Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Open Wide

Off to the dentist.
I've got a ride there and back and a female friend to spend the night after. Then, a couple of of the IND blog gang are coming over this weekend with reinforcements of dog biscuits, computer toys, pyrotechnics and a movie. I have pudding and soup and I hear a single malt scotch makes a nifty mouth rinse to reduce bacteria. Though if I could find a way to get some black licorice through a straw I would try that.

Several people have said the sedation meds do weird things to one's brain. So If I call ANYONE at 2 a.m Wednesday night and start singing The Lumberjack Song, Anchors Away or Oh Canada just set the phone down and pretend it didn't happen. It will be our little secret.

Till later, I'm lying low but will drop a line when it's over if I can.


  1. Ouch! Reminds me of my similar "fun" a year ago. Wasn't any fun, although the pain meds induced some interesting & epic things which I won't divulge for love or money.

    We'll keep you in our prayers, ma'am.

  2. Guess I'm glad you don't have my number just in case of a medication induced moonlight serenade.

  3. Please
    Call me and sing the Lumberjack Song!
    (I'll record it for use, later)

    ps - good luck, the Single Malt goes great with the Vicodin.

  4. Been there done that..... it can be a trip for a day or a long journey.

    Hope you catch the day timer and there are no major problems.

    Enjoy the R&R afterwards.

    The wisdom of the folly to extract or engage to a door knob while carousing the brawl at the saloon. Ivories usher forth in one fashion or other.

    Doc Holiday used the patent medicine of distilled spirits to numb his customers in reclining chair.

    wish you the best

  5. From personal experience, do not drink any citrus drinks for at least a week after extraction. Trust me, you do not want that kind of pain.

  6. Brigid,
    I can say, with certainty, that one percocet with a glass of wine is NOT a good idea unless you plan on crawling on your hands and knees from the bed to the sofa.

    And, as I recall, I was laughing maniacally while doing it. I believe I fell asleep on the floor on that journey, too!

    We will be thinking of you.


  7. Sambuca

    Black licorice through a straw. Not sure if the hang over was worth it.


  8. Best of luck to ya and good choice on the sedation thing. You wake up, the torment is over, the wallet a tad lighter and the pain meds already kicking in.

    I have to admit - Macallan sounds about right for self-medicating...

    Heal quickly!!

  9. Lu and I will keep the good thoughts winging your way Brigid. I'm not worried, I know how soothing fur therapy is. Good Barkley.

  10. Came by from the Lair. Just wanted to say I had my wisdom's out by an oral surgeon about 20 years ago. It was a breeze! The worst was recovering from the sedation-made me sick at my stomach. Good luck!

  11. No drinking through a straw after having teeth pulled, Brigid. You'll risk a dry socket. Buy some salt for warm salt water gargles after the surgery. Good Luck.

  12. AAR as I have that in my future.

  13. B.
    Enjoy the meds - had all 4 wisdoms extracted while stationed at Fairchild (SERE - School) - policy at the time.
    Sodium pentathol on an IV drip - overnight stay and didn't feel a thing for about a day and a half, but was informed that I was rolling around the hospital in a wheel chair - chasing the nurses.
    Oh well another time, another place a darn long time ago.

  14. I'd like to conference in on The Lumberjack Song.....

  15. Enjoy the pain med induced dreams - they are a hoot.

    I'm sure you will do great and will be well on your way to a full recovery quickly. You are blessed to have your friends there close by to help out.

    ( Personally, I would go for a bottle of Laphroaig over Macallan - but any whisky will will do in a pinch... )

    Good luck and best wishes today.

  16. Take it easy for a few days. We'll miss your posts!

  17. B: Black licorice IS a straw. But as you've heard the rule is no sucking.

    My thoughts will be with you all day.

    I can't wait to hear the stories. Not YOUR stories, but the stories from everyone in your calling circle...

  18. Oh, Canada in a 2am phone call? Only if the Canucks won, and I don't have to get up to stand at attention...

  19. Yuck. Good luck.

    Nice picture, tho.

  20. Best wishes, had a similar procedure when I was younger...the thing that caught me off guard is the vomiting of swallowed blood. Hopefully they have improved the procedure in the past 2 decades. Prayers go with you.

  21. Good luck, Brigid! I'll be thinking of you...enjoy the meds, might as well get SOMETHING out of this experience! ;)

  22. Your situation sort of reminds me of "if you end up in a pickle, apply/savor/enjoy some George Dickel" (I recommend No.12 blend)

  23. Put me down for the conference call serenade. If it's anything like "The Zipper Song" composed and sung while in a fever induced delirious state by a certain person close to me, it ought to be an instant viral hit on iTunes.

  24. Hope all goes well! I had all four of mine out at one go when I was a teenager, and recall that the pain wasn't too bad, at least compared with kidney stones and root canal. ;)

  25. Well, no call either home or on the office voice mail, so you must have survived...

  26. Nothing to worry about, Brigid. In fact, this video contains all you need to know about dental sedation and the after-effects:

    What Brigid will be like afterwards

  27. I have a feeling your recovery period will be (mostly) pain-free and a bit of fun. The Gang will take care of ya.

    Just don't overdo nor go back to work too soon.

  28. Jameson makes a FINE mouth rinse. Purely for medicinal purposes of course..... ;)

    Take care of yourself, my friend.

  29. Egh. 31 of my 32 teeth are mine, the last one is a crown, that was a lot of fun.
    If you call me at 2AM to sing Anchors Aweigh I might sing along with you. It's been a long time though, so you might have to coach me through the words. ;) Usually I'm up then, so at least you won't wake me.
    Relax, heal, and Jaegermiester tastes like black licorice. Just in case.

  30. Just remember under sedation that you will "Say Things".... I'm sure a member of your squad with the correct Security Clearence will be present to ensure that the Addage " What you hear here, Stays here." Just Sayin'. ;)

  31. best of luck! If calling the wife, "Oh Canada" is acceptable. me, I'd prefer the Catalina Magdalena Lupensteiner Wallabeiner Song.

    Whilst juggling flaming porcupines.

  32. Hope things went well as you 'should' be home (and in la-la land) by now.

  33. Hope things go well. I really enjoy your blog.

    I had oral surgery under a general and was out of it.
    My wonderful wife left me in the car while she picked up my pain meds. She left the keys in the ignition so that I could listen to the radio. She took two steps away from the car and heard the click as I pushed the button that locked all the doors and promptly went to sleep. She tapped on the window until I woke up a little. Then I had to struggle to find the button to unlock the doors. She didn't leave me with the keys after that.

  34. I hope all went well and that you're recovering comfortably.

  35. Brigid - just spent more than my fair share of trips to the dentist in the last couple of years

    Have to chime in on the no straws

    Also get a couple of bags of frozen peas and a couple of nice cotton dish towels. I got a great deal of relief by "icing" my face

    Take care and good luck
    You will be in my thoughts :0)

  36. The Finns have anticipated all of your needs - black licorice through a straw? Salmyaki Vodka! And, it's salty for the gargles, too. Finland, Finland, Finland!


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