Wednesday, January 28, 2009




  1. Pretty picture, wish we had a few feet here....we got about 1/4 inch of snow then freezing rain and now it is all ice.
    Would prefer 10 foot of snow.

  2. *Sigh...* And what do we have here in Central Califreakia? Sunshine, sunshine, and more sunshine, what else. :( I'm in the wrong state. What I'd give for waking up to a snowy morning...

  3. Pancakes on a snow day. You know how to live! Great pictures by the way, you have a gift for composition.

  4. Growing up in Germany, I was mean to our dog when it snowed. I'd take her outside and make a snowball, then toss it for her to fetch! Her little dog brain just couldn't figure out where the ball went...

  5. He looks so handsome with that snow-covered snout!

  6. I've been having a craving for pancakes. Due to a sinus infection and headaches, I haven't been out of the house since Saturday and I'M ABOUT TO GO OUT OF MY FREAKING MIND!

    I won't be going out today, either, due to work teleconf through lunch.

    There not much snow here near KC; a light dusting. Most snow is just blown further east due to the constant wind out of Colorado.

    I get cabin-fever easily.

  7. Oooo, that looks like fun! Sometimes I miss snow :)

  8. Mr. Barkley's getting gray!

    We seem to be playing ping-pong with the weather. Yours gets warm and mine plunges to sub-zeroes. You get snow and ours is now melting at a great rate.

    Actually, if you like it so much you can have all of ours. S&H would be on you, though, with no right of return!

  9. We had pancakes, too! With bacon!


  10. If you made it with bare hands, my sister's labrador Ebony could always find the snowball even when disappeared into the snow. That's what noses are for!

  11. It's always beautiful until it takes out the power...LOL We had about 4 inches followed by a coating of ice. The temp rose to just above freezing and it began to melt. I can still hear chunks of snow/ice falling on the roof as the wind blows them from the tree.

  12. I missed it... spent 12 hours getting back from Tokyo, landed in rain/slush at IAD...

  13. Yummy! Beautiful pictures of your snow! Love it! You should check out my wordless Wednesday picture!

  14. I just noticed. The top picture is black and white, except for the flowers in Mom's old flower holder.

    Pretty cool.

  15. The 2nd picture today confirms my supposition about your "Outside again?" captioned picture in the sidebar. Looks like Barkley loves to play in the snow.

    Thanks for the great pictures

    Like Crucis I'm down with a bad sinus infection and the only marks in the snow outside are my footprints made when retrieving the mail.

  16. And here I was thinking that it was COLD because it was 63 degrees today.

    Oh, John Scalzi also called "Snow Day" this morning.

  17. It warms my heart to see how much fun a dog can have in the snow. Barkley certainly looks happy to be out in it. In the 2 feet that fell on my house today, my dog had to learn how to leap like a gazelle to chase the squirrels; now that's entertainment!

  18. Please tell me that you only use real maple syrup instead of that artificial Log Cabin stuff.

  19. An answer to the question in your previous post: "Tell me, What is Happiness" Look at the picture of Barkley in this post....That is happiness :)

  20. Great, now I am craving pancakes and all I have for lunch is cheese sandwiches :(

    At least I know what I might be having for dinner tonight LOL

  21. Barclay looks like he is havin' fun.
    Nice photos all.

    Snow days are the best!


  22. Yeasted Waffles
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