Saturday, November 27, 2010

Post Holiday Wish

Travel safe everyone. Click to enlarge, bonus points if you can name the airport.


  1. No guess on the airport, but I have a question about tower beacon lights. From my house I can see 6 cell/radio towers. 5 of those towers have blinking red lights. The 6th tower(the most recent addition)has a really bright white strobe instead of a red light. As far as altitude the towers are fairly similar, a can't imagine them being a few feet +/- from being the same height judging by the topo map. The only difference that I can find is that the one with the bright white strobe is near a land at your own risk airstrip that is marked on topo maps. Any clarification?

  2. Is that Atlanta?
    Looks like the secondary tower at Hartsfield.

  3. Can't be Pixley.
    Here are pictures of the Pixley airport and the tower pictured above is missing.

  4. Looks like the approach to Timbucktu

  5. Rita has my phone number. Y'all ought to call sometime while you're here.

  6. DFW. I worked for pre-merger GTE in the 90s, and we had our network operations center in a concrete bunker at the airport.

    (God only knows why.)

  7. Drat. Roscoe beat me to it. So, what was the bonus prize?

  8. Sheesh! I'm expecting it to be some exotic, faraway place - and I'm only 15 miles from it...

  9. DFW is forever linked to more than a few painful career-related memories.

    "While you're at it, why don't you give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice on it?" :)

    Sorry if I spoiled the contest by answering too early.

    Let me try to make it up to you -- Who owns this airstrip and where is it located?

    Hint -- Florida

    Most of your readers have probabaly driven with a few hundred yards of the site without realizing the runway was just behind the trees. Officially, it is NOT active, but sometimes I wonder.

  10. That was a test for Texans wasn't it? 'Fess up, now!

    I'll freely admit that all my visits to DFW take place on the spaghetti maze that is the confluence of highways associated with the place. Focusing on finding which one of the six terminals I should be at and which turn takes me to which parking facility with which entrance by which gate takes too much attention to find a tower.

    Now, if it was military and you showed me one in pink, I'd know right away it was Incirlik Turkey. They used to take the military issue red and white paint kit to paint checkerboard and mix it all together!

  11. It looked familiar but I couldn't place it. I've only been through DFW twice.

  12. The difference in tower lighting is solely the choice of the tower owner. I *THINK* that if you have strobes on a tower (in daytime) it doesn't have to be painted red/white, but am not sure.


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