Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Night Vision" Barkley

The look says it all. Busted.

I swear, If he's going to keep stealing my brand new underwear I'm getting him an inflatable poodle.


  1. :D

    Love the expression on his face. I'm so glad my two never picked up that lovely habit.

  2. any comment I could make here would be creepy

  3. julie - his preference is actually kitchen towels, but any cloth will do.

  4. My rottie used to steal the washcloths out of the shower and chew holes in them. Liked the taste of the soap, apparently.

  5. That's a relief! When I was a kid, we had a dog who quite specifically loved underwear, which really is just as bad as you think.

  6. That look has 'Ruh-roh' all over it... :)


  7. Julie - I think that's why he likes the kitchen towels, they smell like me AND food. I usually smell like Vanilla and Hoppes No. 9or some combination thereof.

  8. Maybe he needs a stuffed terry cloth leprechaun with a squeaker for St. Patrick's Day?

  9. With the way you cook, I can't blame him at all for that - he must think he's died and gone to heaven every time he buries his nose in one of your kitchen towels!

  10. Oh, baby!

    Actually, our Lab doesn't need an inflatable poodle; he's quite happy with a pillow, usually about a half hour after dinner. Guys are such creatures of habit.

  11. We bought some cheap blankets at Goodwill for our lab to lay on. She won't lay on those, only likes the blankets my kids have used.

  12. Worked for a vet. The ONLY thing that nearly made me puke was the sight of a pair of undies that had been surgically removed from a lab's GI tract. Ugh!

  13. I've heard that bacon flavored panties existed, but I never actually seen any until...


    My redheaded wife just hit me!?!?!

    Dann in Ohio

  14. When Strider was a wee pup, and not the mature dog of 15 years that he is now, he'd not only chew on my undies, but he'd grab them and take them outside through the dog door.

    Nothing says "wrong" like a pair of underwear with the crotch chewed out, frozen to the ground, outside, in late fall.

  15. ...he likes the kitchen towels, they smell like me AND food...

    So I guess when the guys come over you get lots of help with the dishes.

  16. Vanilla and Hoppe's No. 9 or some combination thereof...
    Victoria's Secret...
    Superb cooking smells...
    Fantastic redhead beauty...
    Fabulous but wicked sense of humor...
    Smart enough to be POTUS...
    Wild fun & shooty goodness...
    True integrity and real grit...
    More spunk then a lot of tough guys...
    Soft & very feminine when needed...
    Writes straight from the heart...
    Moves ones soul with said writing...
    Many friends who would die for you...
    A faithful and trusted companion that loves kitchen towels and underwear all because they smell of you...

    As they say... PRICELESS!

    Seems to me you're living a pretty nice dream there!

  17. Brigid,
    At least he looked guilty. The sassy, proud expression of "I did this all by myself" can sometimes be worse.
    Simple Human makes a locking plastic trash can that could be modified into a locking clothes hamper by drilling holes in the sides for ventilation. Found one at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
    Our mischievous 50# standard poodle has a different bad habit of decorating the kitchen floor with trash if given the chance. Different problem - perhaps the same solution
    Sorry, Chloe would run away from Barkley, because he's such a big boy.

  18. Murphy and Barkley must never meet. It'd be the beginning of the Dogacalypse.

  19. I also, must refrain from commenting too much.....

    not that I blame Barkley.....

    if I was in a position to.....well.....


  20. I am guessing Barkley's real source of worry is that he knows your night vision sight is attached to your varmit rifle.

  21. Oh, that's a bad dog! And he knows it, too...

    How do you keep him from making off with kitchen towels? I assume they're not just stuck through the fridge door handle or oven door handle like I keep towels at my kitchen and a friend's kitchen.

    I lived with a collie last year who liked socks, and bras. He wouldn't chew them, but the collection in the guest bedroom where most of his toys ended up... well, it was a regular stop on laundry day, to his dismay.

  22. Mine has a slightly different habit: he likes to chew buttons off of clothes.

    I lost more good shirts that way....

  23. I bet if I wait long enough someone will try and get into my ammo can.

    Is that what you're calling it now? I need to get my euphemism dictionary updated.

  24. As a new reader to your blog thanks for a refreshing look at things. On the ammo can we were always told to handle them with care.

  25. Professor - unless it says 200 cartridges, 7.62 mm NATO M13 Cartons on the side of it, I'm talking about a real ammo can.

  26. Now thats a good dog. he just misses you.


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