Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bacon and Eggnog

Pancakes that is!

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"Every Christmas my Mom would get a fresh goose, for gooseburgers, and my Dad would whip up his special eggnog out of bourbon and ice cubes."
Fry - Futurama
Christmas breakfast was just a biscuit on the go. Today, even though it's not even light out yet, I'm making a real breakfast. You start with the best pre-made eggnog on the planet, Oberweis, if you can get it. This is not the time to use something out of a 3 gallon barrel that just says "eggnog" in black letters on it. The origins, even the ingredients used to make the first eggnog are subject to debate. with much history and life in this tasty little brew. It might have been tho developed from posset , a medieval beverage made with hot milk. It's been suggested that the "nog" came from the word "noggin", a Middle English term used to describe a small, wooden, carved mug used to serve alcohol. Yet another story is that the term derived from the name "egg-and-grog", a common Colonial term used to describe rum. Eventually, it was said, the term was shortened to "egg'n'grog", then "eggnog".

The drink made its way to the English colonies during the 18th century. Since brandy and wine were heavily taxed, rum from the Triangular Trade with the Caribbean was used as a substitute. When the supply of rum to our newly founded United States was reduced as a consequence of the Revolutionary War (too much taxation and there's a Revolution, imagine that) Americans turned to domestic whisky—and eventually bourbon in particular—as a substitute. Eggnog made without alcohol is available in stores during the holiday season and from this, comes the HOTR eggnog pancakes. Though they are alcohol free, there is no rule however about the cook not having any while preparing them for a late morning Brunch.

Even if you don't love eggnog, you will like these - light and tall, incredibly rich and worth the trouble.

The secret is clarified butter and the eggnog. The batter is quite thick and you have to watch the heat in the pan when cooking as they are, pardon my French, delicate little bastards. Too hot and they burn before they cook through, too cold and they are rubber. Try a test pancake for practice and then prepare yourself for a treat.

It's worth it.


  1. sooo delicious and soooo very bad for my diabetic diet :D

    As always very very yummy looking.

  2. Oberwies dairy.... Their eggnog is good, their skim milk actually tastes like milk, not white water. It's like liquid crack. Good stuff!

  3. I think it was a BIG mistake by enlarging the picture because I want some.

  4. I should never read you when I'm hungry...

    Merry Christmas, my friend!

  5. Everything about you rings true. I have so little else to say, but we each of us know it and follow along helplessly, rather in awe, so rare nowadays to witness a healthy, hearty soul having fun in equal measure to the sternest of tasks.

    Cond0010 said it nicely:

  6. I can't take the high octane egg nog anymore. Just too rich. However, the "light" variety still goes down good and it's not quite as fattening.

    Just reading your blog puts weight on me. :)

  7. Like Cond0010....I am sorry that I read og's trisket and liverwurst post before I came to visit here.

    Karl's Farm Dairy, when extant, made a very good Egg Nog. That would have been over 40 years ago. Your's is causing me to drool.

    BTW...a hat tip to og for his Bambi Wellington. His post laid the groundwork for our Christmas dinner, posted here:

  8. Brigid, all I can say is are a blessed and gifted lady...

  9. Thanks for the warning, Rick, as I was about to click on the photos m'self! (Prolly will anyway, but at least I can't say I wasn't warned.)

    I, of course, will try the recipe, but with a lesser eggnog, as I've not heard of Oberwies and am assuming it's not known of down here in ol' Virginny.

    Another drink I miss down here this time of year is the Tom & Jerry. We used to buy it in the ice cream dept. at the grocer's. It's a frozen batter that you mix with boiling water, a jigger of brandy and a jigger of rum, with a dash o' nutmeg on top. Couple a these and ye'll be singin', "Oh, come ye merrrrrrry gentlemen, let nothinggggggg you despairrrrrr." Do it in the street and soon ye'll be singin' fer yerself and the other inmates in the local slammer. But it be worth it, bubby!

    At the moment, tho, I can only imagine a plate of Brigid's pancakes, with real maple syrup, and a steaming Tom & Jerry before me. Ah, life fer sure can be good!

  10. My, those do look good!

    FWIW, Oberweis Dairy is a midwest regional dairy, family owned by the Oberweis family, headquartered in N. Aurora, IL.

  11. Oops, that should be, "God rest ye merry gentlemen..." One might think I been sippin' a bit o' the grog already now. Not so, but 'twon't be long.

  12. Sven,

    I think this best describes how I feel: 3277a0ff81aab00b6aadbd5ba09faf15/

    cut and paste, my friends...

  13. Arghhhh... That looks SO good... and I really don't need anything to eat for the next two days after yesterday...

  14. guys! Not reading her when you're hungry, is an exercise in futility. She'll make you hungry!

    Yeah, the food is appetizing too!

    Sorry Brigid! I couldn't help it.

  15. Clark - my Mom and Dad had these "Tom and Jerry" punchbowl and mugs and I never really knew what that was. It was just something that got hauled out over the holidays on those nights when they had people over and we had to go to bed too early. :-)

  16. The link I posted has a space that should be deleted (string snippet below):

    video/ 3277 Should be


    That should make it work... sorry.

  17. Actually Marlowe, you said it nicely. No need for further input here. steve

  18. You're getting Celtic again Ma'am.

    The Irish live a lot longer than their cousins the Scots. Being a more rural people, they get more exercise, but I suspect another reason is that the Micks stayed with the traditional clarified butter for their cooking, while the heavily urbanized Scots transitioned to massive amounts of cheap, imported lard.

    A high fat diet is a wonderful thing if you are an ultrarunner or triathlete, but for sedentary folks, it makes you smarter while you're young (cholesterol is the direct precursor to nervous tissue, brain tissue, and myelin), but kills you quicker when you're old.

    Myself, I subscribe to the dictum "Eat what you want and die like a man".

    Sadly, I can't do starch, sugar, or caffeine anymore, but I just had a half a pound of bacon and two eggs done in bacon fat, so I'd best get my butt out the door for a fast two miles.

    And it all looked so good, it reminds me that in the day, I'd have downed two helpings and licked the plate if nobody was watching. Yum.
    Ed Foster

  19. Those pancakes look suspiciously like scottish scones... ;)


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