Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A week off.

I'm taking a week or so off from blogging. I'm getting a bit burned out between this and work lately. I post daily and see pictures of a piece of ham get 30 comments and an essay that's like opening a vein get four. I understand why, but still I wonder some nights it's worth the time away from other things that during this time of year I really need to do.

Life has piled it on lately,and I've grown disillusioned about human nature in general. When this happens, I need to just hole up and be by myself with my thoughts for a while and then I'll be fine. Some open sky, a knife, a gun, some beans and cornbread. I hope you will all be here when I come back, but I understand that sometimes when one is away, the cattle wander off.

I'll be back soon.


  1. Don't know about you, but I do my blog for me. If it weren't rewarding, it'd be gone.

    Interestingly, ASM826 made a similar comment about what gets comments and what doesn't. He - and you - are right.

    Although at least yours was ham. His was a post about a latrine ... ;-)

    Good luck, and I hope you decompress. We'll still be here.

  2. Enjoy your break, Brigid.
    Sometimes the wonderful things you write leave a lot of us speechless, and although we'd like to respond, we just can't write the way you do, and our comments would seem hollow by comparison.
    Your writings are very much appreciated, and I can't tell you the number of times you've touched me deeply.
    Your blog and Breda's are one of the reasons I started mine.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Will miss your excellent posts of course. I just found your blog two months ago and check it daily, but I understand it must be something you want to do and takes time from other stuff. So enjoy a break and I do hope you come back and post more. Please do.

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog... Really.

    Rob in Arlington, TX

  4. Just wanted to let you know that you'll be missed. I've been tied up with my own stuff (obviously, since I'm on hiatus as well) so I haven't been commenting, but I do read it all and enjoy what you share. Your essays often strike a chord with me :)

  5. Be right here when you get back. ;)

  6. Things do get to all of us from time to time.

    I suspect the lighter response to your heartfelt writing is that many are simply overwhelmed by the truth, the honesty, the emotion your writing evokes. They may not be sure how to respond.

    Your posts often tug at my heart in ways I recognize but had never articulated, even to myself. It's a treasure and a rare gift.

    We'll be here when you come back.

  7. I hear what you're sayin' about comments! My story: 10K+ hits/month, almost 1300 posts, and with all that I've had just over 200 comments (most of which seem to attach to the posts that qualify as drive-by snarkage).

    Maybe big posts scare people. The really personal ones scare me; I hesitate to chime in on those! But from my own site stats there are a LOT of lurkers out there. Seems I read that on the average blog less than 20% of the readers ever comment.

    Oh well, as Borepatch notes, I write mostly for me. It helps me get my thoughts in order and blow off steam, and if it ever ceases to be fun, I'll quit.

    We going to see you Sunday?

  8. I may not comment, but I always enjoy.
    Rest, relax, return on your own good time. I, too, shall return.

  9. Indeed, we'll be awaiting your return, and your writing does soo much to stir and revitilize on own Spirit and soul. Take all the time you need, you more than deserve it. You truly amaze me with not only your writing but with all you accomplish in your life. You will be in our thoughts and, with many of us, in our prayers, also...

  10. Hey, at least you get comments. If it wasn't for Mrs. Drang (oh, all right, and you) I would wonder if I was really getting out to the Intartoobz at all...)

  11. I don't comment much, but I read every post and enjoy them all! I'll be here when you get back.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  12. I read your blog every day. Experience shows that important posts such as yours will not get comments. Two reasons I see are that after reading one of your really good posts, few of us would be willing to demonstrate just how worse our ability to put thoughts into words is in comparison. The other is that, at least in my case, after 20 years of discussions in fora, I find commenting on really good blog posts to be almost a sacrilege.

    I'm from a small rural community, and grew up in the bush. Getting anywhere was either a boat or a Beaver on floats.

    After years of riding in seaplanes, my first ever ride in a small plane with wheels was my first lesson in C-GHCM, an orange and white Citabria. After good times learning to fly Charlie Mike, a wife, a daughter, a house, and moving back to the bush took me away from flying, and 36 years later, I still miss it every day.

    Being in kanuckistan, I don't expect to ever get back flying, I'm working on tying to afford the circus involved in going through the hoops to legally own a handgun right now.


  13. That sums it up for comments everywhere!

    The post you spent time and effort on gets zero- the throwaway line gets dozens!

