Thursday, December 16, 2010

Barkley - Bachelor Living

Don't Ask. Don't Tell.


  1. Come on, sofa cushions need love too!


  2. Brigid,
    I saw an advertisement or promo on the History Channel. It had a woman looking down the sights of a rifle. It sure looked like your eyes. Are you doing something for the History channel?

  3. I had a Lab female that I raised from a puppy. Raven could read me like a book. I loved that dog. I had a horse ranch at the time and some unidentified jackass stole her.

    I know that you're a hunter. I have a cute story on my blog about almost having a bobcat as a blind mate.

  4. It strikes me that, in several photos, Barkley appears rather more... er... forbidding than the average lab, a breed noted rather for a friendly, playful, happy-go-lucky demeanor.

    In short, if he wants to be on the counch, I would be hesitant to command him to be otherwise!

  5. In that case maybe you should warn people not to sit on that couch....

  6. Nice casing, er, necklace.

    Along with your gorgeous eyes and all the other accouterments that you
    give us peeks of.....


    Om a lighter note.....Barkley looks like he owns the couch and pillows.

  7. Ms B, those do not look to be as old as you say they are.
    Nice dress.

  8. Would that the Celt and Scandinavian
    Lass who has flown the high Canadian
    Rockies where skies match her eyes,
    Raise a fine glass of whiskey high.

    Would that the now Midwestern gal
    Find time; and remember the tide
    Where slab of salmon and sea run
    Steelhead,their rainbow side subsumed, race against the snow.

    Brigid, other verses to follow...
    Barkley has his pillows and sofa.

    I have my good Lord, the good land and good friends like y'all.


  9. Barkley's just trying to tell you the cushons will not be safe till he gets a play mate.

  10. Hmmph. When Mrs. Drang sees that new pic your blog will be off limits...


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