Sunday, August 21, 2016

No Step

We have successfully ripped out the back steps (the first floor sits on top of a walk out basement) and will be assembling the new ones, so blogging will be light until tomorrow night or Tuesday. The old steps (which were no longer structurally sound) went straight down to the drive which made putting them inside a fence impossible, given the layout of the drive, yard and garage.  The new ones will go back 90 degrees into the yard (with a landing) so the fence can go in that allows doggie direct access to the yard in bad weather.

It's been a learning experience.  I've learned Partner in Grime is pretty darn good at construction. And I learned that I'm pretty good at making sandwiches.  See you all later!


  1. Be careful tonight! Remember the steps are missing!

  2. Sounds like a decent division of labor! 😎

  3. Hey, everybody is good at something! Sounds like you two are pretty well matched! :)


  4. Sounds better than doing wallpaper!!! ;-)


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