  14. There will be a lot of people waiting your return, and caring about you.

  15. Take some time clear your head i for one will miss your writing skills for a couple of weeks but have no fear we will keep checking in to see when you are back your writing's are worth the wait. AJD

  16. Dang right, I'll be here. You're an extremely multi-talented lady.
    I read your blog at least twice a day. But I'm guilty of not making a comment. Hurry back and I'll try and do better.
    Regards, Tom

  17. And, by the way, I do read every word, I have made mention before of my envy at your poetry...

    WV: shott

  18. You can't quit! You've addicted all of us to your daily posts. What are we going to do for emotional sustenance?

    You're assuming that the lack of comments constitutes lack of interest. I don't think that this is the case. I can make all sorts of comments about a baked ham, and it has a very low likelihood of offending anyone. If I comment on something that obviously comes from your heart, I'm treading in very dangerous territory. Who am I to say anything about your feelings about your childhood, your parents, your adoption, or your views on personal matters? Rest assured though, that we all read every word, and are deeply affected by your writings. If any of this went away, our lives would be lessened to a considerable extent.

    Even though most of us have never, and will probably never meet you, you've affected our lives for the better. Take as much break as you want. You're entitled. Just hurry back, OK?


  19. It can be good to walk away from lots of things where the costs can outweigh the benefits, from time to time. Vacations and "down time" are important. Even from things that you enjoy.

    Otherwise they get to be a chore - and who needs more of those?

    I'll be here ready to alternately lurk and comment in a non-creepy manner whenever you feel like picking it up again :)

  20. Brigid,

    Your posts stand alone.

    I, too, feel uh, overwhelmed by your writing. Most times, so much so, to give adequate comment. You take me on mind trips with your words that leave me speechless sometimes. I wouldn't read you every day if it weren't so.

    Your more lighthearted posts make me chuckle and my reading the comments to the lighthearted posts make me chuckle further.

    I love your recipes and use many of them.

    Brigid, I shall miss you while you take the time for YOU, but I also look forward to your return. I hope your return renewed and revigored.



  21. I hope you received my previous comment, Brigid (I'm writing this to be sure).

    If it offended, I apologize. I never comment with the intent to cause suffering.

    Have a nice vacation. :)

  22. You will be missed. Enjoy your time off, but please return. I enjoy your writting very much.

  23. Take your time, my dear. We all need to decompress sometimes.

  24. My chief complaint about your blog is that it induces a severe case of writer's block in yours truly (except for the ham posts naturally. Pork is the most chatty of all the major food groups.) Either the words aren't there or they seem utterly insipid compared to what I just read.

    Silly girl, you are much loved out here, even if we don't comment! Your efforts are something to be treasured. I know I do.

    Enjoy your time off. Kick around in the backwoods awhile with Barkley. Come back, hit us with your Brigid best and I promise to comment with something stupid. OK?

  25. Come back to us when you can. I read all of you writings, but seldom comment due to my comparatively poor writing skills...


  26. I think drjim and Rev. Paul said most of what I was going to. I enjoy and appreciate all of your posts, it is just that it is sometimes hard to come up with a comment that shows the depth of thought and the real connection with the world around you that you seem to have.

    I hope your time off treats you well.


  27. Like many here, I check daily to see what you've written. Also like many hear, I'm often struck speechless by what you write. Unlike a lot of posts, your 'deeper' posts make a visceral connection that not only render me speechless, but send me wandering down memory lane to my own similar experiences, where i get stuck for a while until real life pulls me back to reality.

    I will, of course, continue to check to see when you return, and will eagerly await that return.

    Enjoy your time away.


  28. I don't think I've ever posted a comment on your site, but I do read it almost every day.

    I can only speak for myself, but I will here when you return. While you certainly don't require my permission, please take your break, enjoy life, and we hope to see here soon.

  29. I'll be waiting...

    There's nothing like alone time to recharge the batteries.

  30. Love your posts but don't always comment; sometimes don't get to it every day and read several at a time and that is when I may comment on just one. However, I see lots of different readers commenting over time - watch your stats not the comments for how many people enjoy your posts.

    I think many will be here when you get back. Enjoy your time off. We don't want you to start typing "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." over and over again in perfect paragraph form (ref to the movie The Shining). ;-)

  31. Our capacity for selfless acts of compassion is only surpassed by our ability to inflict horrific pain. Yes.... Human Nature. Give me a shout if you ever feel like some one on one. See ya.

  32. Have a good rest, it isn't the content that dictates the comments always, some times it is just timing, and at other times it is hard to know what to say to such works. I am frequently just speechless at the things you write...and anything I add would be trite.

    You are appreciated comments or no.
    You will be missed.

  33. While I wouldn't dare speak for any of the others, I assure you that I will wait, perhaps not patiently, while you recover your muse.

