Monday, March 23, 2009

An evening at the Range.

Roberta X and some other friends trekked West to the Range for Sunday dinner. I was on the road the day of the gun show, but got caught up on all the goings on and the amazing stuff some people seem to find, you know, like a nickel taper-barrel 4” Smith. With fixed sights. And a shrouded ejector rod. Hey, I found sour cream on sale. . . .sigh.

I wasn't going to post supper (I don't post every meal you know :-) except there was this appetizer that disappeared before dinner even started. I don't know what happened, I saw my hand moving from low ready, someone beat me to the last chip! Wait, I have reloads!

So I figured I'd best post the recipe before Barkley eats the crumpled, "smells like food!", piece of paper it was jotted down on as it was constructed.

It was a Brigid take on an old recipe for "Texas Caviar" but I made some changes and the sauce was all my own. Green and red peppers, red onion, a couple of seeded jalapenos, roasted corn (frozen from fresh Frank W. James corn - the best!), black beans and fresh cilantro. The dressing was fresh lime juice, sweet paprika, garlic, pepper, a bit of sea salt, ancho chili powder and honey into which was whipped a really light olive oil until it emulsified, then stirred in and allowed to sit a couple hours to let the flavors blend. Alongside, some big chips and veggies to scoop it up.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present Appetizer Crack. It's denser than a salsa, sweet and hot and crunchy all at once. I'm sure one of you can come up for a better name for it. I'm just glad that this time I wrote down the recipe as it came together so I could share.
I made made a big bowl full. There were few prisoners. The platters of three cheese and smoked chicken enchiladas sat on standby, ready for the oven while we inhaled delicately nibbled this and a few other goodies.

I hate to say, but we were almost too full for cheese biscuits

And the enchiladas. But we did our best. What are friends for?

Click on photo to enlarge. Hope you're not hungry.


  1. Brigid's Disappearing Appetizer

    (easily cuts in half measurement wise)

    2 cups roasted corn, chilled before blending with other ingredients.

    2 cans black beans - rinsed and drained (rinsing gets rid of a lot of the sodium, though I add a little sea salt later).

    2 red peppers

    2 green peppers

    2 Roma tomatoes - chopped

    2 jalapeno peppers, seeds removed and finely diced.

    1 cup chopped cilantro. I didn't "pack it down" in the cup, just dropped it in loosely until it looked like about one cup.

    1 medium to med/large red onion - chopped (but not one of those Jabba the Hut sized onions).


    juice of 4 limes (if you must use lime juice, try and find the Key West brand, use 8 tablespoons).

    2 Tablespoons APPLE CIDER vinegar

    1 clove garlic (if you used the minced fresh in the jar, the amount to equal a clove is on the jar, about 2 tsp).

    1 teaspoon sweet Hungarian paprika

    few grinds of fresh pepper,

    1/4 (roughly) teaspoon sea salt

    1/2 teaspoon ancho chili powder (I used Penzey's, stores in many Midwest cities and you can buy on- line, very reasonably priced). Some stores carry other brands. If you absolutely can't find it, use regular chili powder.

    2 Tablespoons honey

    1/2 cup light or extra virgin olive oil

    Directions: Wash all the produce well. Chop and combine all the fresh veggies, the corn and the beans. Chill while mixing dressing. Mix all dressing ingredients except the olive oil. In a thin stream, while using a whisk like you mean it, slowly drizzle in the olive oil, whipping it until it is emulsified (if you want to be boring you can use a blender).

    Pour over veggies and stir well, chill at least two hours, re-stir and serve with chips and celery to scoop up (for the calorie conscious).

    The enchiladas and biscuit recipes are in previous posts.

  2. I concede. You rein supreme.


  3. OH, yummy, yummy, yummy!
    Brigid, do you have one of your special recipes for black bean soup?

  4. Dr. Jim - yes, I'm living out of a suitcase this week, I'll get you one when I get home. Frequent flyer and short sleep this week.

  5. Oh my goodness...the recipes you post are out of this world.

  6. Thank you SO much!
    If you ever get out to SoCal, drop me a line. The girlfriend and I would like to treat you dinner, and some range time!

  7. SNAP!
    THAT is the stuff someone brought to a party - she couldn't tell me much about it (she is NOT a cook but can open a can and stir).

    Thanks SO MUCH for the recipe! And yes, it IS like crack.

    WV antoptil - on top till what?!

  8. Laura - yes, I had something like it at a barbecue, but it had black eyed peas instead of the black beans and all the hostess would tell me was there was lime and oil and garlic in the sauce. I found a similar recipe online, and added the ancho chili instead of regular chili powder, paprika, cider vineger, and honey.

    Dr. J. - thank you, I'd love to meet her, and you, but I don't often get out that way.

  9. Brigid thank you for all of the great stories and for the recipes.I sent my wife a link to your site because she loves to cook also.

    I was very curious about the Smith you mentioned so kept jumping from link to link and finaly found what it was.

    I think I would have been as excited as Tam was. What a bargain. Love those .44 Especials. Long live Skeeter's memory.

    Thanks again & Stay safe!

  10. I had a hard time eating the delicious enchiladas because I'd spent the previous hour saying "Just one more chip..." with the deluxious appetizers... :o

  11. And why weren't we invited? That's OK. I'll go back to my can of tunafish.


  12. One question: Where do you get roasted corn? That's not something I've seen in Northeast grocery stores.

  13. Wow, looks delicious! Makes the turkey sandwich I'm eating for lunch pretty boring by comparison. Any leftovers?

  14. Brigid, this is an awesome discovery. Seriously.

  15. O.k., seriously, you have to stop with the pictures of all the lovely food. Some of us are working on getting more fit, and this stuff is not helping.

    It all looks yummy though.

  16. Why is it visiting your blog always makes me hungry? That looks and sounds delicious, any chance of sending me a portion or two over the internet? :-)

  17. Brigid,

    This is an out of context reply [because I don't know if you see replies to old posts] to your past question regarding tritium sights for your SIG.

    They are phenomenal, if you have even a vague shape for a target, you can hit whatever part of that shape you aim at. My first try using them was after the first day of my conversion course (from the Beretta 96 to the SIG 228 [both .40 S&W]). I stuck around for night firing (sore hands from intensive handling drills [very little shooting that day] and a holster barely broken in. Those sights put me instantly on target for anything I aimed at [no flashlight, and minimal ambient light].

    Tritium, it's radiation you can believe in.

    Dennis Quigley
    Position: SFPD Crime Lab
    Location: Just this side of retirement

    Ps., One Celt to another, it really is food porn.

  18. I'm going to try it with African Birdseyes (Peri-Peri) when they become edible fruit, they haven't turned that weid cool mix of orange and purple yet so not yet ready for eating and I'll probably leave the seeds in, but everybody has their own tastes.
    I'll keep you posted. Seems a good roadmap.

    Thanks and Happy Shooting and Feeds,

  19. Officer Quigley - I know the fine reputation of your facility well. I lived, worked and went to grad school for a time in your state. You guys still down at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard?

    Thanks for visiting, and commenting. There are many days I wish I could write about my work, but that will have to be post retirement for reasons I'm sure you well understand.

  20. Wow, this looks absolutely delicious! Wasn't really hungry before, but my mouth is watering nonetheless! We have some yummy recipes on our preparedness blog, too -


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