Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What a Little Alcohol Can Do. . .

Tough, long day, but I had a kitchen handy and made comfort food when I got off duty. Pasta with Vodka Sauce and Prosciutto. A tomato based sauce with some spice and depth, then blended with cream and served with red pepper flakes and fresh cheese on the side. I first tried Vodka Sauce in a restaurant back in the 80's when the U.S. was really discovering the wonders of food, and anything different was widely exclaimed. Remember the "blackened" trend? Heck, I could do that without even trying in my early cooking days.

But why vodka? It's mostly tasteless, and colorless. Why not wine? Why not leave it out entirely?


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  2. Never done much with Vodka sauce. Maybe I should give it a shot some time.

  3. Another concoction added to the rapidly-growing stack of "Brigid recipes"!

    Sounds really good ... and thanks.

  4. Wow, That sounds so tasty! Guns and food! Your Blog rocks! Be Safe, TGR

  5. At least your dinner was COOKED... sigh...

  6. We were just talking about cooking with vodka...Cook's Illustrated has written about it numerous times--the secret ingredient that pulls it all together without breaking the sauce. Wow...that really sounds like I know what I'm talking about!

    Off topic...tomorrow (the 5th) is *his* birthday--a big one involving a zero. Poor man has to cook his own birthday supper--brined and smoked shrimp and brisket with corn on the cob...I'm pitching in with salad and fresh baked bread. It's good to be the Wife!

  7. Hi Brigid,
    Sounds like you made it home safely. I knew that about alcohol, and food, but of course I couldn't have articulated that as well as you. Like you I am not a fan of vodka, at all. What I am wondering is, wouldn't any other type of alcohol done the same thing, or is it the congeners, and other flavoring agents, of which vodka has very few that gives the dish the particular flavor you want? I will have to try this one. I will also have to find the smallest bottle I can find.

    Stay safe, and happy. A pat for Barkley please.

  8. Hi Brigid,
    Tell me about that can of "Tactical Bacon" in your side bar. That had to have been made especially for you, no?

  9. A "bit" of alcohol usually makes things taste better...if only in one's mind.

    I know it makes food taste pretty good to me at times.

  10. Huh. Well, thanks for explaining that. I've only used wine in sauce, in the past.

  11. Hi Brigid,
    I thought the Tactical bacon was a joke! I Googled it, and it is for real! $ 12.50 a can, with a 10 year shelf life! I'll bet you celebrated when you found it, no? But can anything like that, with enough preservatives to make it last 10 years be good for you? Sounds like the stuff had to be embalmed! heheh.


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