Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Leash on Life

15 weeks post surgery , the knee works normally, though it will be a year before it's as strong as it was. and there's not much pain, unless I overdo.  I'm still doing the PT exercises and I still have to avoid any sort of twisting motion on it for quite a while.  So until it's 100% healed, I'm avoiding "Nantucket Sleigh ride Dog" on a leash. One torn meniscus is enough, thanks.

Friends walk him or take him on runs, and he has doggie day camp  (a place which I recommend to all my local friends and coworkers) when I have to work long days.  It's a bit of a drive there and back,  but they have toys, a half acre yard, and kiddie wading pools full of fresh water.  It's the only dog place he's ever wanted to go to.  (he usually RUNS in,  not looking back. . "See ya, bye!")

But it's still hard getting Barkley in and out of the house for "business" in the wee hours without a leash, because I don't want a a repeat of "look! another dog!(crash!)" some early morning.

But with a little ingenuity and help from my friends, he's been taken care of.  Tam and company just take him for a good run around the neighborhood on the leash while I take up the tail gunner position, ever alert for hippies.. Up in farm country, Mr. B, installed a zip line out at their country home where I visit often, with a spring/bungee thing on the endsto keep him from hurting himself if he comes to a quick halt.  With it, he  can roam  a good length  of the back area right behind the house.

But what to do for houses where the road is  close and the backyard is an obstacle course of bushes and spruce trees to get the line tangled in?

This worked out well, the hole was already there from an old railing, a couple things from the hardware store, some line that is weatherproof and durable.   Plus,  a way to adjust the length with a ratchet (to keep him out of any muddy areas after a storm).

It's time to smell the flowers!


  1. Glad your recovery is coming along well. Are you required to wear a brace?

  2. Glad to hear the knee continues to improve.

    Poor little Barkley. He suffers so. :)

  3. I've tried the different ways of doing the dog yard and as we live a little closer to the road, we have the fenced in yard. It allows Dale to have the run of the back 40 and still not get tangled or near the road.

    Dale got a treat as I went to visit my Dad on Cape Cod today with him along for the ride. Grandpa was glad to see the Grand-dog kid and we even got to stop down at the beach. Sniffs were plentiful and not of the normal variety.

    Hope all goes well with the'll be back to kicking arse and taking names before you know it. ( he he he )

  4. Lawyer, no, not at all, when they're trying to heal the miniscus the brace is popular. Mine looked like someone took a chainsaw to it, so they just removed it. Mostly I have to build up the muscles supporting it to get the strength back. I've done more wall squats than when I was on the track team running the mile. They're no more fun now.

    Tango Juliet - since the last time you saw Barkley he tried to hump your red sporty car. . . . I will refrain comment. :-)

    Middleboro Jones - I'm planning on building further out so don't want the expense of a fence for someplace I'm at short term. But yes, a fence, or at least no road or neighbors to tangle with.

    I'm glad you had the trip. I flew to Martha's Vineyard one time (as in flew myself and friends). We had a wonderful time, and found several beaches the tourists hadn't discovered. Glad you enjoyed.

  5. I'm glad to hear your knee is doing well. Good plan not to push it. It's neat how Barkley likes day camp. Beats the heck out of waiting at home alone for hours and hours for Mommy to come home.

  6. Uh, looks in that last photo he was preparing to do more than smell the flowers.
    Thanks for no photo of THAT!

  7. How many knots has he tied in his leashes?

  8. We have a similar arrangement for our dog but he is not as big. I buried a bucketfull of concrete with one of those swivel anchors in it at the base of our front steps and attached a cable leash to that.

  9. We have a similar leash setup for our dog although he is not nearly as big. I buried a bucketfull of concrete with one of those screw anchors in it at the bottom of our steps and hooked a cable leash to that.


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