Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekend Blog Meet - Part 1

The IND blog gang is meeting over two days due to everyone's schedule. (As always, thanks to the talented Roberta X for putting it all together). I was still feeling a bit pale and puny, after a bad stomach bug, so I just hit Saturday where it was going to be just close friends. We tried something different, the Claudaugh Irish Pub. Tam, Shooty Buddy, Roberta X, Og and his friend Mike, Midwest Chick and Mr. B., (in matching red shirts), Old Grouch, Joanna and myself were all there. The food was awesome, the beers. . well Irish.

I rolled in early, in the big black truck, "Bad to the Bone" cranked on the stereo only to apparently get mooned by Og. I'm still not sure if I actually saw it, as I was adjusting the volume. I remember a giant flash of bright white something and I hit the brakes while grabbing my radiation glasses. My reflexes and my tummy held steady. When the blog meet starts out this way it's only going to get more interesting.

Conversation was varied

Talk from gun show purchases.

"I got a . . . . . "

"And I got a . . ."

Midwest Chick . . . "I got a SIG".

Og (in a perfect, sad Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin monotone) "I got a Glock"

Then some talk about the trips there.

Midwest Chick, Mr. B., Og and Mark all carpooled down for the gun show.

I saw the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine broken down on my road on the way in.

Seriously, just sitting dead by the side of the road just a few miles south of where I live.

Ruh Ro.

See that long dark shape laying in the road underneath? Hey, sorry to break it to you meddling kids, but it appears your drive train is now a ghost.

The beers arrived out on the outdoor patio where the temps were nice and the wind picking up only to have a tactical menu take out a Guinness and drench Midwest Chick. We raised our glasses to our fallen beer, and she got some bar towels and sympathy from the server.

More food and conversation.

Three cheese mac and cheese pictured and around the table in a flurry of dining was, Irish stew, pork loin wrapped in bacon, shepherds pie and all sorts of good sandwiches.

Even as the forks flew, the conversation never let up.

There was the usual round of several conversations at once involving a really cool compass, a book on humans as computers, electronic gadgets (Old Grouch always having the latest) and how you really can program a robot to destroy the source of bad music. Tam brought some copies of Concealed Carry magazine with her latest monthly articles and last months issue that had my favorite partner in shooty squirrel adventure on the cover which was also cool. We even got Tam to autograph a copy of her last article. I'll never wash my issue now.

Then we shared even more stories.

Why you can't have too much bacon

The chances of Og spontaneously combusting in Mr. B's Prius on the carpool home due to the whole matter/ anti matter thing

And my personal rendition of "snakes on a plane"

All followed by some coffee and a Galway hooker (to go!).

We missed Shermlock Shomes and his beautiful wife, and Rich from Rich's Garage couldn't make it. I imagine Sunday will have an even more diverse crowd.

Until next time. . and for those that will meet at Broad Ripple Brew Pub on Sunday at 3 PM on 96th street (I'm off to catch a flight out again) - Slainte !


  1. I wish I could have made it! Sounds like a great time was had by all!

  2. For the record, I did NOT get a glock, but you had to be in the moment.

  3. Looks like a great group and lots of fun. It reminds me of when we met up with a group of Norwegian chatters in Oslo. It was fun to meet face to face.

  4. "Tactical menu"... heh.

    Good show. :)

  5. I'm sorry that I had to miss yet another one. Sounds like a great time.

    "I got a Glock" Ha!

    "See that long dark shape laying in the road underneath?"
    Maybe they had already pulled the transmission to go get it fixed and left the driveshaft lay there... probably not.

  6. My son loves Scoobey Doo. Today he was playing in a dirt pile. I stopped by and asked him what he was doing. His replay- "This is Shagey Mountain, This is Fred Mountain, and this is Scoobey Mountain." I ask if that other pile was Daphne Mountain.
    His Replay......"Naw, she's the hole"

    The blog meets look like great fun.

  7. It figures that Scooby and the gang are into Phish. I believe that I've passed this clip along before.

  8. Good it was t'see everyone!

    Sunday's BlogMeet will be at Broad Ripple Brew Pub, btw.

  9. All sounds and looks fun....and that 3 cheese Mac looks really - no I mean really!!! good.

    Anyone know what is up with Xavier Thoughts blog....hope he is ok?

  10. ::sigh:: I keep wondering if I ever again won't be too-broke to come up to the blogmeets. Miss you guys!


  11. Can't ask for much more... Good friends, good food, and good beer! Fly safe Lady!

  12. Brigid,
    "Bad to the Bone" is my 3 year old grandsons favourite song and he likes trucks too.



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