Friday, September 30, 2011

IND Bloggers - a Night at the Opera

I went back to work today, sniffy but better. It was a typical Friday in ANY workplace, the occasional angry villager with a pitchfork, several experiments that didn't work as planned and old coffee that smelled like electrical wires burning. But I can still look around my space and smile.

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For I was looking forward to the weekend. You've met IND blogger Dave L. (Scout26) on here and if you read his blog, you know this week has been pure hell on the cancer front. But at least there is a bright spot, for a short time back Dave mentioned Symphony tickets. And someone to go with (but "it's not a date" he said!) Hmmm. I bet he knows some IND bloggers of the female persuasion who would be proud to be his "non date" to the Indiana symphony orchestra Saturday night. OK, it's not the opera, but it's close.

So off we go! The other gals in our group had plans but Midwest Chick and I are going to make it; one for each arm, a blond, and a redhead. She's coming down for the weekend, the men we keep company with, just chuckling in the wake of our female preparations for the event.

But what to wear! I haven't bought a dress in 4 years. My " fashion designer" is more Sgt. Friday than Donna Karan, and my off duty wear is pretty much Irish sweaters, T shirts, the occasional black button down shirt and jeans.

So I braved a mall and bought a dress tonight after work, a black dress of soft, silky material. I need to. Dave's one of the IND bloggers, they're like family. Though both his kidneys recently went tango uniform from everything, he's got a heart as big as this state. So I got a real girly dress.

It's cut low, with a defined waist and a slit up the side to show just a bit of leg. Being the classical curvy build, not a bag of antlers, this looked really awesome on. With the right accessories, including sheer, silky hosiery (NOT pantyhose) and a handcrafted necklace, I'm set. On one arm, for our friend, a lady in red, on the other a lady in black.

Midwest Chick will be gorgeous as always. Me, I'm going for "non pitchforkable." :-)


  1. Ain't no doctor could prescribe better medicine than that for Dave...

    Hope ya'll have a terrific night out!

    Dann in Ohio

    BTW: Must be good luck for you IND bloggers as my comment word verification is "indyl"

  2. You ARE non-pitchforkable. Wait - four tines or five???

  3. I have no doubt that you are more than non-pitchforkable! I hope y'all have a great time. Give my regards to DaveL!

    With a Mother that worked for Hanes Hosiery for 40+ years I understand that pantyhose part. So if I may be so bold are you going old school garter or thigh highs? Inquiring minds sitting around reloading 9's want to know! Only for research of course. Yeah that's it. Research.

  4. Dave's a lucky guy, and I suspect he knows it.

  5. I'm with Keads, only I'm loading .45's. :)

    I'm glad you survived the girly clothes shopping experience.

    Give my best to Dave!!!!!

  6. Oh, if you indeed tend to lean to Sgt. Friday attire do you prefer the S&W Chief's Special or the Colt Detective Special? I think I have seen both.

  7. Keads - garter. If you're going to have a martini in a black dress, you need to be wearing silk stockings and a black garter.

  8. With a pearl handled American Derringer, one hopes.

    The dress being displayed on camo netting is a nice touch(unless that's just what you use as a duvet cover, in which case my awe continues to grow.)

  9. Ah. I commend you on the old school arts. Remember: "Gentlemen prefer Hanes". Well maybe not so much anymore. So do they now include instructions for the "suspenders" as they call them over the pond?

    I agree with your thinking. If I learned how to tie a silk Bow Tie, AND own a white dinner jacket it is only because after dinner I can untie it and wander around the casino! Channels my inner James Bond I suppose but without the Walther!

  10. Way to go, do em proud n have fun.

  11. Now THAT's going to be a night to remember! Good on ya...lovely effort for a good man.

  12. What? You tease us blokes with "It's cut low, with a defined waist and a slit up the side to show just a bit of leg. Being the classical curvy build, not a bag of antlers, this looked really awesome on. With the right accessories, including sheer, silky hosiery (NOT pantyhose) and a handcrafted necklace, I'm set" and then *no photos*?? How cruel. Heh..

    DaveL sounds like a guy who deserves a good time with some lovely ladies on his arms. Hope he has a great time..


  13. We all want picture proof,you in a DRESS!

  14. I wanna know what and how you're going to be packing in that get up?

    I'll bet that you're going to be stunning when you're finished. You really do need to post pictures. After all, it's your big night out!


  15. greg - that's my bed cover in my spare bedroom where my computer is :-)

    Morris - we'll have someone take a group picture for Dave, but it's just his to keep. :-)

    Aanoosh, I can't pack on my person in this get up, but I do have a purse that will be packing.

  16. Brigid,


    "Have a fun storming the castle."


  17. Mike - I think that time we did the squirrel tuxedo and gown thing we cleaned up pretty well.

    Hope you're feeling better.

  18. First, have fun! You two are angels for helping boost a sick friend!
    Tell him we're all out here praying for him.
    Second, post photos!
    (Even if they need judicious squirrel editing.)

  19. I still think we should get a pic of you in the dress or as much of you in the dress as you would want to blog...err wait that didn't sound know what I mean. Tango Uniform, :) in any other internet blog they would have no idea what that stood for. ;)

  20. Nice dress,I'm sure you'll be a real to the comment's of where and how a lady could carry a gun in such's been done throughout the course of modern history. I hope the three of you build a wonderful memory together.

  21. Mmmm, nothing like a cup of hot black ozone.

  22. I would pity the fool that attempted to stick a pitchfork in you. I've seen your targets.

    Enjoy the concert and best wishes to Dave.

  23. He's going to be the luckiest guy at the opera. It's a real shame that no one will even notice him.

    And what Og said.

  24. Have fun!

    Glad you didn't get mauled at the mall. Finding a nice black dress at the mall should be accompanied by the theme music to Mission Impossible.

  25. Brigid, I am sure you were stunning; I always tell my wife "Just look at that hair, she HAS to be beautiful!" (My wife is a new gun chick and big Barkley fan) The collage pic just proves what we already suspected. Who needs "Abbey", we have Brigid for intelligence, forensic geekery and Hawtness!

  26. Warthog - I've passed on well wishes to many of you. The attitude he has, with what he is going through, is something that we can only look on, and admire.

    Larry - we got some looks, that was for sure.

    Mrs. S. - I hate shopping. If I find a shirt I like I'll buy it in four colors (blue, white, black, green) and not go shopping for a year.

    Ken O. - welcome and thank you (and your Mrs.). You'll have to tell us what she is shooting, as there are a number of new ladies getting interesting in shooting who read this blog. Barkley sends a big "woof".

  27. Brigid, Samara shoots a Makarov- for now. She is building a wishlist that includes a hot pink EBR!

  28. Glad y'all are willing to treat the man to a REAL night out! Thank you Both!


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