Sunday, April 24, 2011

What do you do if you have a Blog Meet and the Restaurant Doesn't Show Up

3:00. Broad Ripple Brew Pub, a light crowd was expected as it was Easter, but I was first on the scene, waiting for the cruise director and the rest of the gang to show. Hmmm. I'm the only car in the parking lot. This is not a good sign. Sure enough, the Pub was closed.

Oh boy, Barkley is not going to be happy with me if I leave him and don't even come home with a doggy bag.

But you're gonna see Aunt Tam, why can't I go?

The Jack , Joanna, Tam, Old Grouch, Roberta X, also known as Retrotechnologist, Nathan,and first time attendee Dave soon arrived. Old Grouch led a scouting expedition while everyone showed up and he came back with a short list of what was open.

We passed on the Wild Beaver Saloon.

And decided on the Canal Bistro, which had all the prerequisites for a IND blog meet, outside of that open sign, a great view of the bridge over the Monon and the wonderful smells wafting out of the front door. . .

(1) Within walking distance of the trail and everyone's cars.

(2) great food

(3) alcohol

(4) falling hippies.

For yes, soon after we arrived we were treated to the the sight of a drunken hippie falling off the Monon bridge after sitting on the edge with his friends and leaning back just a little bit too far ("hey man is that a turtle?") Someone summoned the IFD (I Fell Down?) who arrived with ambulance and fire trucks and a few locals out in the rain watching the action there in the shadow of a statute of long arms holding a turtle into the air??

I couldn't help myself but all I could think of was, at first, was that song "it's raining men". Everyone but the X Team was soon assembled to bring him up to land, probably the little worse for wear as there are concrete pilings under there, not just water. But I'm sure his last coherent thought as it watched the giant turtle up in the sky like some demented sun with legs, was "Wow, I sure am glad I have Obamacare!"

Soon, the excitement was over and everyone was back to catching up and someone suggesting I could be in the group picture if I had one of those fake nose and glasses and Tam doing the budget version of a disguise.

Soon, those conversation came to a slow, turtle crawl as the food continued to arrive.

It starts with the appetizers. I'm not sure what this was called but involved dousing a delicious wedge of cheese with what appeared to be some fragrant oil or liquid, which was then set on fire (WHOOOSH!!!) and then doused with lemon juice to put out the rather impressive flames. It was served with fresh hot pita bread to smear it on. It smelled wonderful and after checking to make sure my hair was not on fire, I ensured it tasted wonderful as well.

Pardon me, I think that calamari has my name on it.

The Gyro's were incredible. Actually everything on the table was excellent, as was the service and I'd recommend the restaurant to anyone. It's casual enough for just stopping in but with decor beautiful enough for the most romantic of evenings.

I had one of the many Kabobs offered, which were brought to the table by our attentive waiter, skewered on a giant sword, which he deftly removed. (What, I don't get to keep the sword as a souvenir?)

Soon, as the light faded, it was time to say goodbye. We took a moment to stop and salute the spot to our fallen, crunchy warrior and head on home. There was no tie dye body outline so we assume he survived the fall.

Dave, it was great to meet you and we really hope you will join us again. To some other regulars who weren't here, we missed you. To everyone else, have a safe drive home!


  1. I'm guessing the appetizer was Saganaki - cheese doused with Ouzo (licorice booze is way better than flavored oil), set aflame and everyone yells "OPA!", which I think is Greek for "My eyebrows are gone!"

  2. The flaming cheese is Saganaki, and the "oil" they use is generally cognac, although I've seen many other 80-proof liqueurs used.
    And yes, it's really good with fresh, warm pita bread!

  3. Was the hippie high? He probably didn't land.

  4. The Saganaki sounds interesting. I've never had it.

    Good pic of Barkley!

    Sorry I missed it but the family would have disowned me if I ran off on Easter. :-)

    Is the diver/swimmer going to be ok?

  5. YUM! My mouth is watering.

    Sister Tam looks like she's had 3. She's usually dour until about halfway through #2... :-)

  6. Been years since I had saganaki (aka:flaming goat cheese). Food looks delicious. Hope you had a wonderful Easter and don't get hit by any falling hippies.

  7. Awesome blogmeet report!

    It was so good seeing everybody, (and I'm glad that our little neighborhood provided the usual eccentric entertainment.)

  8. The dreaded empty parking lot strikes...

  9. Test the fake nose and glasses against Google Picasa's face recognition algorithms before participating in a group picture intended for public consumption.

    State of the art in facial recognition is frightening IMHO, and it is done with very little code with lots of room for improvement.

  10. Just wanted to take this time (while i couldnt sleep) to thank you for your time and effort in putting out this site. Still try to make it a nightly read and enjoy ending my day reading your words. hope you and yours had a wonderful Easter. God bless. mwp

  11. MMmmmm, Calamari.... And it has the tentacles too (which are the best part) and not just the rings!

  12. I think you may have a permanent replacement place for Indy Blogmeets. Tam needs some wax for that 'stache.

  13. Ah yes....Saganaki. Goats milk cheese on fire. Come on over to the Greektown section of Detroit sometime. Wonderful eating. Just duck when the waiter yells.

  14. Ohhh... Missed another one dammit... Glad y'all were able to pull it together!

  15. Saganaki rules! And you get extra credit if you can light it with a zippo instead of a long match.


  16. Just looking at that picture has me craving saganaki again...

  17. Brigid,

    I hate to sound like a school girl, but IT WAS SOOO COOOL to meet you, Tam, Roberta, and the rest of the gang. All I've been doing is telling everyone I got a chance to break bread (well, pita bread) with writers I read and admire.

    I too, am sorry that I didn't get the chance to speak with you more, as we ended up at opposite ends of the table. Alas, next time, as I do plan on being back and I'll ensure that I end up closer to the other end of the table, just ot switch things up.

    Thanks again for having me. It was the highlight of my month!!


  18. Oh, and I'll bring you the fake nose and glasses for the next blogmeet pic.


  19. Tam - we need to hit that for lunch one day.

    Scout26 - likewise. I'll drop you an email tonight (I'm on the road) so you have my email and we can chat under the cone of silence sometime.

  20. Update: I went back with a business associate on our drive back from a meeting in North IND. Lunch was just as good. check out their website from which I got a couple of the photos of the sandwiches (the lighting was not good for photos).


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