Sunday, May 20, 2012

Girls Day Out - The Wookie Goes to the Art Fair

With bat phone in hand,  I headed down to the city to meet  Tam and Roberta X. for the Broad Ripple Art Fair.  With temps in the 80's by 10 am, with high humidity, it was going to be a warm one.  So we grabbed our little point and shoot cameras, sunscreen and hats and headed out.  Roberta was on her bicycle, Tam and I were in the German Roller Skate with the top down and Rage Again the Machine on the radio (not that a tall blond and  redhead in a Z3 with that playing loudly would draw ANY attention in Broad Ripple).

There, in the shade by the bike parking in the cool T-shirt.  It's  Bobbie!

Tam got us  all our tickets (thanks Tam!) and soon we were inside. ARTSPARK!

First the ground rules, no shooting any mimes. Tam informed me that in Texas there is no season as they're considered pests but I had to remind her that up here the season is limited AND you need a silencer.

Making fun of the hippies is authorized.

Italian Ice is Mandatory.

Me - Come On Tam.

Tam - NO

Me - Didn't they just have a sale on finger cymbals at Brownells?

OK, maybe next year.

These were beautiful, the train the largest of the pieces.  I know someone who would like that.

$1500.  Maybe not this today, but the craftsmanship was incredible.

There were probably two  hundred booths with everything from pottery to metal art to fabric art. The variety was amazing, the talent, impressive.

This caught my eye.

As did this key holder, by the same artist, which Tam and Bobbie ended up going back and buying.

There's always food at the fair. Gee? What to order?

Ah, but we went for the gyros, the smell of the cooking meat and onions proving too much.

There were also booths with food to purchase, canned goods (mmmm candied jalapenos) and Bobbie was looking at some Amish popcorn (don't forget the Shaker Salt to go with it).

I bought something at the woodcrafters place (no, not the train) for a loved one, and a big print of The Milkyway of Galactic Center by John Chumuck, whose photographic work has been in many a magazine.

I wanted to buy a bunch of this, but it was a bit out of my budget. Still, extraordinary leather work.

After a few hours, we were definately warm and our legs were getting a bit sore (between  motorcycle wrecks and "labs on ice!" I think we have one good knee between us)

So we headed back towards Roseholme Cottage.  Say, the path takes us right by BRBP  and I don't know about you but I am THIRSTY AND I'm not on standby any longer.

Bobbie went on ahead  to home on the bike and Tam and headed out on the walk back towards the Pub.  It was hot and humid and as we got closer, I started slowing and wandering off the straight line in the trail.  Tam is behind me saying  "stay on target. . .stay on target"  and soon we were at the Brew Pub.


As the sun dipped in the sky it was time to say goodbye at Roseholme Cottage to everyone, and of course, Huck the Cat.  Come on Huck, come out and give me some love. . .

She let's go of me, I will hurt you !


  1. Great pics! Love the canes, I carry a similar one myself when I go walking.

  2. Sounds like a good time was had by possibly excluded.


  3. Oh, what a WONDERFUL pic of Huck! :)

    Yes, it was a grand time. 8)

  4. Nice pic of the three of you. Art Fairs can be fun, there is usually a lot of neat stuff.

  5. So, which of the three was the wookie?


  6. You had a perfect day for a fair.Weather was great. Crafts look interesting. Tabby looks irritated. Probably smelled the gyros and wanted his share. Take care.

  7. Bob - there were some really cool ones. I got my Dad a cane with a carved bear head after he had his mild stroke 8 years ago, he says "it's a walking stick, it is NOT a cane" but he uses it.

    Borepatch - careful or we'll send Huck down there high on catnip. The wookie is in the first picture. He attaches to Tam's purse and has traveled all over the country, becoming someone of a celebrity in the process. Barkley is constantly trying to grab him, especially when you press his belly and he makes wookie noises.

  8. A truly great day had by all, topped off by a cold drink...:)

  9. ...and no mention of dispatching said mimes with a supressor?

    I'm disappointed.


  10. Yes, most definitely make lots of fun of the hippies in Broad Ripple! Saw some ourselves when we stopped there for lunch on the way home.

    Glad you had a fun afternoon! Hope everybody's knees aren't too sore tomorrow.

  11. It was up to 90 degrees, with 30% humidity here.

    I could've stood a few more degrees with BEER.


  12. "don't forget the Shaker Salt to go with it"


    I'm just jealous. Sounds like a great time.

  13. That is one annoyed feline.

  14. What a fun day! I LOVE art fairs and visiting with friends makes it even better. The wood working is beautiful. My Honey is doing that now while we are home on vacation and makes gorgeous stuff.

  15. Looks like a really fun day!

    But.....choosing gyro's over barbecue.....tsk, tsk.


  16. I've been drug to a few craft shows in my time. Funny thing though, usually I end up getting an idea for something I need to work on.

  17. I wonder if that leather-worker could make up custom Necronomicon to go next to my BOOMSTICK.

    That was some quality looking brew, too...a nice cloudy hefe?

  18. Girls' day out...what a concept! I think I would have to have actual girl-friends first, huh? Miss my favorite redhead ♥.

  19. Agree with MSgt B on the groan. I hate spewing water out of my nose...

    Glad you had a nice time. The cold beverages look inviting.

  20. Train!!!

    Looks like a good time was had by all.

  21. armedlaughing - yes, we behaved ourselves. . hehe

    Mrs. S. - next time you come through let me know and I'll buy you all coffee and dessert somewhere.

    JR Shirley - I shouldn't complain. Afghanistan is got us beat on the heat thing on any day.

    MSgtB - it was, they even have little small growlers there at the brew pub where you can get an IPA to go two pints and it's about $8 in a little travel container. Nifty in this "no alcohol sales on Sunday" state.

    Nathan - yes, and it cracked me up, as Huck is usually wanting just treats and attention.

    idahobob - there was a wait on the pork and we were hungry. Another time.

    Duke - you could get a lot of ideas from this place, some of the stuff, so creative.

    Jim - I wasn't sure to stick the straw in the beer of the ice cold water. We were thirsty!

    Larry - I saw a couple little wooden mustangs and thought of you. It was fun!

    Shannon - I miss you too! Call whenever you want.

  22. What a most fabulous way to spend the day!!!!


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