Saturday, January 17, 2009


Someone's birdfeeder was near empty and he didn't even budge from the barn post until it was filled.

I slept 10 and a half hours. It's been a week. However, getting sent home because your particular expertise isn't needed, in my line of work, is a good thing. It might be 18 below zero, but it's home, and creatures great and small are waiting, small heartbeats at my door.


  1. Mr. B!

    The welcome of dogs is among life's greatest pleasures, isn't it? I sure think so. I don't even have to be gone very long. A quick trip to town (which means at least six hours here) and they act like I've been gone a month.

    But I wouldn't do a thing in the world to discourage 'em.

  2. We love our bird feeders. It's too cold to sit in the porch and watch them, but they're happy for the bird feeders anyway.

    Great picture of the bird. Did you take it?

  3. Sounds to me like a pretty decent day. My schedule is more predictable, but I do enjoy Saturday mornings to sit untroubled on the couch with one or the other of my cats sleeping beside me. There will be things to do later, but not yet.


  4. What a wonderful short piece.


  5. It's good to know you're in a nice, warm, safe place called home. Barkley's glad, too.

  6. Welcome home, sleepy head....sliding the digital form of a cup of hot *coffee* your way.

  7. Brigid,

    Great pic of the dog. I love canines.

    Also, from the very start of your blog I have been struck by your impressive writing skills.

    You do an excellent job. Keep up the good work.

    Welshman (Martyn from the Liberty Sphere)

  8. I can't wait until we can get a dog.

  9. Rio: You're right. The welcome of dogs is one of life's greatest pleasures, even when they're doing the "I need to go potty now!" dance at 2:00 AM, or they're greeting you at the door after they've spread the entire contents of the trash barrel all over the house.

  10. I've got two big holly trees at the front corners of the house. This time of year, you walk outside and it seems like the trees are moving and talking; full of birds waiting for you to open the buffet.

  11. When my girls were little they would run to me upon arrival after a days work offering hugs and kisses. As they got older their excitment and enthusiasm waned (thats the way of things) but my pup, now an old bitch ;), never lost her joy for seeing me at days end. She still greets me with wagging tail and wet kisses. She's 12 so I don't know how many moons she has left but... she still adores "dad".


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