Thursday, January 29, 2009

Home on the Range "Stimulus Bill" Dinner


Lots of it.

Pour into a pastry with cream and eggs and cheese and seasoning and bake. Don't pull it out of the oven before it's ready. Putting things together that will work, takes time and shouldn't be forced.

Now cut yourself a slice. This is one piece of pie that won't be doled out for Wall Street billion dollar bonuses, citibank corporate jets, campaign paybacks, parachute packages for crooks or "global warming" research. It's your pie. Take as big of a piece as you like. You earned it.

Like this one. Sure I'll share with my coworkers tomorrow. But this one is mine.

Now this is the only Pork I want to see in the next few weeks.

Now sit back and look forward to this next weeks Home on the Range Report. Finding proper glasses for range days without buying your own bank.

Because watching where your hard earned money is spent so you can keep putting food on the table is as important as protecting your shooty vision.


  1. Carteach0, you need one of these... Your cholesterol will go up just reading about it. That said, Elder Son and I will be making one as SOON as we both have a day off that coincides with the other's.

    Brigid, Recipe for that beautiful thing please?



  2. Only you could make me hungry immediately after a huge pasta dinner! :-)

  3. Bacon Cheddar Quiche:

    One pie crust. Either a store bought if you must, or make one ahead and freeze. Cooking times are using a shell fresh from the freezer,

    Fry up 3/4 pound of bacon. OK. Fry up a whole pound. Eat three pieces. Give one to the dog and put the rest in the shell. Whisk 3 extra large eggs in a bowl, add one cup of half and half, one cup shredded sharp cheddar, a dash of dried onion and 1/4 teaspoon of Penzey's Northwoods Seasoning (a mix of salt, pepper, rosemary, chipotle, garlic, paprika and thyme) or the equivalent measurement of salt and pepper and a dash of herb of your choice. Bake at 400 for 35-40 minutes. If your oven cooks hot, put a little strip of foil around the crust edges during the last 15 minutes of cooking so they don't burn. For you IN bloggers, there is a store in Indianapolis on 82nd.

  4. Hey Brigid, I'm going to go back and see if I can find a PORK recipe that I had sent too me. I'll try to email it and if you like put it up here.

  5. Food: Good, Delicious, Yummy

    Eyes: Daaaaaaaaaamn Love those eyse :)

  6. Everett - please send it. I'll try it and post. Big hugs from the B. household. More weather coming next week.

  7. Make sure you save a slice for that nice Mrs Obama!

    Yes, I'm kidding, she can go take a leap and earn her own damn slice of pie. (Which looks awfully good, to no-one's complete surprise)


  8. Oh, man. Brigid, you are both awesome and cruel, to continuously demonstrate the utter inadequacy of the paltry meals some of us are doomed to consume.

    That looks like the tastiest quiche ever.

    Mmmmmm..... pork.....

  9. I love it! Pork as it shold be! (no politicians grubby pawprints on it)

  10. In the immortal words of Larry Niven, "Real men eat whatever the hell they damned well please."

  11. Julie - it's easy as could be. Took all of 10 minutes to put together with a pie crust leftover from thanksgiving, wrapped up in foil in the fridge.

    The recipe called for ham. . but if ham's good, bacon's better! Oh, and it was pepper encrusted bacon to boot.

  12. Your food posts are such sweet torture ;) As I have never been a cook of the caliber that would expect to be able to replicate these, I can only look and imagine.

    Now about those gorgeous green eyes! Intended or accidental, they follow me around the room!

    Bruce B.

  13. I usually have my Clark Kent protective glasses on at work. . but I have to admit. . the green eyes have pulled the "I was going HOW fast?" at least once in my life.

    I'm not saying it WORKED. .

    But it has worked on "you aren't going to eat that last piece of bacon are you.?? (blink, blink).

  14. Carteach0, if you eat it, I suspend my "France Sucks" rule.

    But you get big points for a 1980s cultural reference that only guys as old as me are likely to recognize.

    Now what's the french term for "Rocky Mountain Oysters"?


    Ob, and Brigid, do you blind bake the crust first? Please say "no" for us lazy cooks ... ;-)

  15. Well, now...I don't which photo has rendered me more speechless.

    LOL *shaking head*

    You are sex on wheels, my friend.

  16. Ted - no I don't pre-bake the crust.

    But sometimes I pre-bake the cook by having a beer before I start.

  17. Laura - on behalf of 40 something women everywhere - thank you!

  18. mmmmm....bacon. And Brigid...both good.

    Mike ;)

  19. I am lovin' the bacon!


  20. Your killing me Brigid. I just ate dinner and I'm hungry again! I am going to cut and paste your recipe.( hope you don't mind)I like to cook and you have inspired me. Great post!

  21. I would take one forty something woman than two twenty something "girls" any day.

  22. Sweet Shivering Shiva, gorgeous and a great cook, you kill me.

    I have noticed though, that you seem to eat a lot of pork. You would not do well in a Muslim country my dear.

    I hope to do this recipe justice because I'm going to try it this weekend.

  23. make it with gruyere cheese or swiss - goes so much better with the pig

    a muslim's nightmare

  24. AAAArgh!

    Please, dear blog readers, one of you who lives somewhere near me contact me so I can have someone to cook for.....these recipies are lethal to a single woman!

    Southwest VA nurse needs people to cook for............

  25. My God! A girl with a gun! A girl with a gun who can shoot! And, a green-eyed Redhead to boot!
    Hell! A green-eyed redhead with a gun who can cook! Damn! Just Damn!
    How are you with 'toll-house'?

    I'm going to have to try this egg-bake with Elk Ham. I don't get along too well with pork, so I have a local meat-cutter cure up elk hams special!

    Yum! Yum!

  26. It's when you drop the glasses and set those green lasers to stun that does it...

    My prescription for shootin' glasses is teh sux now, if you find a way let us know please?

  27. Real men don't eat quiche--but hey, I'm part titanium now--I'll blame it on the metal.

  28. That sounds terrific but for the hard core "porker" try this recipe:

  29. The temp is up here in KC, already up to 40. Joyce and I will be grilling tonight.

    Country-style port ribs cooked over charcoal and some mesquite chips. Slow cooked at about 150 degrees, a little salt, a little pepper, a light brush of BBQ sauce.

    Works for us.

  30. I think I've just seen the perfect response to SuperBowl Chili ...

  31. Looks divine! But hey, Brigid, have you had your
    cholesterol checked lately?
    Texas Quiche Lover

  32. Texas Quiche Lover - my cholesterol was checked last month. It was 104. The good cholesterol was also seriously on the good side. Blood pressure 105 over 58.

    Trust me, it's genetic.

  33. Brigid, it would be a convenience to your readers if your recipes were grouped together somewhere, either on the sidebar with links to each, or more easily by using keywords on your blog and tagging the recipes as "recipes" or "food."

    Just a suggestion, and intended as a compliment.


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