Friday, September 3, 2010

Time to Saddle Up

Time to saddle up and head North.

This was a very busy working week down in the fair State of Texas.

I DID have time to have dinner last night before I left, with Christina, JPG, the epitome of what a Texas gentlemen is, and his lovely bride Holly B (their links on my friends sidebar). I'd been email friends with Holly for years, and Christina and I have been chatting like sisters on the phone weekly ever since I started blogging. But I'd never met them all face to face. It was like having dinner with your favorite family members.

JPD treated we ladies to an incredible dinner at Del Frisco's, a very famous (and for good reason) steak house in historic old downtown Fort Worth. Beautiful restaurant and incredible food in a historic setting.

At first, in trying to suggest a restaurant, Phlegmfatale (who, with Lawdog, wasn't able to join us, being under the weather) said "how about Indian food". I replied. There will be three LEO's at the table, I'm in Texas, I don't care what I have for dinner but it better MOO.

So steak it was!!

Lots of laughter, Holly and I discussing why we think Christina should have been the next Wonder Woman (she has the bracelets and the beauty and dark hair), cinnamon white chocolate creme brule, bad guys, branding cattle (I explained to JPG that I tried to brand "Brigid's Home on the Range Shooty Gallery and Cattle Farm" on all the steers but for some reason they died).

On leaving, we asked JPD to take a picture of "the girls" and we smiled broadly so he could get a picture of our faces. We're standing, arms around each other, and laughing, JPD is aiming my camera and Christina says "why is he pointing the camera so LOW?".

He said "you said to take a picture of "The GIRLS" and gave us a broad smile.

Evenings with friends, laughter and a large bovine that gave his life for Texas is always a good thing.


  1. "I tried to brand "Brigid's Home on the Range Shooty Gallery and Cattle Farm" on all the steers but for some reason they died."

    Bet it was a helluva barbecue, though!

  2. Del Frisco's is a nice place and nothin' to sneeze at; however, if you find yourself in this neck of the woods again, please allow The Queen and I the honor of introducing you to Reata...Ft. Worth's best place for tasty animals who once roamed the plains. In my opinion, of course.

  3. My wife is from West Texas so I feel like an honorary Texan as well - she will certainly always be a Texan! We seem to spend a lot of vacation time down there for some reason anyway...

  4. That steak is called a "Cowboy Steak." It is a ribeye steak with the rib bone still attached (and shaved) so the cowboys could grab it with their gloved hand and eat it. Knives were plentiful, but forks were not.

  5. We have a steak house in Tucson called Pinnacle Peak's - if a man dresses up and wears a tie inside, they cut it off and nail it to the wall - you can rarely get in the place it is so popular.

    Glad to hear that you had good company while down south. I am suddenly wondering if JPG is somehow related to my husband, as many of the photos he takes of me are often missing my head...

  6. Not many things better than steak. Heading to Argument Restaurant myself to have beef poisoning :)

  7. 'Tis great to live in state of carnivores. Good steaks are easy to find and controversy over who is best will always rage. Del Frisco does a good job but they ain't "real" Texas...At least you didn't have to gnaw on one of the longhorns they drive through the Ft. Worth stockyards district twice a day.

  8. ZOMG, I had so much FUN! I fell into a food coma, though. Not necessarily a bad thing, I certainly slept well!

    It was a treat to meet you IRL finally, B. :)

    LOL, W/V "belli"...mine was certainly bigger after that meal!

  9. "I'm in Texas, I don't care what I have for dinner but it better MOO."

    That one is going in my quotes collection!!!

  10. Glad you got some real Texas food while you were here, and I'm sure the critters were more than happy to lend themselves to making your trip a bit more enjoyable!

    Ya'll come back now...ya hear?

  11. Del Frisco's, huh?


    I've eaten there before and came away impressed, even if it was the first time I've ever had to finance a steak. ;)

    If you're ever in southwest Louisiana, ring me up. I know a little Cajun restaurant with a live band you'd just love.

  12. Everybody knows the best beef comes from the northern plains.

  13. Brigid, I'm sooo jealous! Matt G got me into the blogging thing, his dad and Holly are two of my favorites, I save Christina for once a week reading, likewise Phlegmmy and Lawdog. Mainly 'cos they only posted once or twice during a week.

    Eventually I'll make one of the Indy Blog Meets.....

  14. If Torchwood sends you to Tampa for any reason, this place is a "must see" if you like fine pieces of critters that moo.

    Don't forget the dessert room.

  15. K. Erickson - it was awesome. And yes, I will take you and the Queen up on the offer. I get down there about twice a year on average.

    Tonights dinner - airport caramel corn. Bat phone went off.

  16. It was a delight to finally meet you. I enjoyed all our conversations and breaking bread, literally, with you. Hope your trip home was uneventful.

  17. Holly - the pleasure was mine. We've all chatted for so long it was just like a family reunion.

    I had a wonderful evening. Please give that husband of yours a big hug from me. I hope to see you both soon.

    Have fun at the birthday bash. Wish I could be there.

  18. Ft Worth... one of the few places in Texas that is okay.

    Great food there and it did bawl moo.

    It is so cool to meet friends like that and over a meal is even better.

    Have a great weekend.... enjoy the day of non-labors.

  19. Lorimor said...

    "Everybody knows the best beef comes from the northern plains."

    Good point. Lubbock and Amarillo do have some of the finest!

  20. JPG and Holly are Good People, no?

    It sounds like you had a good time. :)

  21. Tam - it was great. Wish you could have joined us.

  22. Roscoe...absolutely correct about Berns, but you didn't mention that they largest wine celler in the country!


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