Thursday, June 30, 2016

Brigid Finally Speaks - On Speak Up Talk Radio Interview

Jim Curtis already let the cat out of the bag in the comments (from my Facebook page) but I had my first live radio interview as an author at Speak Up Talk Radio in Ohio! I was SO nervous but host/author Pat Rollo was great and she was happy to spread the word about animal rescue and adoption! Speak Up Talk Radio supports The Sewport Project, previously known as Sewport our Trops which furnishes handmade one of a kind soft pillowcases to troops overseas, homeless Veteran shelters, domestic abuse shelters and also cage comforters and cat-nipper to animal rescue shelters.  So I hope I brought some interest to their station to help out this group.

Here's the audio!

Just Kidding!

Here is the link for the interview. Learn more about some of the rescue organizations The Book of Barkley Supports as well as that one story I left out of the book so my Dad doesn't "ground me" at age fifty (mumble mumble).

I did laugh as one of my very long time blog readers who I know off blog and is on Facebook said he expected my voice to sound like Lana Turner and instead - with the upper Midwest Accent -   "sounded like Erma Bombeck."


  1. Accent? I don't hear any accent.

  2. Wonderful - really, really enjoyed!

  3. Yeah. I pictured Kathleen Turner in the roll. The Body Heat version.
    I'll be in my bunk - don't tell EJ!


  4. So Erma....or do we call you Brigid now :) I get confused easily ;)

  5. I didnt hear an accent either :) You do sound younger than I expected and wow that picture is more of your face than Ive ever seen before. I hate it that my eyes get all watery when I think about some of those part of TBoB...its positively unmanly even ;)


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