Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunday Range Day and Mini Blog Meet

It was my first time shooting a non wheel gun or Varmint gun, since well before the knee surgery, having been on limited anything and desk duty for a while with the injury. Even before that, shooting had been infrequent while I tended to Dad on days off.  Rusty was not just the color of my hair.

But I was anxious to exercise both the Sig and a 1911 and EJ had a brand spanking new Glock 21 to check out.  I've never been a fan of the glock grip but I wanted to try it.

First some warm up.

It was great to see Eagle Creek Pistol Range open again.  I'd not been here in a couple years, for when it was strictly LEO, open many weekends to the public I got there too many Saturdays it was "open" on the website with Tam and Roberta X, only to find the local officers needed it for training.  Understandable, and it is their range, but disappointing after a long drive in.   But there's not an indoor range in IND I'd go to, given some of the laxness in safe handling I'd witnessed by some of the inner city "yoots" that frequent those places. One of the ranges you need to carry just to maneuver their parking lot.  No thanks.  I'll pay dues and go to one of the conservation clubs or my favorite pistol club up in Northern IND.  But still, I miss having some place safe to shoot on those weekends I am around the city due to work commitments.

Good news.  Thanks to the efforts of many, including the fine folks at Tactical Firearms Training, Inc. who provide the Range Officers and expert instruction for groups and individuals throughout the year, the Eagle Creek range is open to the public every weekend. (it has been for a while, it's just my first time here since the change).

It's open air, but the shooting area is covered.  I'd been here on a winter day where Caleb and I were about the only ones that showed up with the temps in the teens, wearing my Nanook of the North parka.  But the cover DOES keep you out of the precip, and the breeze in an area with a lot of shooting going on, is nice for both vision, and breathing.

One thing I was immediately impressed with - safety is foremost, each shooter getting a thorough safety briefing and review before getting a lane, if they'd not shot there in the last 12 months.  I'm not in the city often but I will be back. Thank you IMPD for sharing your fine range and thank you Tactical Firearms Training. ( for promoting both the sport and the safety of defensive shooting.

Now it's my turn.

I knew the first target wasn't going to be pretty. The first  two magazines were low and to the right.  Ok B, deep breath, tighten the grip 20%, imagine balancing a penny on the top of the muzzle.  Bingo!  That's the grouping I want.

I liked EJ's Glock (the grip was comfy, and the trigger was sweet)  and appreciated running a couple magazines through it.  But too soon, it was time to leave our lanes for someone else, as we headed out to meet MSgtB  and MSgt J and their ladies at the brew pub for lunch.  We got there early, so we took a jog up the Monon  (in the interest of building up a thirst).  The river was high from all the rains, and muddy, but there were quite a few people out and about in an assortment of Skittle colored plastic kayaks, but what caught my eye was this one gent in a really nice canoe with pirate flag.  Woot!

Time to head back to the pub for liquid refreshment and meeting everyone. 

It was a ton of fun, and I even got the group to try "Scotch Eggs" ("It's like breakfast in a ball!") while there was some chuckling over the obligatory hippie food (mmmm, "garden crumbles, is that like Soylent Green?") on the always expansive menu

There was much laughter, the handsome MSgt's being an absolute riot and the ladies a joy to talk to.  There were photos, food and hugs all round, and we left them to maneuver the Monon themselves as we headed back out of the city.

It was a great weekend.  Thank you all!


  1. What camera are you using? Your pics always look so good and much better than mine.

  2. While I empathized with the handling comments, I laughed at the allusion, and knew that you would enjoy this: . (I'm certain that you enjoyed that final testimony too!)

  3. GreyLocke - it's a Samsung wB150F, about $270. It does good pictures in outdoor or bright light, it takes lousy pictures indoors (the food photos I have to put up against a big picture window or they don't turn out).

    Off to work!

  4. Thanks for sharing your weekend Ms B.
    Have a good week.

  5. mmmmmmmm...Scotch eggs. We loves Scotch eggs. The local Caledonian Society cooks up a huge batch every year to sell during the late night x-mas stroll on main street. They are always a huge hit.

  6. Did you lose your single shooting glove? You don't know how many times I've been tempted to shoot "Brigid Method".

  7. That looks like fun - I'm glad you got to go.

  8. Thanks Kirk and also for the email earlier in the week, didn't get a chance to respond to all the shooty goodness.

    TJ - yes, me too.

    Rob - thank you, my friend.

    The farmer - they do them well at the brew pub, there's even a scotch egg pizza though none of us have been brave enough to try it.

    North - the glove was for a magazine that in its early days tore the heck out of my hand loading it. Once the spring loosened up just a tweek, I could ditch the glove. Still, it was an interesting look :-)

    Lois - it was a blast. MSgtB and his wife were so much fun, as were their friends, I hope to do it again with them sometime.

    Rev Paul - thank you, I have met such good folks on the blog, I'm very blessed.

  9. Glad y'all had fun, and yeah, shooting gets rusty when you don't practice once in a while...

  10. Brigid - it was great to have you out to Eagle Creek Pistol Range - and we hope you come back soon!! And thank you for the kind words.

    Guy A. Relford
    President & Chief Instructor
    Tactical Firearms Training, LLC

  11. Once upon a time, there was no way I could have come up with a viable reason for visiting Indiana...

  12. Love me some Scotch eggs! :)

  13. Looks like fun! Hope you're feeling better. I need to swing through IN again.

  14. Would appreciate a more thorough description of the outdoor range where you shot/posted about on May 7th. Am particularly interested in the overhead as my club may soon have to do the same. Is the range 100yds?


  15. Blue - I don't care for hard boiled eggs at all, but the scotch eggs are fantastic.

    Cowboy Blob - it's been a while since you stopped by the place, you're always welcome, and hopefully this time you wont' have come through the monsoon and we won't have gear and bullets all over the garage drying out with the fan.

    dd - it's a law enforcement range, the structure is large, and appears built a long time ago. Where you shoot you are under cover, but the range itself is partially open. It gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter, but the air clear with all the blasting. I'm not sure the distance, it's pistol or long arms chambered in .22 only. I'm guessing at the back berm 100 yards, but it may be less.


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