Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekend Update - Gun Show

Sometimes the best weekends aren't at a exotic location, but in a warm home, among friends who understand what is truly important.

And good food. I was lucky and got to spend the weekend with Mr. B. and Midwest Chick.

Boiling oil. It's not just for medieval sieges any more.
Pepper steak. Marinated for two days, tossed in flour seasoned with cayenne, cumin and paprika and flash fried at a high temp so it melts and explodes on your tongue at your first bite. Mr. B can do a meal up right, I can say that. Midwest Chick and I just stood around with a beer going "it's Shake and Bake and I helped" in a cheesy southern accent and nibbling on the beef as it came out of the pan, it being too good to wait for the table.

He cooked it in small batches so the pan stayed hot, and the meat crisped up and didn't get soggy, as can happen if you try and cook it all at once, overcrowding the meat.

Tossed with stir fried broccoli, onion and pepper we served it over rice. It was incredible.

click to enlarge
Add in a bottle of Yuengling, a loaf of homemade bread that Midwest Chick crafted and some butter I picked up at a local dairy farm.

Then, after a good night's sleep, it was off to the Valparaiso Gun Show. We arrived a couple hours after opening and the line was still out the door. We didn't wear coats, thinking we'd just be in and quick so the 20 minute wait got a little chilly. Mr. B, being a gentleman, put an arm around each of us and tucked us in close. The man behind us in line was like "I can't even get ONE pretty girl to come to the gun show with me, he gets two. . .".

We spent several hours, perusing many displays and business offerings, including a stop at 21st Century Firearms of Bluffton. Their employee Jahred works hard for a great business with good service and a new firearm was picked up.

There was something for every taste, from weekend shooter to medieval enthusiasts.
I looked for a Fairbairn Sykes knife (between the third and fourth rib, seventeen degrees up. . . . ) for the collection but couldn't find one, but the show had a pretty good collection of flat edged weapons of all varieties.
Just Say NO to pink guns.
Then off to a place in town for a little bite to eat. Don't even ask. OHHHH. New Toys!!!
Tonight, a dinner out with Og and the Mrs and other friends, and another Yuengling may sacrifice itself for the cause. Cheers - Brigid


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. That's a good thing. (And Mr. B may have had the best time of all, the lucky stiff.)

    WV: pablo ... Google's getting entirely too snoopy, it seems.

  2. Happiness is a plate full of meat.


  3. Some one found a new use for my grandmothers' bathroom counter top.Who knew Tauraus(?) was into nostalgia?


  4. Our local gun show today has never been so crowded.

    Despite the warnings of our betters, us rubes still want guns. :)

  5. Some guys have all the luck...

    I'm just wondering exactly what the intended use of that Khukri is, though. Not exactly a kitchen utensil, not very concealable, jumping out of a tree to ambush Bambi not being particularly common (and the season's closed), so that only leaves...Ohhh, that poor @#$@^&%$, whoever he is... ;)

    WV: dandan - as in the music from JAWS. :O

  6. Brigid
    Is that a colt Mustang in the picture with the knife??
    looks like my .380.

  7. Good for you! Para compact .45, right? Still waiting on my Colt Defender.

    Glad you are having fun with good company, it does make all the difference in the world.

  8. Sounds like you had a great time and I envy Mr. B.

    Is that a Para Ordnance LDA Carry .45?

  9. Hey, is that Michelle Obama in the store window? The food looks great. Take care and have a safe journey home.

  10. Boiling oil. Not just for Medieval sieges anymore ...

    Heh. I wonder if the Fun Show had some big cauldrons (for boiling up the oil, natch) to go with those pole weapons.

  11. Now thats how proper dinner should look like! Great beef, fresh bread, good beer and smokes.. Thank you for this image, Brigid!
    That Para and Kukri looks good too :)

  12. The Khukri is just right for traveling by train.
    I picked up a Mosin Nagant this past Thursday, I wanted something fun to shoot that was less spendy to feed than the Arisaka. I got enough ammo with it for a siege, I think.
    It looks like everyone had a fun and busy weekend.