    For me anyway, it's that sometimes what you write is so beautiful that there is nothing I could possibly say that could ever do it justice and I feel it's wiser to just say nothing.

  34. I think we all have a true appreciation of the value your posts/essays bring to us. Our poor words cannot begin to equate to yours when you open your heart.

    Taking a break ... perhaps for a very long time ... is exactly the right thing to do. After all, your life is not the sum of your blog posts.

    If you were to never post again, we would still be much the better in spirit and in heart. You have had a profound effect on us ... and we all too frequently forget to thank you.

    For all my past omissions, thank you, Brigid. You must be careful of yourself.


    Oh ... and for Barkley, too.

  35. I do hope you return. Your blog is the one I look forward to reading each day.

  36. "the cattle wander off." Hum, I have to think about that one!

  37. Brigid, I hope you are not discouraged. Your blog, whether recipes, guns, prose, or poetry, is one of my favorites. Write what you want to write. Thank you for writing your blog.

  38. I will be patiently awaiting your return.

    Have a restful and refreshing break.

    May God richly bless and keep you.


  39. I understand what you mean and hope you get a chance to relax and clear your thoughts.

    I don't know if this helps you but, I write my blog to express how I feel and what I have seen or what I am doing and if people like it which fortunately they do that is great but if people don't like it than it's their perogative to go look somewhere else with no offence taken.

  40. Jason's Mom - DinahJuly 15, 2009 at 11:07 AM

    Brigid--As others have indicated, I don't often comment, but read daily and always enjoy and appreciate your work--whether food or your love of the outdoors and flying. Also, as noted in another comment, some of your posts are indeed so eloquent and touching that commenting might seem presumptuous. So...please know that we cherish your blog and will certainly miss you while you regroup, but look forward to more down the road. Enjoy!

  41. Just started reading your blog a few weeks ago, but I do appreciate your fine writing. Everyone needs a break, so don'y feel guilty about that - I'll be looking forward to your next post, and I'm sure many of your faithful flock will, too.

    Warm Regards,


  42. I'll echo drjim and the others; I rarely comment, though I read your blog almost daily and have found it to be wondferfully written and photographed. The whole of this blog is indeed greater than the sum of the parts; I enjoy them all, but I rarely have anything cogent to add to anything except the "gun stuff" and even then, I usually decline to comment.
    Enjoy your sabbitical. As noted, we'll be here when you return.
    Vaya con Dios

  43. Lady Brigid,
    I completely understand. I get over 100 hits and maybe 4 comments myself. But I don't always blog for the others so much as for myself.
    Your prose has jerked my heart strings more than once as I'm sure you're aware of and when I feel I can muster the appropriate words, I try to comment. Sure, I like your recipes but your abilities as a word smith are astounding. Please return when you've "recharged your batteries". We all look forward to your posts.
    Your Friend

  44. Ditto drjim, I have been reading your blog daily for quite a while and I am often (as drjim said) left speechless by your writing. I admit that I have been mostly reading, not commenting. Regardless, I anxiously await your return.

  45. Don't ever think your posts don't have an effect on people, and a profound one at that. This is a daily read for me, and it's not for the recipies, I might add. I can't successfully boil water, much less put together the culinary masterpieces that you send up. We'll miss you while you're gone.

    In the business that you're in, your faith in human nature can easily be shaken. Add your personal dealings on top of that, and you tend to get a bleak picture of your fellow human beings.

    I'm learning that's a consequence of living in a fallen world. It's helping me to realize that my faith is better placed in the Almighty, as opposed to most people. I say most, not all...:)

    As noted, we'll miss you while you're gone, but eagerly await your return.

  46. Hey, at least you get comments! :-)

    I never cease to be amazed at what draws comments, what draws links and so on. Like Borepatch, I'm in this for me--when it stops being rewarding on that basis, I'm outta here.

    Enjoy your break, and come back when you feel ready. A week, two, whatever. Just come back, OK?

  47. Brigid,
    I can't presume to speak for others, but I think we all hope you stick around.

    I know that when I read about your cooking, the ideas you present are easy to digest. They immediately give me thoughts of my own that I might share.

    Your essays though, are so much deeper. It takes a while to fully absorb the message. It's often that, after reading your words, I will find myself thinking about them later in the day. The essays are not just something to read and move on from. They are something to read, and consider, and absorb over time.

    Deep thoughts take a while to fully penetrate.

    I truly enjoy those times when you allow us a glimpse into your mind, your heart and soul.

