Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Open Wide

Off to the dentist.
I've got a ride there and back and a female friend to spend the night after. Then, a couple of of the IND blog gang are coming over this weekend with reinforcements of dog biscuits, computer toys, pyrotechnics and a movie. I have pudding and soup and I hear a single malt scotch makes a nifty mouth rinse to reduce bacteria. Though if I could find a way to get some black licorice through a straw I would try that.

Several people have said the sedation meds do weird things to one's brain. So If I call ANYONE at 2 a.m Wednesday night and start singing The Lumberjack Song, Anchors Away or Oh Canada just set the phone down and pretend it didn't happen. It will be our little secret.

Till later, I'm lying low but will drop a line when it's over if I can.