  13. Check out over here in the UK go to Knives & Bayonets a good number of Sykes Fairburn commando knives for sale.

  14. Firewfly return to cable TV!

    Firefly premieres on Science Channel on March 6 at 8 p.m., with the two hour pilot, followed by the first episode at 10 p.m. Following that, Firefly episodes will air every Sunday — and, yes, in their original intended order and upgraded to high definition.

  15. Did you get the Para? I looked at the UltraHawg about a year ago and research turned up a lot of dissatisfaction focussed on failures to feed due to the short springs and poorly designed cut-downs. Most Para users I've met like the the 4 and 5" bbl version.

    First glance I thought it might be the new Sig P380 which is Colt Mustang reborn. That might be my next don't need, useless, must-have purchase.

    If you but the Para, please offer shooter review. If you simply shopped it, disregard but the pepper steak looks yummers. Yuengling still hasn't shown up in Texas.

  16. Ed - The Para was purchased by one of my friends. I'm anxious to hear as well how they like it.

  17. Oh... GOOD :-) And a good day too! We just went shooting at NRA and made a quick pass through the museum (well, if 2 hours counts as a quick pass)! Is the new pistol yours?

  18. Aye, and we were blessed to have your presence in our household.

    Glad you liked the food and the beer. We were happy having you. Your presence made the food taste better.

    I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time.

    Next time bring Barkley.

  19. The Para in that last photo looks just like mine---except I switched the rubber grips for some made from Rosewood. After 1K rounds, it's still working fine.

    Goes nice in a DandDgunleather IWB holster. I had it with me last summer. Mebbe I shoulda showed it to you. :-)

  20. Interesting weapons display, especially thr two-handed stuff on the back wall: a naginata, a bastard sword, some kind of polearm, a couple of pseudo-katanas and... a pool cue?

    Sounds like a great time with good food and good friends.
    And life really doesn't get any better than that.

  21. I think Dr. B is going to hang the kukri on her office door with a sign: "Don't make me go Gurkha on you"

    Glad you had a good weekend!


  22. Marty: It's best to not dwell on the possible uses of the khukri....

    Onkel: I'm blessed in that I get these caliber of meals all of the time.

    Rick: You said it--it doesn't get any better!

    Brigid--thank you for coming up and spending some time with us. It was a great time on so many levels! Laughter and good food--not necessarily in that order with a good friend is something to treasure, and we will.

  23. Ed: I have the same Para with the alloy frame. Never missed a beat. Eats HP as well as Ball with no issues. I have over 4K rounds through it with no issues.

    The short Paras (especially the alloy framed ones) REQUIRE a stiffer hold than a full sized pistol. If you limp wrist them, they will have FTF and FTE issues. If you hold the pistol correctly, you'll have no issues.

    I purchased the new one because I was happy with the operation of the old one. I just hate the way the old one looks due to finish wear. The old one will soon become a backup for the new one once I break the new one in.

  24. PS: Brigid: I am glad you like my cooking....and You are welcome here for a day or a year....

    Wv: after ....How appropriate

  25. Is that a real Cold Steel "Mini-Gurkha Light Kukri" or a knock off? (Cold Steel makes me happy.)

  26. Brigid, you'll like the Khukri better once you bead blast off that horrific Crinkle-coat black gunk that they put on the blade. It causes a lot of drag...


  27. Pink guns annoy the bloody hell out of me! When I went to place the order for my S&W .38 special, the guy was surprised at my choice of a black one, citing, "Well, I would've thought you'd want the Lady Wesson pink model?!"

    I answered, "Dude, pink's for Barbie dolls. This is a gun."

  28. I saw that spiked hammer and was all 9_9 at it...

    Wish I'd had the wherewithal to join y'all for dinner at Cafe Borgia. Next time....


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