Friday, February 11, 2011

Notes from the Road

Travel light in life

take only what you need;

a loving family,

good friends,

simple pleasures,

someone to love,

and someone to love you,

enough to eat, enough to wear

and a little more than enough to drink,

for thirst is a dangerous thing.

Photo is from the Gravity Bar in Dublin on another trip.


  1. All types of thirst...all dangerous.

    WF - Isaac :-)

  2. And it's always best to remember-- especially while on the road-- that you can't trust the water.

    Stay safe. Drink beer.

    (Stay smart. Drink Guinness.)

    wv:colonfa. It's like wv is sentient.

  3. How very true! If I must however I will be content with 6 out of your 8. Such is life.

  4. Well said, Brigid. Well said.


  5. I am sorry Ms B, but between you and Lex I just cannot develop a taste for Guinness. Yuk.
    It may be the nectar of whomever but if I were shipwrecked with a supply of pilsner or a mild ale I'm sure the last days would have a smile on it.

  6. Well said, well said! Only problem was I had to make do with Hofbrauhaus last night and they don't serve Guinness... sigh... And no SO either, can't find anybody to put up with me...

    WV- later On this trip later is better than never.

  7. mmmmmmm........Guinness...................not just for breakfast anymore..........................

  8. Well

    I don't drink anymore -1.

    As Old NFO says I haven't found anyone to put up with me -1.

    A 6 out of 8 not to bad.


  9. I'm with Skip. Guinness must be a pilot thing. However, A cloudy Hefeweizen is what angels drink. :-)

  10. Skip and Stephen: Perhaps it is the little bit of Irish in me (My percentage pales by comparison to Brigid. Get it? Pale...) but I quite like Guinness.

    A local pub offers several Guinness-based drinks. One that I really like is Baileys Irish Cream and Guinness. THAT is like drinking dessert. If you have the chance to try that, you might find that you like it.

  11. What the heck am I saying? *Kahlua* and Guinness.

    On my 2nd in the middle of the afternoon. Yeah, one of those days...


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