Friday, March 15, 2019


There was a little gathering for a meal with some work folks today, a  casual pot luck we do every so often after finishing up a big project.  I was to bring dessert, a small pan of brownies.  Then the call came in.  Unit Z is back from Albonia!!! There's extra people!.

Something was needed that would feed more than a small handful of folks.

My Mom was Swedish/Norwegian,  myStepmom Norwegian. My Dad's Mom was Scot/Irish and a Hoosier from Indiana as well.  If there's anything a "Scandahoovian"  woman can do, it's whip something tasty of the baked goods variety for the oven up out of nothing.

So what to make?   In the cupboard there is breakfast stuff, almonds and steel cut oats, in the fridge, few fresh berries, a couple jars of Scandahoovian jams (you could substitute your favorites) and basic baking ingredients.

May I present -

Scandahoovian Double Berry Streusal Bars . With a tender, crumbly, oh so buttery cookie base topped with tart, but not too tart, fruit and a sweet/spicy (shhhh, it's Cardamon) streusal topping, they vanished faster than the normally snarfed up brownies.  I had to stealth ninja steal three from the plate at the end of supper so I could have one later and maybe share a couple with cookie deprived friends.


  1. Just looking at the picture itself made me so hungry that I've blown my diet for today. And probably tomorrow.

  2. That looks as though MORE have to be ninja(d) off the plate.

  3. Those look delicious, Hope you and Partner in Grime have a great St. Paddy's Day :)

  4. So then, will this make it onto your sidebar menu??? :)

  5. It's been on the sidebar menu for a long time. I just made it again.

  6. Not fair now I have gained more weight very tasty. Thanks.


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