    Please consider that allowing us to look at your heart and mind takes time, while a quick snap shot of your dinner is a rather faster glance.

    More over, I feel that I have very little to add to your essays.

    I look forward to your return.

    Mr Fixit

  48. Come back soon.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the lack of response to your best work. Some things are so well said that it's truly hard to add to it. One almost feels that to say anything would detract from it. That is your gift.

  49. I'll be waiting when you return. I don't comment all that often but I do read your posts.

    Me, I'm lucky to get a single comment to my posts. It'd be nice for more, but I've learned that comments, while nice, aren't what I write for.

    WV: smilemu Yep. :-)

  50. World enough and time to breathe, think and revel in those place without mankind and his infernal machines...Yeup, I do unnerstand.

    Going fishin' my own self. I have a friend with a trailer on a bluff overlooking the road to the South Platte. We will pack some tins of stinky fish and beans, chile, bacon, tortillas, whiskey and beer.

    It will feel good to strap Snuffy Sr. on my hip every morning as I head out to ply the willows and alder breaks, searching for big Brown Trout. I'll fling lies at them. Fur and feathers tied up to look like food, wrapped around sharp hooks that dance across the sun dappled waters.

    Enjoy the time for YOU, darlin girl. Kill a few of those demons while you are at it....I know that is my plan. Ya know,the ones that have haunted the fringes and ugly dark corners for far too long, they need to go.

  51. This bovine has been remiss to comment lately, partly because life has been busy and partly because anything I might add has usually already been said more eloquently by your learned readers. I stop by most days, lurking in the background and admiring your talent but alas, I have failed to give you the respect and encouragement you so justly deserve. Please accept my humble appologies and know that I too will be waiting when you decide to once again share your insight, wisdom and observations. Most sincerely submitted...BC

  52. Enjoy your break, but please come back.

    One reason I don't comment so much on your essays is that, after reading them, no comment I could make would be worthy.

    I suppose I could say how talented you are and how wonderfully evocative your prose...

    ... but if you don't already know that, nothing I'd say will make you see it.

  53. The most important thing in life is family;

    ... not jobs, not tv, not computers, not blogs, etc.

    PS: I'm not cattle!

  54. I've been reading this tasty treatise for some time now. I rarely comment on any blog, and any comments I would make here would not be of the quality required.

    Suffice to say I enjoy your writing. Some chuckles, some tears...

    I will pray that you get refreshed and for your hasty return.

  55. The personal posts that touch me the most, and make me think the hardest, are like truly inspiring music. Applause seems inappropriate, and calling "brava" even more so. Thoughtful silence feels the best.
    Have a wonderful, refreshing, time away.

  56. Enjoy your time to yourself. Kick back, drink something cold, read something good, eat something naughty, pet the dog and breath deeply. Life doesn't get much better than that. Will be thinking of you.

  57. Getting away is vital from time to time. Enjoy yourself.

  58. I would like to comment on your longer essays, but you've clearly warned me that I'd "be shown the door," so I keep my trap shut and simply peruse the posts.

    Enjoy your time away. Everyone needs rest and recuperation.

  59. Brigid: Yep. Know the feeling. Take a break. Breaks are Good. Look forward to your return.

    All The Best,
    Frank W. James

  60. I enjoy your posts. After reading some of your best ones, I can't think of anything worth saying. I hope you enjoy your break. I'll be here when you get back.

  61. Moo ... I'll still be here. :-)

  62. Long time lurker here... Read every post and often come back to re-read some more.

    Decompression time is good. Time to put things into perspective, re-group and restore peace in your heart of hearts.

    I'll be watching for your return...

  63. I've been disillusioned about human nature in general for at least two decades now. Believe me I know how you feel.

    Please take a good rest and go easy on yourself. I read and thoroughly enjoy everything you write.

    Being Vegan, I'm not big on commenting about hunting, ham, bacon, etc. I still believe you are a most excellent author and I contemplate your more serious posts about life quite often.

    I'm sure you are good at what you do for a living but I think you missed your calling. I guarantee that you would be a world renowned author if you put your efforts into a book or two.

    We all love you and your writing but I think we all believe that you might want to lighten up on yourself when you do come back. A post or two a week of the caliber your write should suffice. I doubt you'd lose any readers.

    Have a nice vacation and give that big black dog a hug and a bone for me huh?


  64. Brigid -

    As has been said multitudinous times here and in other comments to other posts of yours - your wonderful posts, which as you have stated are often difficult for you to write, are so poigant and strike so many cords in many of us that there is no response that can do justice to your wonderful words. It does not mean we are not moved. We are moved - often to the point of speechlessness. You write so many wonderful things that many of us can only hope to think, that we can never put into words, at least not in as articulate and intelligible a way as you do.

