Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cloudy With a Chance of Space Debris

LOS ANGELES: A bus-size, 6.5-tonne, 20-year-old NASA climate satellite is falling out of orbit and likely to hit Earth some time today. However, it is impossible to say where.

The chances are slim that anyone will see any of the 26 assorted pieces of the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite that are expected to survive re-entry into the atmosphere. The chances that someone, somewhere on the planet, will be hit by one of those chunks are 1 in 3200."

I'm home again and I think it's safe for all of us to get out for a walk (no Barkley, you can't wear a tinfoil hat). Cheers!


  1. +1 DaddyBear

    Glad to hear you're home.

    It'll be the fruitcake. They last forever. :-)

  2. The Great Devo foretold of its coming:

    she was walking all alone
    down the street in the alley
    her name was sally
    she never saw it
    when she was hit by space junk
    in new york miami beach
    heavy metal fell in cuba
    angola saudi arabia
    on xmas eve said norad
    a soviet sputnik hit africa
    india venezuela (in texas
    it's falling fast peru too
    it keeps coming
    and now i'm mad about space junk
    i'm all burned out about space junk
    oooh walk & talk about space junk
    it smashed my baby's head
    and now my sally's dead.

  3. NASA keeps saying they "don't know" exactly where it is going to come down. Yet, they purport to conclusively know that a planet that is light years away, has ice on it.
    This is one of those things that makes me go "hmmmmm".
    NASA is reporting 1/3200 odds on space debris hitting anyone.
    Frankly, given the atmosphere warmed temp and velocity of the debris, this doesn't sound like such good odds to me.
    Let's see, a quick google search shows the odds of being struck by lightning in a given year are..wait for it...1 in one million.
    1 in 3200? NASA used computers less powerful than your cell phone to put men on the moon.
    They know exactly where this is going to come down. The disconcerting thing is that, they don't want to say.
    just sayin'

  4. Welcome home...and I'm hoping that it comes down on some anti-American place, like North Korea or Iran or Washington, DC.

  5. Bizarre coincidence, the tire that fell off the plane over LA years ago, landed on my cousins wife.

    So given those odds, I'll be wearing a hard hat.

    Enjoy the Barkly walkly.

  6. How much global warming is this satellite going to cause, burning up through the atmosphere?

  7. Bluesun -I'm not sure but if it lands on Al Gore I won't shed any tears (or any of the cast of Housewives of Beverly Hills, the Jerry Springer Show, or The Hasselhoffs).

  8. From your first picture there... I was coming up with my own poll...

    A. She's a serial killer

    B. She's burying the zombie's body parts in various locations, hence the axe and compass

    C. She's starting early looking for a Christmas tree in the woods

    D. Dinner's gonna be interesting tonight


    Dann in Ohio

  9. As luck would have it, I'm down on the Equator right now at 154*, South of the Big Island. We're down here to launch Atlantic Bird 7, and we've been keeping very close tabs on this. As of 0255 UTC on September 23rd, NASA is pretty sure the pass that's going to go over our location at 1540 UTC will be it's last pass, and it should be reentering about then. We're not sure if we'll see it go over as it's been cloudy in the morning, but we'll sure be watching!

    WV: "hushi"....quiet sushi??

  10. I voted for fruitcake. I enjoy a good fruitcake, but I'm under no illusions ...

  11. I don't know...I was rather well as disgusted, dismayed and annoyed at the original reaction to the news of this satellite. You know the "Oh My God We're All Gonna Diiiieeeeee!!!!!" reaction. to that reaction all I can say is *facepalm*

  12. Fruitcake is bullet proof!
    I use one my aunt sent us fourteen years ago as a leveling block for the RV....kinda..almost..maybe.

  13. I voted for fruitcake - it's eternal!

    (and, for some reason your illustration opened slowly - I was hoping for Barkley in a tin-foil hat!)

  14. Glad you're back and okay. And you know damn well the fruitcake will survive... Fruitcake will be here long after the cockroaches are dead! :-0

  15. Definitely fruitcake. It's indestructable.

  16. I heard Twinkies have a half-life of 20,000 years. Glad they didn't put any of them in space. Or did they?

  17. I'm voting duct tape, because who would be fool enough to send up fruitcake on a satellite?

  18. I too was one of those who voted duct tape, so I guess I'm rather ordinary. Oh well.

    Welcome home. I haven't been by to visit for a while, and now I wonder why.


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