Tuesday, September 7, 2010

High Plains Dinner

The Stranger: Wonder what took her so long to get mad?
Mordecai: Because maybe you didn't go back for more

- High Plains Drifter

Sometimes what is around you seems pretty stark, plain almost, but if you look close, there's incredible beauty, subtle variances in temperature and texture. Some food is like that, plain and simple in appearance or color but containing a diorama of flavor that will knock your socks off.

This is one of those. Chicken Southwest. It's almost all the same color, pale, chicken, rice, cheese. This recipe is NOT going to win a beauty contest.

But it WILL be the dish people will take to. When I made it for friends I got a resounding two thumbs up and a "when are you going to make this again' from everyone else who tried it. The original recipe came from a great cook up in Elkhart, but I took it and tweaked it, changing the method of cooking as well as adding spices.
You start with rice, a lot in the steamer. Sorry folks, but I don't cook like this when it's just me. Most nights I have a salad, or if I get in really late, a bowl of cheerios.

While the seasoned chicken breasts baked, covered with a thick slice of provolone the last 5 minutes, in another bowl tomatillas and jalapenos are marinating in garlic and lime juice while some sweet onion caramelizes in a pan. The marinated mixture is added to the onion along with some cumin. cilantro and other not so secret southwest seasoning.

That is sauteed for just a few minutes to cook and blend the flavors and served over the cooked cheesy chicken and rice, topped with a dab of low fat sour cream and some more cilantro.

It may not be especially photogenic but this is one dish that will make you go back for more.

click to enlarge, it doesn't get prettier but it does look tasty


  1. Brigid,
    Pale Norwegian with a REAL twist?

  2. Ummmm, even though it is very early in the morning here, my mouth is watering.

    Gonna have to try it.


  3. Sound delicious. We will try it soon.

    Do you ever sleep?

  4. Bob - actually I was up at 1 a.m. Pacific Time, might make it back home in a week or so.

    I do know it's raining (where I'm at, imagine that!) as we landed after a LOOOONNG flight and I'll have another week or so before I'm home.

    I write several posts on those long nights in hotels so there's usually something that will pop up, even if I'm busy not sleeping.

  5. When chicken "pings"????????????

  6. It does indeed look and sound tasty. :P

  7. Can you identify the gun in the pix I have posted?


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