    Plus, and I know I'm getting wordy here, you have done more and had more varied experiences in your short life (I can say that, I'm considerably older than you) than several of us old farts combined.

    We're truly jealous (of some of your adventures), and at the same time grateful, that you share your life stories, both past and present. Especially the ones that we can see are difficult for you to write. Your stories about your daughter had me bawling, in joy. And I'm man enough to admit it.

  65. It has always been difficult to tell an artist how their worked moved the soul.
    Your simple ham and egg posts get more comments because they are light and easy and we can relate easily to them.
    Even though your essays get less comment, it's not because they aren't appreciated, but because some of us are afraid any comment we could make wouldn't do justice to the beauty of your words and the images and memories they invoke in us.

    Good luck, enjoy your vacation, we'll wait patiently for your return. Please return.

  66. Brigid,
    We all would like to comment, but are humbled by our failure to reply in a like manner.
    You paint a Rembrandt, and we try to color inside the lines of our coloring books.
    Enjoy your time off and know that our silence is not your failure.
    Keep writing.

  67. We will miss your wisdom and recipes. We will be here when you return. Take care of yourself first. You are amazing. Continue.

  68. I'm a lousy typer is my excuse not commenting. But I agree with drjim, i've often wanted to comment but afraid my comments would seem hollow and I'll admit sappy for a guy, but your writing is always moving. What 48 yr old guy wants to admit to tearing up when you write about family.

  69. Brigid,
    "What Aanoosh said"
    Also,I read your blog every day,(since the first one) and I'm always moved or interested or impressed.The only way we'll let you leave now,is to write the book that we all know is in you.

  70. Enjoy your break! I seldom comment because I can never come up with words that are adequate for the emotions your posts stir up. I find myself searching for comments on my blog every day, but have to be content with my handful of pageloads. I have one fan in Stocton, CA who checks in every day, and the pressure keeps me posting. I don't write enough each day to claim that I need a break, so I have to plug along. EJ gets as many hits as I do, just from his post about lineshafts. Oh Well, or words to that effect. Now, go recharge! (Mom is now a reloader!) verification: misin; Don't go misin on us!

  71. Don't forget that some of us like other stories besides food---flying for instance. Wish I could do more but I flunked my last physical. :-(

  72. Take it easy, will miss your wonderful writing.

    half uk

  73. Too many have said what I wanted to say so I'd just like to add that Brigid's sabbatical provides a good opportunity to go back through the archives and read what you've missed.

    Brigid - Rest, relax, and please return with your muse refreshed.

  74. Brigid,

    I check your blog out often, I just haven't commented. I enjoy reading it when I can. See you...or I should say...I'll read your postings when you come back. Enjoy your time away.


  75. I am feeling the same way with all the doubt and hopelessness I have been feeling about the world lately. I hope you find what you are looking for and know you are not alone.

  76. Don't judge by comments but instead by number of hits. I know you receive many, very many.

    I visit many blogs. The good ones like yours, I visit about every day but comment seldom.

  77. Enjoy your break. I know I'm horrible about commenting on your blog (and others that I enjoy) - but I read and enjoy all the posts. Be that as it may, decompress, get outside & find your center.

    We'll be here miss.

  78. Must be the time of year to be disillusioned with people. I am in the same boat. Being alone is the way to feel better I find.
    Rest assured, although I do not know you, your blog means something or it would not be read. Often times a comment is just - inadequate. Take care and come back refreshed.

  79. I too read your post every day, yours are some of the best, most honest and most thought provoking out there, our country needs more people with your beliefs, morals and inner strength, thank you for sharing yourself with us. Safe travels and a quick return… we will be waiting.

  80. It is pretty obvious from the above that many of us read without commenting on a regular basis. I prefer to comment only when I have something useful (at least in my own mind) to add, and most of the time you have said all that really needs to be said on the subject.

    Relax. Unwind. I will wait for you... I will still be here, looking for you to express many of my feelings through your words.

  81. After seeing all the comments from your readers I have to add, comments on ham are safe, feelings are not. There are days that I cannot read your blog as it hurts to see someone I love so sad. As I said before, how could someone who once loved you so much leave you? If I was 20 years younger ...
    Enjoy your vacation. Moo.

  82. "Life has piled it on lately,and I've grown disillusioned about human nature in general."

