Thursday, March 5, 2009


Photo by Oleg Volk. (thanks Oleg!)



Two things move under night sky
the thing that came to kill, and I

He, released from prison to roam

and I, peaceably headed to home

He carries a knife and drug addled sense

seeing just prey, without defense

I detect movement, intuitive fear

and put my hand to pistol near

Worried, alone in that gloomy blight

above the fear, I prepare to fight

He hears the click of a chambered round
fleeing quickly to hunt safer ground

No predator dares go hunting for me
for I am armed, that makes me free

I holster my pistol and slowly stand down
heading towards home in a dark, sleeping town

For there are two things that will not die
my right to carry, and this night, I
© Brigid - Home on the Range 2009


  1. This should be posted far and wide under the heading "Why good people are armed".

    I can see one more poem... a darker one... of one who was not armed and free.

  2. Wolves and coyotes don't like sheepdogs much....well said!

  3. Perfect. the mushroom

  4. Well said and beautifully written. When Truth and Poetry combine in rhyme and meter, it is Beautiful.

  5. You there! Stop making it look easy!


  6. I agree you do make it look too easy! Beautiful poem.

  7. Beautiful, well-crafted prose!

    (of course that's not unusual for you Brigid)

  8. I can write poetry only when I am sick or on prescription pain medication, and of course it is not worth publishing. You are awesome! Over in the Land Of Lincoln we are expected to deal with predators empty-handed unless we are on our home ground. Oh Well, or words to that effect.

  9. Really well said. I believe this sort of thing may happen many times a day - with just the presence of a weapon stopping the crime. We must maintain the ability to protect ourselves. I admire and appreciate your writing and pictures. Thanks.

  10. As we said on the Theodore Roosevelt (CVN71): "Nuff said"

    H the IH

  11. That is publishable and, as Teach says, should be promulgated far and wide. Brilliantly done.


  12. I.Love.It!

    great poem Brigid, very well put!

  13. She works, cooks, shoots, fixs stuff, and writes beautiful prose and poetry....what a women! Another terrific post.

  14. Well said, from a land across the ocean where the criminal seems to have more rights than the victim!

  15. Definitely worth publishing far and wide.

  16. Good stuff!

    I am heading back to Fort Wayne this weekend, another gun show, and this time I'm loading up. News and actions in DC by Obama regarding guns and the economy are moving at a break neck pace.

    I fear the other shoe is gonna drop much quicker than any of us could have imagined.

  17. I'm not normally a poetry type, but you did a real nice job there!

    Think maybe we could get a country singer to record it?

  18. Both the sentiment and the poetry are spot-on.

  19. Beautiful work again, Brigid. There are few things more enjoyable than reading you.

    Thank you for a very apt and very well done poem.


  20. Thank you. And a bigger thanks to Tam for the inspiration and Oleg for taking that picture.

  21. You have the face of an angel, and the soul of a poet. But we, your friends from childhood, already knew that.

    Big hug from the whole clan.

  22. Excellent poem! Great way to make the point.

  23. Thanks. I hate bad poetry, and anything near it. This, I enjoyed immensely.

  24. Very, very well said.

    This makes me really want to move to a free state in a free country. Well, once this degree's finished....

  25. I'm one of those people who would never have a gun, but I fully support our constitutional right to bear arms.
    But tell me, do we need to have assault weapons? Who are we defending ourselves against?


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