Friday, December 9, 2011

He plays a song of intricate sound
laced with plucks and scars
of love that is both lost and found
spun webs of silver stars.

Composed of wood and fragile string
that echo in still air
he plays its song, the notes that cling
to what he can't declare.

Amongst the shadow of silver strings

he plays a song so true
that of a hearts soft, sad regrets
and joys for what he knew

Notes sweeter than a word confessed
let loose like water seeping
breaking the glass of desire repressed
that mends with its own weeping.

He plays for secrets not yet known
song let loose in torrent flood
his tune the marrow of sweet bone
the wisdom of his blood.

- Brigid


  1. They play to our animal hearts and hope we hear.

  2. Your words once again move me. What a wonderful poem and image. I do not falter much in my stoic demeanor yet I feel what you said.

    Fear not, it was not to the point of Prostration, it was however on a mental level very close though.

    I don't know how you do it.

    You do not have to approve this comment if you see fit.

  3. Keads - I know a few number of bloggers that fit this discription, one beyond close, the rest, simply wonderful friends. But they are all renaissance men, in that convulated breath that is someone that knows more than just breathing, TV, and the shallow world at large.

  4. Brigid,

    In that case I consider myself in good company madam!

  5. One of my earliest memories is "Greensleeves", played on violin and flute, drifting to me over the cool night air.

    My mother has been dead for 16 years now, and I don't think my big sister plays the flute any more. But I remember.

  6. It's impossible to speak to the beauty of your words. Yet again.
    Thank you - gfa

  7. Beautiful poetry.

    Of course in the picture Barkley was probably thinking less deeply - something like "this violin smells like mom's chin".

  8. Eloquent, intense, never maudlin.

    Do you ever sleep? You write more (and more brilliantly) than I can read (clumsily)...



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