Sunday, April 14, 2019

Spring Greetings from Chiberia!

Are you sure this is mid April?
Looking for the Easter Polar Bear on the way home from church!
This was at 10:20.   It's been snowing heavily since that time.
You could see by the footprints and the missing peanuts on the cleared spot the squirrels had their breakfast while we were gone.

Abby wasted no time in rolling in it.

By noon, we had a couple more inches on the ground.  And a guest for lunch.
Do I smell peanuts?
 A quick look each way to make sure all is clear. . . .

Can you see me?


  1. Yeah, it's all that glowball enwarmening dontchya know.

  2. Looks like Abby is having a good time. I miss the people, but not the northwest Indiana weather. Hang in there, should be running out of fake springs anytime now and going directly to summer. :)

  3. Interesting, this topsy-turvy change in the weather patterns: warm where it's traditionally cold, and vice-versa. The Scriptural pattern is that the Lord is demanding our attention because we've turned our backs on Him; I'll be very interested to see what happens next, and if it continues to follow that pattern.

    1. Or it could just be global warmening.
      Like that's a real thing.


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