Monday, July 6, 2009

Free Range Chicken

The appliance repair people finally called. It was either going to be
(1) you get a new range under warranty or
(2) we have the part that was shipped via Djibouti.

The part is in, to be installed on my next day off, this Friday. So another work week of non- kitchen cooked meals. I've got pretty good at alternative methods, but tonight I was craving homestyle chicken and noodles after no breakfast and a wimpy salad lunch. How to do it without a stove?


Grill some chicken tenders on the barbecue with just a little seasoning salt.
Slice and toss them with some caramelized onion and garlic that you've cooked in a cast iron skillet over the coals in a tiny bit of butter. Remove the chicken and veggies to a covered small bowl and keep the cast iron pan handy. Do not wipe it out and keep it warm.
Get some water simmering as best you can and cook some WIDE fresh noodles in a separate pot. Pick a good quality Italian or Amish style noodle, no wimpy generic noodles for this dish.

Make the sauce in the cast iron pan. Traditional chicken and noodles has a cream sauce but this Home on the Range version has an alfredo style sauce with the addition of an extra kind of cheese and some special seasoning. It's fool proof and can be made in minutes.

You will just need three kinds of cheese, some milk and seasoning.

Lightly steam or grill some fresh broccoli or other veggie while the sauce simmers. Toss it all together and serve with some more fresh grated cheese.

Dinner in a little more than a half hour without a stove.


  1. Djibouti? Hell woman, why didn't you say that's where the part was. My peeps would have had it here/there a week ago for Bobbi-X to install for you!

    While some of my friends are planning trips to places like Vancouver, me and my peeps are in more... prosaic places on the planet. Occasionally, we even get such amenities as flush toilets. Honest.

  2. And Bobbie-X might not even have needed the soldering iron. By the way, does your stove have vacuum tubes? Bobbie-X can fix those, too.


  3. The kids want you to make that next time you come to visit.


    MP and clan.

  4. Hello Lass,

    Thanks for the response. Glad you enjoyed it. Feel kind of dumb for not having figured out skillet. I'm still at work, and am exhausted, and mentally fried. Rough day today. many disgruntled people. A couple close to violent.

  5. My daughter fixed orange chicken and rice, so I didn't suffer like Carteach - but your solution for the meal is inventive and delicious. Sounds great!

  6. Yum! That looks awesome - chicken and pasta go together like peas and carrots. Good job.

    Sorry to hear about range still out, but it really doesn't sound like you are suffering much. Really gives prespective on what it was like when electric and gas ranges were nonexistent, and food had to be cooked from scratch.

    Murphy Law - keep an eye out for any strange noises from refrigerator. I HATE IT when the refer dies, now thats a major inconvenience.

  7. You need a Coleman duel-fuel camp stove for times like this and for when the power goes out. They're very handy things to have.

  8. Sounds like a Bosch range. Ours was out for weeks waiting on parts. A single burner gas or electric counter top unit or crockpot might be some help in your situation.

  9. Omygosh!!

    All those wheels of cheese......

    DEEP sigh


  10. I have to start skipping the food posts.

    I'm deployed at the moment, and the caramelized onions alone made me (for just a moment) hate my life with a violent intensity.


  11. Anonymous - if I could ship you a box of caramelized onions I would. Thank you for what you are doing for the rest of us who remain home

  12. Yummy. Anything's better grilled.


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