Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dear North Korea

My High School Physics Club could have done better.

Cheers - Brigid


  1. My high school engineering club got higher using compressed air water rockets made out of old soda bottles...

  2. Perhaps they'll "bomb themselves back to the stone age", eh? :)

  3. Indeed. I think my Estes stuff could have done better, but maybe they had some help on the failure?

  4. You always have such a way of saying things:)

  5. Ha Ha Keads...

    Were they using Siemens PLCs?


  6. I thought something similar too, then they rolled out a "new and improved" model. That got my own devious mind thinking that maybe the first was just a smoke screen so that when they launch this "new one" we won't be ready for it. We will be thinking: "oh here goes another flop". But that's just me thinking the worse, as usual.

  7. @Keads - another Estes guy, eh?
    Me too.
    We started 'rolling our own', but the drug store cashier ladies never commented on the numerous bottles of KNO3 we bought.
    Bet they would now...

  8. But do you understand the incredible nuances of America's foreign policy? We lured NK into our trap. We did nothing, but mouth platitudes. We build no coalitions to pressure them. We offered them food to not act and give it to them anyway. And, they fell into our trap by going ahead. We let them, because we knew they would fail...It's working in Iran too. Genius!


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