    In your line of work, especially, I'm afraid the condensed exposure to the 'dark side' of human nature does tend to sap one's energies and cloud one's perspective to a degree.

    Recharging that inner core then becomes essential in order to avoid burnout and/or developing a permanent haze of cynicism regarding humanity in general.

    My SO found your blog a couple weeks ago, and I've been enjoying your wonderful essays regularly ever since, especially as I am also a storyteller, and fiercely independent. And I sense there are several such kindred spirits who come here regularly to recharge their souls with your beautiful thoughts, words and poetry.

    Rest, recharge, and put the world's weight off your shoulders for a spell. When you return there are obviously many who will be waiting to welcome you back.

    Kind, healing thoughts and prayers are all I can offer. Except perhaps that I've developed three dynamite recipes for bread pudding: Pumpkin, Cranberry, and Banana... should you ever have a craving, I'd gladly share the recipes. :)

  83. This is a big generality but I see in myself - being a guy, some gals are this way too - I have tried to fix "things" (and not much good at that) when someone probably just wanted to let something out. So now most the time I just take the chicken shit way out and try some humor - very little at times - and or short comments but should try and just keep quiet. Right, wrong I don't know.

    I do also know I enjoy coming to your Home on the Range. A couple of the gals that I work with think I have a crush on you because I check out your site and I let them know about some good cooking - they like to cook. I think I just have good taste and found someone who likes some similar things. You and the people that frequent your site can really express things well. I envy that at times and now. Cooking is something I want to work on.

    Not that you are looking for this or need it but I - like very many I seem to see (men and women) enjoy you and your site. Hey, it isn't often - never - that I have seen beauty, intelligence, guns and good cookin all rolled up in one nice package. I don't get out much though. - My very little humor. There are a lot of good people out there with similar interest and I like your site because I see some of those interests and interesting people.

    By the end of a week of work (sometimes during the week) - I work in the criminal legal field - I am ready to be a hermit - and sometimes that is a really good thing. Once in a while it is nice to go to a little/big part of something good on the web. Take care and thanks Brigid.

  84. "I've been disillusioned about human nature in general for at least two decades now. Believe me I know how you feel."

    But life is not about the a--holes, the nasty people, the mean, the ignorant, or the thoughtless. It's about the people who are truly good. The ones who take in needy animals, and who buy their friends a gift when they need cheering up. It's about the people who see a problem in their world, and take responsibility for fixing it regardless of cost or effort. The people who go out of their way to make this world a better place. This kind of people far outnumbers the other kind. Unfortunately, they don't grab our attention as well as the nasty ones do.

    Have faith.


    P.S. Those of you who know Brigid personally, pick her up a bouquet of flowers, a box of ammo, or some chocolate to brighten her day!

  85. The true fact is, when you open a vein for a posting, more often than not, you open one of ours, too. I can't say how many times I've read your writings and had it hit me like a sandbag. When you reach out with something that touches me deeply, rarely is there anything more that I could (or would want to) add.

    I am currently on vacation (from a job far less stressful than yours) because I had reached the point where I was about to start biting people. I hope you can recover as well as I am. See you when you get back.

  86. I read your blog daily here in France. It is refreshing to find a page that combines 2 of my greatest passions, food and shooting, with intelligent writing and beautiful photography. I will definitely be awaiting your return.

  87. "The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity."

    I take it as some small comfort that Yeats wrote the above as The Great War was brewing and we got through THAT and the next thing, and the next.
    There's always some damn thing. Always horrible but apparently part of what we have to deal with.

    As attributed to Socrates, the wise know that they are not, and only fools are certain. The uncertainty and "lost" feelings arise as a necessary part of the examination of life and the unexamined life is not worth living. (He said something on that subject anyway probably doesn't apply to Latinas though ya think?))

    When you "open a vein" any reader who appreciates the effort will
    be inhibited from responding lightly, if they haven't the time for more. I have appreciated many of your pieces in silence. Too bad you can't see me smile and nod. I'd send flowers but I'm cheap and the wife would not be appreciative of such a sentiment. Consider the above to be a big, brotherly, appreciative hug.

  88. Further to my last, I just read through the comments your shrug generated. You may be feeling a bit lost but clearly you are in good company. Really now what more could anyone ask for?

  89. I know where you are coming from....see you on the flip side.

  90. My money is on the fact that most who enjoy your posts do the very same thing when we feel overloaded and retreat for the same requisite solace. Of course those who don't understand don't really matter, anyway. ; )

    Also, from my perspective, I must confess that when you post a more personal or poignant essay, quite often it is SO striking, resonant OR inclusive that there really are no words to add, and to do so would seem trite. Will need to work on my telepathy gratitude powers, or comment more!

