Thursday, June 13, 2019

No More Hammers!

The new roof is officially on the Range - 11 hours after the first pounding.  I felt sorry for the roofers the previous ones did an exceptionally crappy job in the 90's and they had to make some repairs.  There was hot homemade banana pecan bread and water for all on their lunch break though.

Abby and our rescue Yellow Lab of three weeks are happy.


  1. I'd imagine all that noise would make doggies more than a bit paranoid. Armageddon or something ... so glad they're able to relax now. And you too, for that matter. :)

  2. "our rescue Yellow Lab of three weeks" she getting a new name?

  3. Glad there were no major problems! :-)

  4. Good. It's done. Now the pups can TRY to calm down and relax. Right?


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