Monday, April 9, 2018

On Longing

Abby Normal's favorite thing is bacon, though she only gets a tiny little bite on the morning or two on the weekends we make big pancake breakfast or biscuits and gravy.   In watching her look at it, it made me think.

Bacon for a Dog is Like Anything We Long For.

It could be a companion or spouse for the single, divorced or widowed; a job or a better job; a safe, warm home in which we are forever cherished and loved. It could be good health and/or the end of daily pain.  So much in the heart we may long for,  and are too often disappointed by, along the way.  But if we are blessed, and have faith, we can usually find our path.

So from Abby, who after months in a shelter, heartworm positive, sick, lonely and scared, got her forever home, thanks to some Lab Rescue folks, some words of advice for those of you who still want.
Wishful longing  (I wish I had some bacon)
Anticipation (I know if I'm quiet and good, I'll get some bacon)
Happiness  (There's bacon on the counter, and it's for me!)
Wanting  (It's been so long since I've had bacon)
Reality  (The bacon is ignoring me and  is going somewhere other than my bowl.)
Let Down  (The bacon is gone!)
 Disbelief (I didn't even get a real  goodbye).
Sadness  (I miss bacon)
Loneliness  (Everyone in the world has bacon but me!)
Hope.  (Someday, there will be the perfect piece of bacon, and I will find it, if I just sit patiently by the counter).
OK, just a little piece, Abby.
You just had to be patient.  God had a plan, you just had to wait until He was finished making it.


  1. I see some "stuff" called Beggin Strips on TV, that is supposed to taste like bacon to a dog - have you ever tried it?

    1. We have tried just about every sort of dog treat with our Sadie (7 y.o. Yellow Lab mis rescue pup.) She hates them all, except for Milo's brand (assorted flavors.) As for Beggin Strips, Sadie won't even give them a second sniff.

  2. My wife and I continue to marvel, and consider ourselves blessed, at how often, and in how many ways, God used a yellow Lab and now uses our third Chesapeake Bay Retriever to teach us lessons about life and a relationship of obedient love. Thank you for this reminder.

  3. My husband and I have been very fortunate to have had two of the most wonderful dogs in our life. One a Scottie mix the other Shep/Collie/Coyote mix both lived well into their 16th year. Yes they do teach a person about life and love. One dog was a shelter dog the other was going to be shot, as the owner was moving. This Shep/Collie/Coyote dog decided he was moving in with us. What I saw was just amazing ( I should have gotten my camera but did't think) he was dragging his dog bowl bum up in the air, across the road and through a field to our home with a turkey in it. I was just gobbed smacked! We will always remember them dearly, both have a spot along with the family photos.


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