Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day - Treasure on a Plate

A box without hinges, key, or lid,
yet golden treasure inside is hid.

-J.R.R. Tolkien

I was in Dublin not all that long ago and had dinner in the Temple Bar district at a wonderful restaurant named Gallaghar's Boxty House. The boxy I ordered had a filling of creamed chicken with a hint of smoked bacon.

Never heard of a boxty? It's a potato pancake-like creation, usually associated with the north midlands, north Connacht (a favorite place of mine) and southern Ulster, but whose popularity has spread far and wide throughout Ireland.

There are many different recipes, some that include baking soda and buttermilk, some thinner, some thicker, but they all contain finely grated raw potato and do not have the chunkier texture of an Americanized potato pancake. The ones I saw were a finely grained, crepe-like creation filled with meat, veggies and various sauces.

The recipes I found on the web weren't quite what I was looking for so I decided to experiment in the kitchen and create my own recipe from top to bottom (this is what someone is usually shouting "Danger Will Robinson , Danger!" )

Boxty with Whiskey Cream Sauce (and pork tenderloin)

It started with roast pork tenderloin rubbed with tellicherry pepper, a dash of sugar, red pepper, paprika, sage, and nutmeg, roasted to medium rare, then cubed.

The filling for the boxty was a whisky cream sauce made with Jamesons Irish Whiskey, (which I always have in my survival kit), seasoned with mushrooms and caramelized onion.

The boxty? Mashed potatoes, shredded fresh potato, milk, flour, and a little pepper, whisked and cooked in a big pan, like a crepe. It's hard to cook something that thin without burning, let alone flip it over halfway. You just need to understand that the first one will be like a pawn in chess or the front line soldier in battle. Small, tough and likely to get die quickly. But by the second attempt you will be an expert, the result browned, thin and tender.

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  1. That looks marvelous. Your food posts make me so hungry. That's fine because from here I can't possibly consume any calories. ;)

  2. Samantha fixed this for us ... "marvelous" indeed. Wow, it's good stuff. Slainte!

  3. I've never had boxty but that looks incredible.


    (check your gmail acct)

  4. I had initially read that as Gallaxhar's Boxty House, which would be a little unconventional.

    Either way, that looks utterly delicious no matter what you serve it on ;-)


  5. Looks really good. I may have to try to make that one myself. It'll give me a good excuse to go pick up a bottle of Jameson's :-).

    Oh, and Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone!

  6. I was hungry before, now I'm like a zombie, staggering around drooling. Damn.

  7. I was with you until you got to the Jameson. For me Tullamore Dew is much better.

  8. Bushmills is my favored Irish Whiskey.

    Now, the Boxty sounds more than yum.
    D and I will try it come Sunday.

    I simply, and voraciously, devoured (and continue to reread) Cahill's tome. It is funny, enlightening and sheds a light on the Celtic Church that is NOT the standard pap spouted by either the Roman or Anglican Communions.

    Happy (belated) St. Paddy's Day from a son of Galway.

  9. Oh Oh. Fluor was NOT serving this at the the O'Grady DFAC yesterday! Ma'am, you are killing me! Have to try it at home in a month or so - with just a little bit more than enough Jameson's to drink, for thirst is a terrible thing. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Belated happy St. Patrick's day from an American "mut" with 1/8 maximum Irish ancestry. Maybe all the mixed ancestry in this country is the origin of fusion cuisine. The food looks delicious as always. My hubby enjoys looking at the pictures of high sat. fat food because it's off limits to him now. He wants to see some more bacon "porn" again.

  11. Translated into a Half Texan in Maine, this is pancakes and meat gravy!!! Not chicken-fried, not barbequed, therefore different............

    Didn't see anything about bacon fat, but I can fix that, from the container in the fridge.........................

  12. Hah, fooled you. I now only read your blog AFTER meals! Bwawawawawa.


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