Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gun Ban Thought

Don't laugh - there has been a number of bits of legislation in various states that ended up outlawing guns used by hunters. New Jersey had a proposed piece that would in essence have banned many guns used by sportsmen. It passed. If you are new to the shooting sports, here are the basic details. On June 12, 2008 the New Jersey Assembly Judiciary Committee passed A2116 by a vote of 5-1, virtually banning ALL firearms over .50 caliber. Proponents of the ban attempted to demonize an entire class of firearms and their owners by claiming the only intent of these firearms were criminal misuse. They said "we're after the criminal, not the hunter". You know, those criminals that use the Thompson Center Deer Hunter to knock off a bank or that old Buckskinner flintlock Carbine to take hostages.

But it banned more than that, banning many popular hunting guns and historical American firearms based simply on alleged public safety concerns. Included were replicas from the Revolutionary War and Civil War eras, guns that last time I checked, were favored by Historians not criminals. They were banning guns on the size of the barrel rather than that old fashioned method of actually punishing criminal behavior.

In 2005 Rep Jim Moran (D-VA) tried to do the same thing, introducing H.R. 654, which he called the ".50 Caliber Sniper Rifle Reduction Act." As with other "gun control" bills, the name didn't accurately reflect the bill's fine print. In addition to inventing the term ".50 caliber sniper rifle", it included ANY rifle "capable of firing a center-fire cartridge in 50 caliber, .50 BMG caliber, any other variant of 50 caliber, or any metric equivalent of such calibers." In addition to rifles that use the venerable .50 Browning cartridge, many other .50 caliber rifles would have fallen under that broad definition. Such rifles, all designed and/or widely used for hunting, not for sniper use,were invented between the 1860s and 1970s.

The bill didn't become law, but that doesn't mean it won't come up again. Sure, you can hunt with many guns that are smaller than that, but the point is, once they start banning the muzzle loaders and the historical .50 cals that MANY hunters use, when does it stop?

There's more of these bills out there, and more to come. Read the fine print, check with the NRA and your state gun rights organizations, many of which track current legislation and provide information on what you can do. For those in Illinois there's If any of you have links for your states, please put them in the comments. I'll organize them and put them in my sidebar for reference.

Because I'd just as soon save those golden delicious apples for myself.


  1. Brigid,

    Excellent post. I'm becoming more involved in the actual nuts and bolts of these issues, rather than my usual broad overview approach.

    The Internet is our best friend, and it is important that we communicate quickly and effectively with each other, and the legislators whose misguided efforts affect us.

    Thanks again!
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  2. Colorado has the "Castle Doctrine" or as some like to call it, the "make my day" law firmly in place.

    There are four, maybe five organizations devoted to the RKBA.

    However, the stongest and most vocal is the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners -

  3. The goal of gun banners is to ban all guns. If they can somehow get hunters and "sportsmen" to go along with that and support bans of some types of firearms then it will be easier to ban them all.

    Remember, the 2nd Amendment only protects hunting guns as far as hunting contributes to the security of the free state. From a Constitutional standpoint it would be easier to ban the muzzle loading hunting guns and allow the military style weapons.

    As far as I'm concerned the federal government has no authority to restrict any small arms, but the government isn't likely to listen to me.

  4. Brigid,
    I have two .54 caliber flinters & one .50 cal percussion (for the wife) that we used in buckskinning. Luckily, so far, Texas hasn't been so stupid as NJ/NY. But, if our Congress critters don't listen to us and keep on passing bills they don't even bother to read, I'm afraid things will get ugly.

  5. Meanwhile, on a positive note, there is a good chance the Texas legislature will authorize CCW holders to carry on state college and university campuses. The bill got out of the state senate on Friday and should come out of the state house of reps next week.

    The only glitch is a gun-control lobby seeking to add an over-ride by college/university boards so that they could opt out. That failed in the senate.

  6. In North Carolina, we have two. One is Grassroots NC ( which works in the GOA mode. The other is the NC Rifle and Pistol Association ( which operates in the NRA mode. Both good folks. GRNC seems to be better at notifying members about gun-related legislation from my experience.

