Monday, June 29, 2009


When you purchase an extended warranty on an appliance for way too many dollars, you don't get a choice as to who will do the warranty work. When my expensive stove/oven went Tango Uniform two weeks after the manufacturers warranty expired, I called the store and got set up for repair/replacement by the extended warranty people. After waiting 5 days for a technician and asking a friend to sit at the house all day waiting for him, as I'm out of town, he arrives. Yay! Reinforcements! It's just the electronic timer, an easy fix, he says. I'm told on a Tuesday after he makes a call "we have the part in stock! I'll be here Thursday to install it". Thursday, waited all day. No show. No call. When I called Friday after waiting some more, I was told the part "was ordered and would be in Saturday". Saturday- nothing. Monday I called again. They said the part that was in stock, which they ordered, wasn't ordered, but it was ordered now and it would be in Tuesday. Want to make a bet I don't see it this week as "it's a holiday!"and I live out in the boonies?

So I polished a broadsword or two and made something tasty without the appliance - Chinese Sesame Chicken. With extra red pepper. I think I need to read up before I call the appliance warranty people again. Apparently, they've read Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" and are following this advice.

"All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near. Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him."
- Sun Tzu, the Art of War
But despite their efforts, they haven't won the war. I'm eating quite well with alternative cooking means.


  1. You seem to do better with stovetop or grill than most folks with oven intact. Just the same, I'm sure you'll be a lot happier when the we-have-it-no-we-don't-oh-here-it-is-you-can-have-it-next-week part is delivered.

    Oh - and run spell checker on the document I just sent you. I found a couple of typos (after I sent it, of course). Sorry.

  2. I'm surprised you aren't using a dutch oven and hot coals to do your baking (an improvisation I have done).

  3. THIS is a healthy redirection of energies. I am learning.

  4. Maddog - thanks. I did borrow a friends oven for some very delicate french pastry creation, but outside of that, I have eaten QUITE well this week. Too well. Tomorrow is oatmeal, fruit and grilled something I think.

  5. Brigid,
    I have every confidence in your ability to work around the incompetence of others, but the "Tango Uniform" put me rolling on the ground.
    Cheers Lady.

  6. Tango Uniform is right... Just like most so called "customer service" today... It's NOT!!!

  7. It's awful to be at the mercy of some tech (who thinks he's on top of it but doesn't know how much dumber than his customer he is) and his parts ordering system(who thinks he's hurrying but can't even work in real time let alone hurry time) ,but isn't it cool sometimes to do without so that you can rest assured that you can if you have to?
    Whew,that was a long sentence.

  8. There are always alternate means of cooking here as well. Of course, and most importantly, I have alternate ways of making coffee if need be (and it's not instant!)
    Well done you for busting out something other than MREs! Blah! They do have their place--but only when absolutely necessary.

  9. We're on day 14 without the dishwasher, so we're feeling your pain. Waiting on parts to repair the parts they repaired a month ago.

  10. Thanks for this one... sesame chicken is one of my favorites and now I finally have a recipe to try.

  11. Welcome to the New Third World, everyone.

    Hope and Change coming right up.

    Anybody for seconds?

  12. Lady Brigid,

    I empathize with the loss of your stove. Last tuesday mine went TU. Fortunately it finised baking the Quiche first. I didn't have to deal with a warranty so just called to local repair company, wh I als had bought the stove from. Told them the symptoms, next morning they came by with the right part and had it up and running in not time.

    I did have a cast iron dutch oven and charcoal as back up and know how to use my grill as a convection oven if need be.

  13. LMAO! I'm just getting into "The Art of War" and had never anticipated that particular section being applied to an appliance repair center.

    The chicken looks great! I tried my hand at gnocchi for the first time this weekend and they turned out very tasty. We're back into soup weather over here. Will try to post photos tomorrow.

    (Note: Husband thinks I'm crazy because I'm over here laughing to myself.)

  14. Adapt & Overcome!

    Never Give Up & Never Surrender!

  15. I'm coming to grips with a TU Dryer. My Dad put me through college repairing appliances. So he could make snarky comments about a college education. He's an NCO you see! My 76 year old Sergeant, errr.. Father, and I have spent 17 days on that dryer. We don't want a new set, the old whirlpool/kenmores are vastly superior to the new.

  16. Oh my, that is one of my favorites, especially with plenty of red pepper.

    That looks and sounds fantastic!

  17. Looks like the oven is an optional extra when you cook meals like that without. Must remeber to order a load of logs for my wood burning Aga cooker.
    An the Art of War is a great piece of writing, harder to find things it isn't applicable to than things it does teach you things about I think!

  18. Tango Uniform :) Been a long time since that phrase crossed my mind :)

    Seems like this is the season for dead appliances, our Washer and Stove top kicked it, so it sent the other half into a frenzy of upgrades to the homestead.....wallet is feeling kinda slim, but we have fresh appliances.

    WV: Mandoond Sounds familiar for some reason.

  19. Hmmm, I suspected you were the source of the croissants RobertaX was crowing about.

    Sorry about the oven. i've found that you "can" make-do with a closed charcoal grill for some baking if you watch the temperature closely.

  20. My entire sympathy.

    My fairly new fridge went TU some time ago, several maintenance calls later it was STILL unable to maintain temperature or defrost on it's own. (You have no idea how fast these things freeze up in a humid climate.)

    I was then told that the parts necessary to fix it were unavailable... {steam}

    Moral of the Story: Will not buy MAYTAG products ever again, and will bad mouth them to everyone I can.

    You know why the Maytag guy on TV is never seen fixing his products? He CAN'T.

  21. I had a similar issue with the control panel on my LG fridge which failed to control the incandescent bulbs and subsequently melted! Disconcerting to smell buring plastic in an appliance designed to keep things cold...
    Same rigamarole with the repair folks, culminating with me sneakily staying available on the day when the repair man said he'd be coming, but that his dispatch CATEGORICALLY denied he would be avilable as he had appointments on the other side of town....The fridge is fixed and I've crossed LG off the list of potential appliance suppliers for future...

  22. Davkt: You have a wood-burning Aga? I'm SOOO jealous. A friend up in Maine has one, and she swears by it. I'd love one, but they are so expensive.

    Way cool!

  23. Aanoosh, yep, well it actually a Rayburn Nouvelle model which are the ones made by Aga that do hot water and central heating as well. It will burn pretty much any solid fuel from coal and coke to logs, even peat if you had it.
    This time of year it gets lit every few day to heat the water or when I do need the oven, from mid autumn through to mid to late spring it is cheerfully burning away 24/7. I wouldn't be without an Aga or Rayburn, no oven cooks like it, it keeps the kitchen warm all winter and a thick slice of fresh bread just thrown onto the hotplate for a few tens of seconds and then flipped to do the other side is the best toast ever!


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