Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Barkley Tangles with a Cougar!

With the fading evening light and blur of motion, it was hard to get a good picture of the scuffle. But Barkley is unharmed and the cougar escaped to her lair with a glass of Merlot.


  1. I'm glad Barkley is OK.
    Cougars can be dangerous when cornered.
    Especially with merlot.

  2. LOL!!! You reeled me in on this one! I had pictures of a black Lab with a real cougar!!!

  3. You would be my favorite cougar....

  4. By the looks of that hide I'd say that Barkley tangled with a leopard. He's lucky to be alive.

  5. I see he got it skinned before it got away though.
    Good dog!

  6. NEVER turn you back on a Cougar! ( well except for the lame models after 1971) Don't make them mad either!

  7. Darn! Cougars like younger guys! Oh well, red-headed wife wouldn't approve anyway!

  8. Hope Barkley came through the scuffle unscathed. :-D

  9. Truly, no self respecting cougar would drink anything other than Marilyn Merlot (any vintage).

    WV = tentr - the camping equivalent of a nooner.

  10. Sherry - I live in Indiana so I didn't think anyone would be worried when they saw the headline, but glad I made you laugh.

    Turk - 2007 Gainey Vineyard Santa Ynez Valley Merlot. My official review -YUMMM

    The tornado siren has gone off three times in the last hour but the really ugly stuff on the radar was far away. It's not now. This might be an interesting light show, or Skype to a foreign land while hunkering down in the bathroom in the center of the house.

  11. Thank goodness Barkley is OK and survived his encounter! You may want to keep him in the house on Friday and Saturday nights, cougars seem to be nocturnal and for some reason they are more active on the weekends!

  12. Sadltrmp - remember the keys to surviving a late nite cougar attack.

    Drop and Roll. Prey that is upwind and wobbly from too many pints could garner their attention.

    Sacrifice a friend "hey have you met my friend B. - he just bought a Beemer. . See ya!"

    You can never be too careful in the wild.

  13. After spending the last two day's in the classroom portion of In-Service training my wit could get the best of me here and lead me to regret being overly clever. So. I'll only say that you made my day Mizz B.

  14. Annnnnd I'm NOT gonna go through that door. I had switched views too fast, and starting thinking....then snorted a mouthful water out my nose.

  15. Even Cougars armed with merlot do not stand a chance against "Night Ninjas".

  16. Brigid,

    Excellent advice to surviving a late night cougar attack. Noted! But, what if you don't want to survive it? :)


    wv: carma: Norwegian Lutheran spelling of karma?

  17. That post title is deceptive advertising.

    Funny as hell, but deceptive ...

    But it sure got my attention!

    WV: "lapher" I was one.

  18. Female Human Cougar not to be confused with real Mountain Lion which has been known to appear unexpectedly in urban centers, like the one shot in a Chicago suburb. It had migrated from the Dakotas.
    Chicagoland is not terribly far from Indianapolis, so you never know what might be lurking outside in the dark.


  19. Such a play on words could result in pun-ishment being meated out.
    Before HB saved me I was a "skilled" cougar hunter. Does Barkley need lessons? :)

  20. Now that was fetchingly witty! ;-)

  21. Lucky dog! Lots of bacon, AND gets to wrestle with a cougar!

  22. Mac from Michigan, you made me laugh :-) Stay safe in the bathroom, B.

  23. OK, I was thinking it when I saw the title, but I didn't wanna come right out and say it. ;-)

    I've always found that the best defense to a Cougar Attack (assuming that one wants to be defended) is to offer chocolate to the Cougar. That either distracts them or emboldens them, but it never fails to evoke a reaction.

  24. Mrs. S - Yes, I had heard about that and its confirming evidence of an article in Outside magazine about 8 or so years ago in which wildlife biologists were predicting that we would see mountain lions taking up residence in the Cook County forest preserves.

    I forget the main title of the article but it was subtitled memorably with "Honey, have you seen Fifi?"

  25. Well if Barkley has the cougar's covering, what is the cougar wearin.......

    Goodness, you about made me fall out of the chair tonight laughing!

    Dann in Ohio

  26. I still have the claw marks on my back from the last Leopard Pattern Wearing Cougar.

    Actually the Merlot sipping Cougar is really mild and sweet.
    The dangerous ones are the Scotch, Borbon, and Vodka slamming Cougars.

    And the human male will not survive the Wild Turkey, and/or Jack Daniels glugging wildcats.

    "Look, She consumed Jack Daniels in two hours, what chance do you and I have."

  27. You had me there, glad you were kidding - I saw one in PutCo a few years back. (Well, two actually, but one was a caged pet.)

  28. LMAO! The Missus is five years older than me, and has an admirable sense of humor about it, so the "cougar" jokes are tossed around quite a bit here. Good for Barkley! :)

  29. That....wasn't....a ....bathing suit....was it?

    Oh dear, the visions.....


  30. Had me worried there - glad Barkley is unharmed!

    Good thing there was merlot in the lair - if there was tequila, the cougar might be back for a fight!

  31. The mind boggles at the images :)

    Let me know if you ever need a hand with that ;)

  32. Brigid,
    Actually, I was worried b/c you're in Indiana. They are moving East, eating the white tailed deer.

    Glad Barkley is OK. LOL.

  33. Go Ahead.

    Tease us some more. :)

  34. Gosh, what a relief- I was all ready to give condolences to the poor guy for losing an ear or two- or worse- after tangling with a big cat.
    Glad he's safe and got away with that hide.
    But, what's a Fella to do when all the cougars are younger than he?
    Shy III
    Thanks for the chuckle, Brigid- we won't talk about the pictures that came to mind. :X
    WV: 'avari'... umm, anything to do with bird eggs?

  35. Ha! You got me Brigid. That was good.

  36. What I gather here is that dark chocolate and merlot would make good bait. :-)

  37. Hat Trick,

    Dark chocolate and merlot are excellent cougar bait.

    Biggest problem is that they're pretty much, by their nature, catch and release. They're almost impossible to tame...

    OTOH, they can also be very difficult to get rid of...

  38. Dear Brigid,
    I'm 53 years old and I never see cougars in the wild. All I ever see is attractive younger ladies.

    This has to do with Einstein's theory of relativity. Light can be red- or blue-shifted depending on it's direction from you.

    Apparently, so can age. From my vantage point, everybody seems to be getting younger...

  39. I third AD and Christina: ROWR!


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