    PS--I love the word verification for this comment "redbyto". They let you pick them? :-)

  7. It is amazing how insidious the Gun Banners are, and persistent. They keep hammering and hammering, but I have read, and reread the 2nd ammendment hundreds of times and it is CLEAR as day that the Right of the PEOPLE shall not be infringed. Any other interpretation
    is idiocy and indicative of an inability to comprehend a simple statement and possibly a lack of understanding of gramer and punctuation and yet they keep infringing. It's insane.

  8. Oleg did a topical poster.

    We could reason with them, but if they're going to act like two-year-olds, then they should be dealt with accordingly.


  9. Brigid,

    The organization in MA is GOAL, Gun Owner's Action League. They work tireless against the most anti-gun forces imaginable, doing miracles with almost nothing.

    Link incoming, too, BTW.

  10. Here's the address for the Texas State Rifle Association:
    I really enjoy reading your posts, and the recipes!

  11. The Alaska Legislature passed a joint resolution, earlier this year, stating that Alaska will not honor any further anti-gun laws from the Federal gov't. That one could make things interesting in days to come.

    There are no statewide pro-gun groups - yet - but a number of smaller organizations have formed: Second Amendment Task Force of the Kenai Peninsula, and another of the same name in Fairbanks. With luck, these will expand into a larger, inclusive group.

  12. Hey Lady!

    Points well made. Unfortunately that's how the Antis work, chip away at things until they wear them down. They cover themselves with reasonableness and a supposed logic. After all, they are only looking out for our best interest and safety. Or so they say.......

    As you point out, eternal vigilance is our only defense.

    Speaking of which, I was at a dinner with one of my congress critters recently and there was a discussion of why would ANYONE want one of those bad types of guns? I pointed out that just because someone had a sports car, didn't mean that they were going to break the speed limit. You know, the congress critter said he had never thought of that before.

    That tells me one of two things, either A, I am more brilliant than I thought I was, or B, that ol' boy is as dumb as a bag of hammers......-grin-

  13. Excellent post! Many of these bills get sent up with little or no fanfair, trying their best to go totally under the radar until it is too late...

  14. Virginia Citizens Defense League-

  15. New Jersey is a lost state, full of imbeciles and ignorami. I would never stop in NJ, and I don't even visit my cousins who live there.

  16. Hey Brigid,

    Long time reader, first time commenter. Gun Owners of NH is our local organization. Not a huge web presence, but very active in keeping NH unfettered by ill conceived gun laws.


  17. Good post Brigid-

    Steve beat me to it, but is our place locally.

    Thanks for your efforts...

  18. Love the poster and excellent post to go with it.

    Here are two other Illinois organizations:

    Thanks for already linking the ISRA (Illinois State Rifle Assoc.)

    I would suggest that other state organizations combine their efforts and do an event similar to our IGOLD (Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day) It is an annual rally of RKBA supporters followed by attendees marching to the Capitol to lobby the legislators and the Governor. This is organized by the ISRA but all gun owners are invited.

  19. Ed Rasimus gave a good snapshot of Texas. Things are good here, at least relative to much of the country. I'll add a mention of the Texas State Rifle Ass'n. (yes, dot com; not a typo)

    Bryan L

  20. Here in MO we have

    Excellent project - Thanks!

  21. Actually, the NJ law (odious as it is) exempts sidelock muzzle loaders from the ban.

    The Brigade of the American Revolution (a Revolutionary War reenacting umbrella organization) lobbied hard to get that exemption.

    So a (designed for military use) .75 caliber musket is OK, but if it is an inline .51 caliber hunting rifle is "bad".

  22. Here is the link to the Florida Sport Shooting Association:

  23. Doesn't your own state restrict big game hunts to slug guns only - no centerfire at all?

  24. Hi Brigid,

    Great post. Worthy effort for a compilation of links. Let's not forget that the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting, and everything to do with protecting ourselves from Government gone amuck, and the politicians who are capable of incredible amounts of limitless muck.

    I have sent E-Mails to all of the Arizona delegation, and one to the new Prez. telling them that I will vote for no one who votes to curtail, or restrict gun rights.

    Pleasant dreams, and a pat for Barkley, please.


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