Saturday, November 7, 2009

Zombieland Rule No. 4

DoubletapTallahassee - "God Bless Rednecks"

The movie was awesome! I'm off to Farmer Frank's to scout out my whitetail hunting site. If you haven't seen the movie - go now, but check the back seat.

Love - Brigid


  1. Nice Boomstick you have there... ;)

  2. We loved it too Brigid. I loved the rules. #1 CARDIO! Actually I think the first 5 should be CARDIO, CARDIO, Head Shot, Double tap, Automatic weapons. :D

  3. Doesn't that bandoleer/sling make the barrel kinda front heavy?

    It's yours to fit out any way you want, but I'm kind of lazy and don't want to be making things harder than they need to be.

  4. Personal choice, but that sling with all of that ammo at the forend looks like a detriment to muzzle control. Swinging weight at the business end wouldn't seem prudent although there is some recoil mitigation benefit.

    Tactically you might look at side-saddle carry since the ammo is adjacent to the feed and you don't have to be grabbing for the pendulum to get a reload.

    As always tactical choices are very personal.

    P.S. Surefire makes a very nice forend replacement with the light and both on/off and momentary switches under your natural grip fingertips.

  5. Nice shotgun ;) I need to check out that movie!

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  6. All you need now is a banjo tuned to Zom-B-flat.

    Cardio is good too.

  7. That does look like my shotgun without a scope on it.

    I do want to see the movie, it's good to hear a review of it.

  8. I loved Zombieland. That one is a DVD purchase for sure.

    P.S. I just made your Smothered Steak recipe- awesome! Thanks for sharing. I think it's my favorite of your recipes that I've tried.


  9. Nice picture of the Mossberg Brigid, whatever feel's right and work's for you is fine by me. I've put a lot of round's downrange with the 500A and 590-A1, like both but prefer the 590-A1. Though I'm most partial to the Remington 870 I am also very comfortable with the above mentionted Mossberg's. If I ever have the pleasure to shoot with you I'll let you run some different set up's.

  10. I urge you to give up that sling/ammo carry setup. It will get you in trouble. You will lose control of the shotgun. Rig a carry system full of shells and keep it with your shotgun. Sling the bag, belt, etc., of shotgun shells over your shoulder. See the end of "The Wild Bunch" where one of the bunch had a bag of shells similar to a canvas fish creel.

    Mountain rifleman

  11. It was a great movie. I especially enjoyed the BM surprise. I'm glad no one has mentioned it.

    Shaun of the Dead is also another good Zombie movie.

    I normally don't like horror movies, but Zombies are entertaining.

  12. Brigid,

    Add the sidesaddle and a butcuff on the stock to max out the rounds. Can't have to many rounds when hunting Zombies!

  13. Having Tamara, Lawdog, and Larry Correia declare Zombieland to be the greatest movie of all time wasn't a good enough review for folks? Sheesh...

  14. THAT MOVIE RULES.. ME I personally like the little sawed off leveraction rifle Wood Harrelson sports in the movie. I think I could handle a Zombie attack rather well Of course don't ask me to share my brass;)

  15. Ha, my son, teen dude, wanted that to be his first date movie for his first date. Fortunately the young woman has just as special a sense of humor as my boy.

  16. I screened "Zombieland" for Mrs. Roscoe Saturday night after putting the little ones to bed. She snuck a Twinkie into my lunch this morning.

    The only flick which made us laugh harder this year was "The Hangover".


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