soon....looks delicious. Thanks for the great recipes over the years.

  8. Steak Fajitas enjoyed by husband and myself....great recipe. Thanks.

  9. That crown roast of Spam would be great for Sankta Lucia night!


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