    Always do what serves you, so that you may be refreshed to continue to serve others, wherever that may be. Now go give that lovely pup and big sniff and snuggle for a special fan?! And have fun!!!

  91. I'm just here for the recipes. Oddly, I don't cook.

  92. Alright, I have never commented, but this seems like a good time for a first.

    I discovered your blog a few months ago, and come here very often. Probably daily, with some days multiple times.

    And don't think you're the only one disillusioned with humanity (everything/everyone) right now. I think it's one of the sentiments that's driving gun and ammo sales.

    Look, I can't even say these simple thoughts correctly. As others have said, enjoy your break, get refreshed, but come back. Don't think we're not here. There's more here than you will ever know.

    BobL, Melbourne, FL

  93. So, a slice of ham garners 20 responses, but tell folks you're taking a break or exiting stage left and you get 77 comments. The numbers don't lie.
    I truly enjoy reading your entries (this is my first time commenting). You are a gifted writer with an engaging outlook, but write for you and no one else. If a break is in order, then by all means escape. And if a more lasting absence is required, then godspeed!

  94. I blog to relieve stress. I would take a break as well if it was causing stress. My boss gave me this the other day when I was really upset about an animal issue.
    We the willing,
    Led by the unknowing
    Are doing the impossible
    For the ungrateful.

    We have done so much for so long
    With so little
    We are now qualified to do anything
    With nothing

  95. So, a portrait of pork garners 20 responses, but tell folks you're taking a break or exiting stage left and you get 77 comments. The numbers don't lie.
    I truly enjoy reading your entries. You are a gifted writer with an engaging outlook, but write for you and no one else. If a break is in order, then by all means escape. And if a more lasting absence is required, then godspeed!

  96. Better late than never I guess. Been away from the 'puter for several days. Got new knee! We'll all be here waiting when you get back. See you then. Everett

  97. Come back with fresh eyes, clear head and inspiration.
    A break once in a while is always a good thing.

  98. Recharge, refresh, enjoy the company of family, friends, and a big black dog ... and I hope to see you back writing soon! (I make my living writing, and I think I know how you are feeling.)


  99. 300 posts in 400 days. Most of them deeply layered and crafted and handwrought. Even the simple ones about cooking were a tour de force. Photography, uploads, wry wit and a barrel of charm.

    "The Best Blog On Earth" - so say we all. 1600 profile views. Tens of thousands of unique visitors.

    It happens to all the best blogs: Billmon's Whiskey Bar, Past Peak, Moon of Alabama, Rod Amis' G21, Anarchista, FreeMarketNet - pfffft!

    There was a time when I had to post a major essay every week for a year. It took every particle of strength and imagination I had -- and at the end, there was nothing left to say. I was exhausted.

    And then there's the problem of identity. Only a matter of time before a webcrawler puts 8 and 8 together and comes up with 16.

    Maybe the right thing to do is hit delete.

    The novel makes sense.

  100. Marlowe - fitting you were the 100th comment.

    As many books as you have had published I'm still flattered you think I have it in me.

    Just a break, not a vacation. But I know well what you speak of.

    Hope the little one is enjoying her new digs.

  101. Dear Friend,

    When you write,

    "The undercurrents of air and sky over time has shaped who I am, eroding away all that is non essential, til all that is left is pure white thought, a pristine light shell that is my soul,"

    all that is left of me is joy knowing there is another who has dreamed my dreams; and sadness that I have been unable to confront the non-essentials in my life. You speak to me in ways more honestly than I speak to myself.

    When you write of the small plot of land where time is measured in suns and whose dark soil will be thy future grave, I weep with recognition of the journey all must take.

    So when you open a vein, some of us on this end of the blogescope are left small and wordless at your gift; shocked to discover you are us; that you are inside our hidden hearts, whittling away at old habits and defenses; reviving decades-old memories, so we might resolve to live a farmer's life: strong, and brave, and honest.

    Be well, my friend.

  102. The bovines will wander off in the brush and fend for themselves quite well. When you want them to come running back, toss out some range cubes.

    Recharge without worries, Doctor. :) Don't let the beasts get you down to stomping level.

  103. You write like I think.
    You cook like I eat.
    I know you see the detail in a picture before you take it.

    We don't comment for our own reasons. Sometimes it's because our mouth starts watering and we need to see if we have those ingredients. But most of the time it's fear. Fear, in some way, of what someone else might think or fear of exposing our inner thoughts and feelings. And then one day it's too late...

