Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Jovian Thunderbolt talked about using a police qualification target for lack of anything else at the range. I agree, they're sometimes sort of hard to put up against a smaller backdrop, but they're SO much fun.

40 feet and a box of .45 acp, with just the sights the weapon came off the line with.

It's going to be a couple days before I'm off duty and get to have some days off at home, hopefully there will be some targets left by then.


  1. How come I the guy on the target looks like Andy Griffit

  2. Good shootin! It's not the gun, it's the user that makes the difference... :-)

  3. Anon - good grief! It's MATLOCK! I shot MATLOCK!

    I'm in trouble now. :-)

  4. One of my local indoors, using that word "local" rather loosely, ranges has a rule against using any targets that look like people, only silhouette type police targets or bullseye type targets.

    I'm an annual member and I got in trouble for printing up a bunch of Sponge Bob, Bob the Builder, and Barney targets back when I had a gal living with me I thought was "the one" that had kids that watched those shows and tapes incessantly.

    I got in trouble for shooting at cartoons but they let me shoot my .577BPE inside... :-(

    It's handy for rainy months when we get them but that disappointed me, something about it offends some of their customers to shoot at things that look like people.

    Happy Shooting People Looking Targets!


  5. Tom - last time I checked it was "people" that were murdering, carjacking, robbing and raping people.

    If SpongeBob tries to life my wallet while copping a feel, I'm sure I could handle him without practice. I did go out on a date with a liberal once.

  6. Na, your ok Brigid, Matlock's long off the air and probably no sequels in sight. So they don't need him any more. Is Andy still alive? I gotta google that. keep up the good shootin'. the mushroom

  7. Nice shooting.

    Are the head shots practice for Tam's Zombipocalypse? ;)

    Nice picture of the suppressed Uzi in the updated sidebar. Is that you shooting?

  8. We're down to the last jar of Cashew butter I made. Tam and I are prepared to defend.

    The pictures old. . hmm. . some redhead in the desert. Who could that be? :-)

  9. An impressive grouping. Wish the hell I could shoot that well at 40 feet.

  10. The Sig, right? FMJ's or something Departmentally approved? You are an inspiration. I just bought a case of Winchester white-box to feed mine.

  11. At work we call these "Tom Ridge" targets. We love your recipes and really admire the writing and photography. Sometimes it takes another voice to find your own. Thanks!

  12. SpongeBob is scrupulously honest and has something unspoken going on with his starfish friend, Patrick. I doubt that he would attempt to either lift your wallet or cop a feel.

  13. Good morning Brigid.

    Thanks for posting even though you're working such long hours. Reading your blog starts my day on a really great note, and puts me in the right mood for saying good morning to the horses and cows.

    Stay safe, and get home safely. Hope you'll have some time to get out to enjoy yourself.

    Off to make yogurt, and muck stalls.


    I still am having difficulty understanding the rationality of telling someone whom I've never met such mushy stuff as "take care of yourself", or "please get home safely". This must have something to do with high tech, Inet relationships via the Internet. I still can't quite figure it out.

  14. Love those old "targets", I think they have been around since the FBI under J. Edgar came into being.

  15. I love using those targets. Unfortunately, the nice outdoor range that is both close and cheap has given in to PC and only allows plain pattern targets (circles, boxes, etc...). You can't have anything that even looks like something that once breathed. *sigh*

  16. Aruba?!? Now *that* is funny if my guess as to what you're up to this week is correct.

    Good luck with the big sand castle contest!

    Next year, try this resort so Barkley doesn't have to stay home in the cold. Straight down I75 and turn right at Fort Myers.


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