Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Barkley Haiku

I am your best friend.
Then, now, and especially
during Guinness stew.
Irish Stew with Brigid's Beer Bread (recipe now up in the sidebar)

Update: Faol of the Wood
made this recipe and posted it with a great picture.


  1. Love that picture of Barkley. That is one focused dog. Were you holding up a slab of bacon to get his attention like that? :-)

    Interesting pic yesterday too. I've never seen a deer approach a window or door like that. Is it snowing in Colorado already?

  2. We traded beer bread, but I see no link for Irish Stew on the right there...

    I do submit:

    Sleek and black he strikes
    Vanishing meat, unseen force
    Woof! Not guilty, I

    wv: jestr. Google is Skynet, I say!

  3. That looks good - no wonder Barkley stays close.

  4. Beautiful pup and your dinner looks scrumptious!

  5. The stew looks nice, but what a handsome fellow your dog is!

  6. Awesome dogg and greetings from NW Indiana. ;)

  7. I'd say it's quite a toss up of which one is easier to resist, Barkley, or the stew. I guess it might depend on if I had eaten much that day, and how much stew there was left.
    Now, to be totally honest, I couldn't resist either one... imagine that!

  8. Better have BACON in it! the mushroom

  9. Great picture of Barkley; I love a dog that's so expressive. That's my yellow lab all over...he puts on the begging face the moment I step in the kitchen!

    As for the food...shazam, that looks good. Perfect comfort food for a cool Autumn afternoon.

    Andy S.

  10. Ah, a dog after my own heart. Mmmmm... Guinness.

    Also, I see that he's going a bit gray in the muzzle. My pup, Jake, turns 4 next week and he's starting to get a gray chin and lips, too. They grow up so fast!

  11. Oh my that looks so yummy. I haven't had a good Irish stew in I forget how long.

  12. Ooooooo, PLEASE post the recipe!

  13. UUmmmm. I've done the Guiness stew before. That hint of malt and chocolate. . . .
    But I've never done the beer bread before.
    Now I'll have to look up recipes. Curse you Brigad!

    B Woodman

  14. I'm not one for veggies. But, I could get behind that stew in a flick of a second.

    Looks much like the stew my Mother made, less the parsley flakes.

  15. That face is precious...LOL The stew is outstanding too! Hope the vacation is going well!

  16. Shiney, the dog, the bread, and the stew. The recipes please.

  17. Recipes will be up when I get back from vacation. Sorry, thought those were up. My computer access is limited this week.

  18. Oh, man, I recognize that look.

    It's the same look Harley has when Mom's eating at her computer and he's sitting at her feet.

  19. Everyone is thrilled.
    Stew looks and tastes delicious.
    What about the bread?

  20. If ever there was a haiku a black lab had written that is it! Though a Scooby, my black lab when I was a kid would probably have replaced the stew with raw carrots!

  21. I'm impressed that Barkley will sit for a camera. My fat lab splits the moment the camera comes out.....


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