    Your writings, pictures, thoughts, feelings, and even recipes are moving in their own ways.

    You have helped me through a very difficult time and I'm sure I am not the only one....Thank You

  104. LOL - I hope everyone has sufficiently conveyed the idea that we all enjoy your posts and hope you continue writing about all things you are passionate about. I hear you on being busy this time of year. I am severely backlogged on just about everything. Take as much time as you need and please do come back when your muse calls again. We'll all be here waiting.

  105. I'm going to miss reading your essays. Your way with words move me much more than a piece of ham does.

    Hope the break lets you recharge!

  106. Aw, Brigid, please don't get discouraged. Just because we don't say anything doesn't mean we aren't reading and enjoying. Speaking for myself, many times I don't leave a comment because a post needs no comment to justify it. I would be replying simply to tag my name on it. That's like putting a check-mark on an original da Vinci drawing so everyone knows I saw it.

    Where a comment is justified, it's been awfully difficult to keep up while thunderstorms are knocking out phone/network every three days on average. I've resigned to repairing old lenses and cameras to keep the mind and hands busy while the Information Superhighway is closed due to flood damage.

  107. I'll be here. And we understand. Take some time away from the front.

  108. Two weeks w/o Brigid. Is there any point in even having an internet connection?

  109. Not sure if the last, very learned, comment made it as the phone rang and I promptly juggled it right onto the keyboard losing all my thoughtful remarks. So, I'll give you the short version...


  110. Brigid, as much as I'd love to comment on those posts I haven't got the words to follow yours. Anything I could say would look clumsy and inarticulate next to you. But in the spirit of encouraging you to write again soon, here's my best try: Wow. Pretty. More? Thanks.

  111. Just because I don't comment doesn't mean I don't read and pass on.
    and to (mis)quote the song:
    Beer is good, God is great and people are crazy.

    get some sleep, we'll be here


  112. Yes..... sleep is good, lol.

  113. God bless
    we won't wander far
    Be well

  114. ..and you are much, much wiser than you know!

  115. Still come to your blog daily. Not out of habit but from expectation of something new and fresh and thought provoking.

    You share so much and offer a fresh perspective on topics. Truly amazing. Hope you enjoy your break. You are loved and appreciated despite paltry posting.


  116. As a long-time lurker, I second a lot of the comments by posters much more articulate than myself. I don't have a Google identity (yeah I'm intimidated by that too). I am awed by the scope and depth of your essays and, even though I have never met you, feel like a long-time friend. This feels presumtuous, though, and somehow improper to comment on someone's masterwork. You ARE appreciated and you have an impact FAR, FAR greater than you may know. Like your note above the comment window says, this blog is your home. Nobody expects you to entertain guests all the time. Decompress, recharge, and do what you need to. Your legion of admirers UNDERSTANDS. Thanks.
    Mike in Maryland.

  117. I'll be keeping an eye open. :-)


  118. Wanted to let you know, I may not comment much but I DO read and DO enjoy your posts, photos and mmm recipes.

    Thank you for doing what you do all day, every day.

  119. I often find that after reading one of your posts, I want to comment, but my words seem so inadequate compared to yours.

    It reminds me of high school, when you saw a pretty girl and you wanted to talk to her. You approach her and then you find that you can't think of a single intelligent thing to say.

    WV = "iness"

    What the cool kids in high school had, that I didn't. How appropriate.

  120. Brigid,

    The reason in my view is that few of us have the nerve to post anything after your prose.

    I am usually at a loss for what to say when I read your work, and rather than prove I am an idiot, I would much rather stay silent!

    Best regards,
    Best regards,
    Protect Yourself from Plagiarism: Part I
    Protect Yourself from Plagiarism: Part II

  121. Love your words don't stop

  122. Hi Brigid,

    You may not have remembered a comment (which didn't pass your editor - I believe it is Barkley - to get into the comment section ...)I made to this post about taking too long of a break (You'ld lose all them wonderful unwritten memories of that time)

    But if you do remember, I have a link to an article that talks about just that topic.

    I hope you like it:



  123. (*Sigh *)



    Being that I fear it'll get truncated again, I seperated that last characters of the string for the address of the article. It should work now.

    You'll have to cut and paste instead of the usual clicky. :)

  124. Ma'am:

    I just found this site 3 days ago from a recommendation at Glock Talk.

    All I can say is THANK YOU!!!
    I never suspected there could be female versions of what I love...
    You have restored my hopes.

    Stay Hard! Your words are musical.

    May God Bless You. Cosmolined


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